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28 January 2012 at 09:15 am
[Raistlin appears on the video, looking like usual without much emotion attached to his features. He studies the scene before him carefully, as if he's thinking about something important, then turns to the screen and speaks in a soft voice.]

I've been informed that there is a wizard named Billy Kaplan here.

Has anyone here heard of him?
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28 January 2012 at 06:52 pm
Lacus Clyne
[Video: Open to all]
Good evening, Marina. As you all have no doubt heard, there has been a threat to the Defense Force Headquarters. We are well aware of the situation and have already taken steps to ensure safety. It would be most helpful for everyone to remain calm.

Additionally, please do not cross the established perimeter surrounding the headquarters. [Which is easily spotted with the bright crime-scene like tape, and posted guards.]

We are available to answer any questions you have.

[Filtered to Defense Force]
Hello, Defense Force members. [A somewhat more official, yet still friendly, tone.] Suzaku would like to thank everyone for their adherence to his instructions. Those who are guarding the perimeter, please be vigilant about not allowing anyone through. Patrol members are instructed to report any concerning activity over official filters right away.

Anyone with abilities that allow them to withstand an explosion safely, please contact myself or Suzaku to volunteer for searches within or in the immediate area of HQ. Anyone else who feels they can assist in any way, please respond immediately.

As far as punishment for the perpetrator, it is still under consideration.

Please continue to assure the inmates that things are under control. The goal of this threat was panic, and we cannot allow that to occur. Remaining in close contact is essential, and please remember to use the official filters.

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