15 February 2012 at 09:08 am
[WV is out running errands today, but he is PREPARED.]

[armed with his wooden practice sword, he's ducking and weaving to the best of his ability, occasionally whipping behind a bush or tree trunk when he sees one of those little robots approaching in the distance. He is wearing knee pads and elbow pads, as well, to prevent any injuries from daring rolls behind cover.]

[if he sees any innocent passers-by, they can expect to be reprimanded sternly for being out in the open on such a perilous day!]

[OOC: smooches of all sorts are welcome! Or just conversations, or just a quick peck on the forehead to ESCAPE. But really, why your character wouldn't want to smooch such a fine, fine example of heroic carapacian manliness is utterly beyond me.]
[Swordsmanship Class | Action | Open]
15 February 2012 at 12:08 pm
Alright, everyone. [Ciaphas Cain paces about the training hall as his students gear up and ready themselves for a fun and sweat-filled session learning about how to hit each other with sword-shaped sticks.] Keep the doors closed. If one of those kissing robots gets in here, no funny business, give each other a quick peck and get back to work.

[Not that he expects anyone to want to make out in front of a bunch of ogling classmates, but it has to be said.]

And if you have some sort of romantic revelation, you have my sincere congratulations, but please save it for later. I only have you for an hour three times a week. [Cain grins jovially in order to soften his otherwise apparent lack of empathy with anyone who may or may not get to touch a boob find romance today.]

[That said, he pulls his practice sword from his belt.]
Today’s a spar day, so take care and don’t skimp with your warm-ups. And remember the rules, no giving each other concussions.

[Other than at class time, Cain can be found in/around the Athletic Complex! Despite Cain's efforts to keep Mistletoe-kun at bay for class, he is open for kisses ♥ As always, open threading to whack each other with wooden swords is encouraged.]
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15 February 2012 at 02:25 pm
Sebastian Michaelis
Sebastian sat up with a start, hand instinctively moving to his chest to clutch the poorly stitched wound. Realization struck... for the first time in a few days. He'd been a drone; following the mundane rituals that the robotic orderlies had enforced. It hadn't sunk in, the magnitude of the situation, until now. The Campania had sunk, taking with it tens of hundreds of thousands of both the living and the dead, ...but he and his master had escaped. He had staved off another attack, running himself ragged until he'd... he'd... he'd ended up here?

( ooc | Cut for a bit of blood. Sebastian is fresh off the Campania and still somewhat hurt. He's confused and all that, but feel free to pester him! Or feel free to help him a la Misery, dohoho, for some event related adoration and ❛molestation❜. )
[Action/Open to all]
15 February 2012 at 05:41 pm
[Edward Elric was a temperamental young man. It seemed he'd already made quite the impression on the people here at Marina and there were some who already knew how to bug him like crazy. Ed almost found himself missing that bastard Ling and that other, evil bastard Greed. Damn the future Xingese emperor who insisted on being able to harness a homunculus. Both of them, actually. Both Greed and Ling knew how to handle Ed, well enough to let the alchemist be in control sometimes. At least when he was dealing with those two, he knew what they knew. Here? He didn't know what these people knew about him.]

Damn it. How can I have been here before? I don't fucking remember it. And I guess it makes sense that no one really knew what I was doing in my world before. [Yes, Ed's talking out loud to himself. He's wandering aimlessly in one of the corridors, kicking his feet against the ground every so often. His automail leg made a loud shuffling sound when he walked occasionally.] Not even the damned military knew everything I was up to. Well, except the bastard colonel. He had this annoying ability to know what I was doing and to manipulate what I did.

[And he's shoved his hands down his leather pants' pockets, shuffling along and mumbling to himself. Anyone is free to disturb him...and of course, call him short. Ed just absolutely loves being called short!]
15 February 2012 at 05:47 pm
[Rogue has spent the morning locked in her room but she's hungry now and the shelter kitchen is far too crowded to deal with when the bots are added into the equation. She's on her way to the convenience store or perhaps the noodle shop if it seems safe. She's wearing gloves and a long sleeves hoody with the hood pulled up along with jeans and boots. She can be caught sneaking around between buildings and through alleys in an attempt to avoid the bots.]

[ooc: Open for kissing. I'll let you guys take the lead on just how involved the kiss is. She will steal powers, life force and memories if there's any bare skin touching hers (ie lips/bare hands to cheeks, etc) I'm okay with anything short of sending your character into a coma]
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15 February 2012 at 06:21 pm
[ Someone's had their restraint removed. As such, she feels a lot better than she did when she first arrived. Still not at peak condition since the sun is so far away and the artificial light only does so much with her, but she can manage better now that she has all her natural powers back.

To celebrate her new found semi-freedom Starfire is spending her day out and about. Primarily she's sticking to either the park or the beach, as she tends to go back and forth between the two. At the park she sits near the pond and touches the water some, watching the koi swim around. At the beach she can be found laying out and basking in the fake sunlight. At least the warmth comforts her.

She's feeling much more friendly today for anyone who would like to visit with her. ]

( ooc; sorry about my intro! got bogged down in rl and things. also, i posted to the mingle thread, but this can also be used for kiss-bot shenanigans. it was revealed that Tamaraneans learn language and knowledge through kissing, so if you would like Starfire to accidentally learn a secret about your character, let me know in an ooc note below and we can plot it out! thanks everyone! )
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15 February 2012 at 10:24 pm
[ Do you want to kiss a robot? To feel cold metal non-lips against yours?

Of course you do. And here's your opportunity!

Threepio can mostly be found in Sector 2 nowadays, in the library or the education center or the computer lab, generally "lending a hand" (e.g., being completely unhelpful) to anyone unlucky enough to meet his eye. He just wants to be your friend!

He's not sure about this kissing thing. ]