[video - open]
02 January 2012 at 01:17 pm
Estellise Sidos Heurassein
[The message she received was all too strange. Is this a dream? Though she’s not entirely surprised she’s been caught and sent to prison. After everything she’s done… she’s technically a criminal right? She should accept her fate…

What she doesn’t notice are her restraints, or rather she underestimates them, causing her trip and her device to fall off and flip on. Her face shows an expression of slight pain, but she easily shakes it off as she stands up, picking her device up with her. Noticing it’s on, she does her best to force a smile. It looks genuine, but to anyone who knows her well enough, it’s easy to tell there’s a fake attribute to it.]

Ah, good morning everyone! I understand I have been brought here due to the crimes I’ve committed, but it seems we’re still allowed to communicate with one another, am I correct? I’m honestly so glad! [And that part is genuine. She rather doesn’t like being lonely.]

My name is Estellise, and it would be a pleasure to make all of your acquaintance. [Then a pause as she looks thoughtful…] Is there a library here or at least a place that sells books? If anyone could tell me, I would be so grateful!
The 148th Day
02 January 2012 at 01:41 pm
Marina Asylum Denizens
Good morning, inmates. It is the 148th day of the third generation. More inmates will be integrated into the facility today, so please be aware of this disruption as you go about your day.

The unexpected snow event has been completely dealt with and, as some of you may have noticed, the shelter has been unsealed.
[You may notice that the ground is still wet, and there will be bots here and there using small devices to dry the ground.] Inmates should now feel free to return to their normal places of residence.

Inmate Setsuna Seiei, the item you requested is available for pick up at the entrance to the shelter in Sector 0.

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02 January 2012 at 03:30 pm
[The communicator is obviously being thrown around with irritation as the face of a young girl is brought up. Annoyance is in her eyes and you can tell she is less than pleased to find a ball and chain attached to her ankle.]

Not...happy...WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!

[She is screaming at no one in particular, it appears answers are all she really wants at the moment as she is attempting to gnaw at the links of the chain.]

Damnit this isn't tasty at all! HEY! Where the hell am I?!

[She now attempts to pick up the steel ball and next thing you hear is a loud smash and the poor girl is underneath the ball itself.]

02 January 2012 at 03:30 pm
I don't know what the hell is going on here, but someone better start talking since I have a lot of questions that need answering.
[video/open/possible action]
02 January 2012 at 03:55 pm
[There's a quiet sigh as the video flickers on. Some of you might know this man! It's seaweed head Gilbert, looking worn out. Not to mention grumpy. He can't find his cigarettes anywhere, from his turned out pockets. The same with his gun.]

Hello. My name is Raven and...like many of you, I've been taken by Acumen.

I won't plead, or beg. The welcome message was clear enough. But if there's anyone from my world, or someone who has knowledge of Pandora or the Baskervilles, I would like to speak to you.

Thank you.

[He picks up his hat, and lowers it so the upper half of his face is covered, even as he turns off the feed. There's nothing more for him to do then to sit and wait.]
[video/open; action option]
02 January 2012 at 03:57 pm
[The first thing she notices is the sharpness of Ba’ul’s absence. It’s with a bit of will that she evens out her mood in response. The communicator is easy enough to figure out, even if she doesn’t particularly enjoy the weight of it.]

Strange. I used to think it was harder to catch me.

[She’s without her spear, too. A mild grimace is there and gone in an instant.]

I suppose while I’m here, I might as well make myself comfortable. [ -- because she won't be here for long. This is what she’s decided. The first opportunity out, she’s taking it.]

Maybe one of you can help me. My shoes are all muddy. [And that’s terrible.]
001 ♥ Action | Video
02 January 2012 at 04:15 pm
Mikuru Asahina

[The soft, muffled sound of sniffles floats in the air, voice feminine as the young brunette draws in a shaky breath. Sitting on the cool cement, slumping forward she cries openly into her hands. Long hair shakes, falling over her shoulders as her pale palms grow moist with her own tears. Beside her, a discarded basket sits untouched.]

Wh-what now?

[Hopelessly scrubbing her eyes with the backs of her hands, tears trickle in endless, cascading waterfalls down her cheeks. Her gaze never lifts, the weight of it too heavy beneath clear depression. Her brown eyes shimmer, lashes clumping as salty droplets gather to cling wetly before joining the rest. Her voice cracks, barely above a whisper as she speaks, brokenly.]

I really screwed it up this time. A-And now...I can't even contact them. Ohh...

[Head shaking, she once more buries her head into he palms on a high pitched sob, crying just that much more than before.]
[ Voice - Video - open ] 00 - Knight Fencer
02 January 2012 at 04:43 pm
[ Whoever this is, they're testing out all the features of the communicator. There's a lot of silence but for the sound of moving - but there's a few flashes of bruised hands, and a pale face framed by white hair that is just as vividly bruised.

