[ Action : Open ] Back-dated to the afternoon
25 February 2012 at 01:11 am
Neil Dylandy / Lockon Stratos (I)
[ Anyone practicing at or otherwise visiting the training hall in sector 6 will be in for a bit of show today. There is one Gundam Meister currently running through self-defense drills with his his pink-haired girlfriend. Simple ways of distracting, disarming, and distancing herself from a hypothetical opponent. It seems harmless enough, until they get to the throws... ]

Now you remember what I said about using your weight, right? You just have t—whoa! [ That sound? That was Neil's back hitting the training mat hard. The bewildered look on his face as he stares up at Lacus is priceless. ] Nn, nevermind. Guess you remembered. [ It's hard to say what was injured more: his backside, or his pride. Coordinators are not to be underestimated and, one day, he'll learn this. ]

((OOC: People are welcome to approach Neil or Lacus any time before, during, or after their training. Specify who you want, and whether or not you are okay with thread-hopping!))
[video/action | open] early evening
25 February 2012 at 03:32 am
Gamzee Makara ♑ terminallyCapricious
[There is a troll sitting outside of the pet center.

He's just sitting there on the ground, legs crossed, watching the animals in their pens with a calm but creepy sort of smile.

Gamzee could probably use some cleaning up, as he hasn't done much of that since he arrived. The clown paint on his face is still terribly smeared. Dried blood still clings to his fingernails, though few aside from another troll would likely guess what that was.

The bots are not allowing him access to the animals, but that doesn't mean he can't watch them play. Or record them playing for whoever might be watching.]

Look at them little furbeasts.
[action] partially backdated to morning
25 February 2012 at 09:36 am
Allen Walker
[the memories invade his dreams, and he tenses slowly more and more in his sleep, until he can feel the physical effect of months without being able to rest, or eat his fill, or even smile. not when every moment, every heartbeat, he knows: they're coming for him]

[until it all catches up with him and he can't run anymore and it's too late]

[and he wakes with a quiet gasp, eyes flying open to stare at the ceiling and utterly still]

[...by the time he goes out for breakfast, he is composed again, trying his best to appear the same as ever. this morning he needs some coffee. a lot of coffee]

[he can't let anyone know what happened. can't even let them know that he knows. the way that he's been living is too hard to share. he's going to be the same old Allen for them. same old Allen]

[so he curls up in the windowsill of his apartment with his coffee, looking out on the dome. he'll smile and wave and chat with anyone passing by or coming to visit or calling to talk to him. and be totally, totally normal]

((ooc: secretive Allen is secretive about his canon update. If you need or want to see him for whatever reason; if you're passing by his apartment in Sector 3 and see him lurking in the window, or if you live in his apartment in Sector 3, you are encouraged to say hi to him!))
[Mail Post | Day 155 ]
25 February 2012 at 12:16 pm
PM ♕ Prospitian Monarch
  • To Sentience's "bodyguards": a mass mailer from Sentience.

[Today's route carries mail from a very special individual, so PM swallows her awkward personal problems and steadfastly goes about her business, trying to avoid making a huge deal out of the invitations she has been entrusted with.]

[After all, this could have nothing at all to do with anything important or relevant to anyone's interests. Possibly.]

[Click here for pen pal signups. Mail submissions for Day 156 go here!]
☆ video
25 February 2012 at 04:07 pm
Hikaru Hitachiin
[Hikaru is so flustered. He still feels disgusted! And embarrassed!]

You ever watch those movies where they have some gadget to erase memories?

[Scratches his head.]

I want to erase yesterday from my memory! It's not enough that we're in jail, huh?!
[Video | Open] Early Evening
25 February 2012 at 05:46 pm
Lyle Dylandy
[ The feed is on, but it isn't recording anything particularly interesting. The view is sideways as the camera captures the sight of steam and of wet tiles of an open shower room. There are two echoing voices audible over the din of rushing water, but from the way that they are captured one might think at first that it was just one man speaking to himself. Those familiar with the Dylandy brothers for any length of time, however, will quickly notice the manner in which both men speak is different even if their voices are nearly identical. One speaks with a heavier accent than the other, and one is laughing just a bit easier. Both have that tell-tale exasperated sigh, and they cycle through many topics as they clean up; cars, their workout, the church, the stupidity of kissing robots....

Their voices aren't all that they share, either. The two figures step into the view as they leave the stream of water behind to lather up. Convenient censorship is provided by the soap, steam, and streaks of water left behind on the lens. In fact, it's hard to see much more than just the vague outlines of the two of them with their water-darkened hair matted against their faces and necks. Even with a clearer view, it would be nigh impossible to tell the two brothers apart unless you looked closely or, more accurately, they looked back at you up close.

