[Mail Post | Day 153]
11 February 2012 at 12:12 pm
PM ♕ Prospitian Monarch
  • Miwako Sakurada: a letter from Sanji.

[It's a fresh new day, and PM is ready to face it. Even if that means ignoring the entirely awkward situation at home, but hey, she can totally do that.]

[The mail lady/queen, in light of a sparing load of mail to deliver, has filled her bag with brochures about the post office and is ready to present them to anyone--regardless of if they've arrived recently or not--she has not seen at the post office much. Or at all.]

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[Voice | Open//Filtered]
11 February 2012 at 02:04 pm
Komui Lee
[Voice - Open]

Hey Miss Kitty, when do I get my encyclopedia? I've got just the place for it.

[Voice - Filtered to Order Members (minus Alma)]

Good news! [don't you love it when Komui is all excited about something?] I finally finished testing on a potion that will let you Exorcists use more of your powers. Temporarily of course, but it's better than nothing right?

I'll need a few volunteers to test it out. Fou, you still up for a spar with the testers?

[Voice - Private]

[unlike his other calls, this one his tone is quite serious.] Miss Yuuki, I have your pills for you.