Duke studies the device, expression bland despite the fact that he looks like he should be feeling pained. And then he decides he doesn't want to use video anymore, and there goes that.

A prison. [ The voice that goes with that pale face... is most definitely a males. ]

Unaware of the level of technology to build such places under water. Agrees with the unfamiliarity of the name of the ocean above. [ Silence like that's all he's going to say. ]

[Action / Video]
02 January 2012 at 06:01 pm
[The first thing Hisoka does when he wakes is stare around at his surroundings blankly. He's outside in some sort of park, like he last remembers being, but everything is different. Gone are the cherry blossom trees – though there are a few petals covering him and in his hair – and instead of standing next to Tsuzuki, he is sitting on a bench]

W-What..? [He blinks, as if this is a dream and he'll wake if he concentrates, but when his eyes open again he's still here. Hisoka startles slightly at the welcoming message that the communicator decides to flash before his eyes, and then, after a few minutes of careful thinking and staring at the ball and chain around his ankle, starts to press things to try and turn on the... There we go.

A feminine and doll-like face appears in the video feed, vibrant green eyes gazing into it with confusion in their depths]
Tsuzuki, you there? What happened? How did I get here? [A frown] I can't teleport back, something's blocking me. And what exactly does this thing mean by prison?
[[ voice ]]
02 January 2012 at 06:46 pm
H-.. { Okay, there's momentary static before things come clear into earshot. } Hello? Is anyone there?

{ There's some rustling in the background… } So, seriously – is this some kind of prank? I looked at the basket, everything that's inside of it, but – it doesn't make any sense. Is any of this really possible?

{ She pauses and there's more rustling. There's also the sound of a door opening and closing, and faint footsteps. }

Damon? { There's sincerity in her voice… Curiosity. She wants to find him, which is clear in her tone. } Look, is anyone out there? I know the brochure said one thing, but… It doesn't mesh. This place isn't right. I'm not even sure this is actually – did Klaus – Stefan?

{ She's grasping at straws. This is a pretty big change for her to undergo after everything that just happened to her, so she's a little… Not quite herself. } If anyone can hear me, please, respond. I need to talk to someone, to find out what's going on as soon as I can. Please.
02 January 2012 at 07:03 pm
Okay, really now.

[Michael here? He doesn't look at all happy. He's eaten everything in the welcome basket and now he's both bored and frustrated--not with being in prison, because it doesn't feel like a very huge deal, but with being out of food for the time being, and more importantly with the chain around his ankle. It's heavy and it sucks, trying to drag it around. That, and for some reason he can't use his brainwaves at all, not even the tiniest pulse of neural activity. Nothing.

The location and circumstance aren't the problem. It's being, for lack of a better word, human, and physically restrained.

And alone. Being alone is...unnerving. He doesn't like it, and he looks antsy because of it.]

If anyone can understand me, I'm looking for my siblings. Their names are Johann and Nena.

If you don't appreciate a foot shoved so far up your ass you choke on it, I recommend you start talking. Any one of you, and make it quick--no bullshit. I don't have all day.

[What will he do if he doesn't get his way? Given the way he's talking and the dangerous gleam in his eyes, he'll give you three guesses.]
[Voice | Action]
02 January 2012 at 07:54 pm
[It was before Acumen's announcements that Fuuma woke up that day and he could feel it. Kamui was gone. Of course. Acumen had been losing them one by one, so it was only a matter of time, he supposed. But even if he could feel it, he wanted to see too. Just to make sure. It wasn't like Sasuke would starve if Fuuma wasn't around to make breakfast.]

[The fact that the bots were working on removing things from the house was confirmation enough. It took a bit of work to shoo them away, but he didn't particularly want to watch all the signs that someone had lived there be removed. He shut the door to the house, just standing there for a long time, looking at everything. He eventually ended up sitting on the foot of the bed, lost in thought well beyond the morning announcements and all the chatter of new people arriving.]

[Being here had made no difference. Only now, that everyone else was gone, Fuuma wasn't done. His voice is flat, too even, when he speaks.]

"Kamui" and Subaru are gone.

[They had friends here, didn't they? Not that it mattered. He doesn't even know why he bothers to say it. Maybe he just can't think of anything else to do. Kamui would go back and die. Then Subaru would die in the ending of the world. That fake Acumen had placed in the world would die.]

[It had been foolish to think things could change.]

((OOC: Action for anyone that has reason to come find Fuuma. Otherwise just voice-ness.))
02 January 2012 at 08:17 pm
[The communicator turns on to show a young girl with a concerned look on her face as she fiddles with the device for a bit. Once she's sure it's working, she smiles.]

Hello. I’m Rika Furude. It’s very nice to meet everyone. [There’s a slight pause as she considers asking about any of her friends, but she soon dismisses the idea. She can look for them on her own.]