The view is momentarily obscured by a round shadow which, as it moves away and enters into proper focus, can be made out as the green shell of one of the brothers' mechanical companions. An orange ball flies from off-screen to bounce against it, and then ricochets off to hit the communicator. This doesn't disconnect the feed, but the camera tips back and is now filming the ceiling of the shower room, wisps of steam wafting across the field of vision. ]

Oi, Haro. Frederick. Knock it off!
Come on you guys, that's enough.
You're going to break something.

[ A tinny, mechanical voice chimes in apologetically. ] Accident! Accident!

[ One of the voices is closer, now, covering for the sound of wet footfalls as the man approaches what is a pile of clothes and accessories on a bench. He looks down at the device, only his face visible, seems to notice something, and then wipes the water from his right eye. ] ....hey, is this—? [ The thought isn't completed as the recording ceases.

Right now the two men share something else. A single thought: Shit. ]

[ooc: Fanservice is go! Replies can come from either of the brothers not just Lyle]
[video | open]
25 February 2012 at 07:19 pm
[D is standing near the stables, leaning forward with his arms resting across the top rail of a fence. The fading light of dusk renders an almost Impressionist image blurred by shadows. A faint gleam in D's eyes may be a trick of the light, or perhaps an inheritance from the vampire half of his family.]

I have finalized arrangements for horseback riding lessons through the Education Center. I will be available on days ending in 2, 4 and 6. Lessons will begin at seven in the morning. If you have need of private instruction or wish to schedule a lesson outside of these times, speak with me personally.

[ooc: The course catalog entry is here for those who'd like to read it. Group lessons IRL usually take about an hour in the saddle alone. Students are also often expected to be responsible for basic care such as grooming, tacking up, and cooling down the horses before and after riding, so please keep that in mind. It's not unusual to spend two hours at the barn for a single group lesson. Private lessons more often run 30 minutes to just under an hour in the saddle, plus however long it takes to get through the aforementioned horsecare before and after riding.]
[video | open | backdated to early afternoon]
25 February 2012 at 07:43 pm
[Kurama is in his study in his home in Sector 4. The place looks more like a conservatory than an office, with plants growing on every available surface. Some are simple green-leafed houseplants. Others are plants not often successfully kept inside, though they seem to be thriving. Amongst them are Japanese Maple bonsai and miniature rose bushes. Kurama has also propogated orchids and a few flowering varieties of carnivorous plants. He's even managed to grow a miniature cherry tree, which takes place of pride beside a blood red miniature tea rose at the corner of his desk.]

If I may trouble you once more, I would like to inform interested students that I have added a Botany class to the schedule. We will be meeting on days that end in 2 and 6, in Room 7 in the Educational Center. The class format will be a mixture of seminar and lecture, as well as hands-on work and lab sessions. Students of all levels are welcome. Please consult the course catalog for further information.

Once again, thank you for your time.

[ooc: I didn't quite plan to have D and Kurama officially announce their classes one right after the other, but if I don't get them done tonight, it's never going to happen. XD]
[Voice | Open / Action | Closed]
25 February 2012 at 08:16 pm
PM ♕ Prospitian Monarch
[It's so late that you can reasonably get away with calling it "early" when PM gives up on sleep. After throwing on the bare minimum of clothing to deal with the weather, she leaves the comfort of her home. Her sour mood, compounded by exhaustion and newfound anticipation for the next day, just serve to make her feel even colder than the weather alone is responsible for. The bath house seems like a good idea, so she sets out, stepping quietly so that her shelled feet make minimal noise on the walkways.]

[Once she's there, though, a thought occurs to her. It pains her to involve other people in her business, but she doesn't really know how else to handle it. Towel wrapped tightly around her, she hesitates in the changing room for a bit as she draws up the desire to make the call, shuffling out into the main baths as she does so.]


[PM speaks softly, almost in a whisper, because although she hopes people take the headset off when they go to bed, she can't be too sure.]

Is anyone still awake? And is willing to discuss, er... feelings?

[At worst, she might get a few trolls trying to talk to her about troll romance, but even that would be an improvement over the current situation.]

((OOC: sorry for two posts so quickly, I had this one planned before the mods told me we needed a mail post :3c ))
25 February 2012 at 11:11 pm
Yuuki Kuran
So everyone's in agreement that the kisses that happened yesterday don't count, right...?

[Searching for confirmation here, because she definitely kissed more than she intended! One was already one too many. Even a day later she still looks red, and slightly embarrassed over it all. She thought going to bed after would help her forget it all, but instead she can't stop thinking about one in particular. The memory of Zero's lips cause her eyes to dance away from the screen. With a small cough she clears her throat.]

Is that normal for St. Xocolatl's Day?

[With idle hands, she fidgets a moment, before deciding to work on braiding her hair.]

I heard something about a holiday called White Day that's supposed to serve as follow up. Because there was an idea that after the last Holiday this was around the time of St. Xocolatl's Day. Or...however you measure time and holidays here. Please tell me it's not something equally as weird.

(OOC: Still finishing up kissing threads. If I missed one that someone wanted me to tag to poke me about it!)