[Video//Action | Closed]
04 March 2012 at 11:30 am
Komui Lee
[Timcanpy's recording, while surprising, hadn't shocked Komui as he would have thought. That's what the Exorcists do; they help in situations like this. And of course Lenalee went, of course she did.]

[He's used to this. It's the dead of night and he's sitting here tinkering, waiting for the Exorcists to return, and planning what the rest of them will do if -- ]

[Komui sets down whatever tools he's holding. The lab is so quiet.]

[Video | Private to Miranda and Fou]

[They'd expect video from him, not voice, and a smile even at this late hour, so that's what he gives.] Hey. Sorry, but I need to borrow you for a little bit.