When I first arrived here, I received a message about this fragment being some sort of prison. Is this true? [Her question sounds hopeful, and even though she knows it really is a prison, she still feels like she needs to ask.] This is a very nice city and there is even a library… It isn't what I pictured a prison to look like.

Mii... I was also wondering if there was anything I needed to know about this city. After all, if I’m going to be here for a long time, I should learn as much as I can about it. [She smiles again before she cuts off the feed.]
02 January 2012 at 08:42 pm
[ someone's clicking on the communicator at this point. she's already been shunted off to breakfast and there are these bot things watching her and she's very much firmly in the do not want camp. the ball and chain thing on her ankle is again do not want. it's heavy.

so, one redheaded witch is turning on the video feed, trying to figure out where she is and why. ]

Okay I-I've just got a couple of uh... questions... [ as she glances at one of the bots... they are starting to creep her out like the buffybot did. ] One: why do I have a... prison ball chained to my ankle. Two: ...Why am I here... where am I would be a good start, too. This thing is... vague. And three: uh... are Buffy Summers or Xander Harris here? I'd really like to-

-Hey, I'm not doing anything! [ what?! the bot was staring. and considering how it acted when she tried to get away the first time, she's trying to play calm and nice... but it's really worrying her. ]

So uh, if anyone can answer that for me, I'd really appreciate it.
02 January 2012 at 08:44 pm
[ On the video screen: an expression-less gold-plated robot, who adjusts the focus of the video several times, fussily. ]

Hello. Hello, is this thing on? [ He taps it. ] All right. [ He straightens proudly. ] I am C-3PO, human-cyborg relations. I am a... recent arrival to this planet and only seek to be of assistance to the residents here. I am fluent in over six billion forms of communication and would be glad to assist in issues of protocol and diplomacy.

[ And then he sighs -- or at least, it sounds like a sigh, even though he doesn't have real lungs. ] Oh, what's the use? I'm sure I'll be in pieces before morning.

[ On that despairing note, he turns the video off. ]
☠ video
02 January 2012 at 09:18 pm
Sougo Okita » King of the Planet of Sadists
[Here is a new, pretty face for you, Marina, and he's not at all freaking out about ending up here. It was only a matter of time, anyway, because he's always causing trouble.

He's as calm as can be. In fact, he thought this was all very amusing.]

There's something funny about a cop ending up in prison. I kind of wish I had the option to arrest and restrain myself. This could make for some sort of good joke to tell someone in the future.

Looks like I have to be a good boy so that I can play with you all, but until then, please treat me kindly.

[He is trying to be as pleasant as possible. Whatever it takes for him to lose his chain.]

Okay, Hijikata-san, you win this round.

[He's not even sure if Hijikata is here, but if he were? He's got it coming to him for sure.]
02 January 2012 at 10:07 pm
Tim Wayne
[Tim wasn't worried at first. Or, well, he was but he was confident it would just be a matter of getting out of this place one way or another and then deal with the consequences. He wasn't going to just sit and cry because his secret identity might have been compromised. It could also be a joke... come on- cloning? Really?

When he realized he couldn't just hack the network or the communicator to get in contact with Bruce or O or anybody... well, then he would be lying if he didn't admit to be slightly worried. Still, not freaking out for Robin. There were still options, there was always something to do, so he opted to get in contact with the other inmates of this so-called prison.]

Yo. Not to be annoying or anything because I know the machine already told me the basics but call me slow on the uptake, if you must.

I'm Alvin Draper. Could somebody fill me in? The hell is this place? And how and why did I even get here to begin with?
[Voice | Action]
02 January 2012 at 10:21 pm
[Rogue is sitting on the bed in a corner room of the shelter. Her knees are drawn up to her chest and there are fresh tear tracks on her cheeks. The room isn't hers, it's Logan's and it's empty now. There's a cup of coffee going cold on the nightstand. The door to the room is cracked open and people passing by might hear her sniffling. Once she's got herself under control, she flips on the audio of her device.]

Logan's gone. I came to bring him coffee and...[She trails off shaking her head and shuts the device off.]
02 January 2012 at 10:29 pm
[The video feed flickers on to a tired troll, he is obviously wondering if this thing is working by the look on his face. It takes a moment before he lets out a grumble and then freak-out mode takes over completely. Eyebrows furrowed as he began his rant.]

Well, I was just getting used to the idea of getting clubbed to death in a doomed fucking time-line but I guess that would be too much fucking charity on the universe's part, wouldn't it be? Obviously so because NO, fucking no, instead I get to deal with this. Har, har, fucking har, Mcnubbyshitpants, you never get off the fucking metaphorical hook that easy. No, I have to fucking dance around like a rabid banana creature with some mental deficiency flinging my fecal matter in everyone's general direction to repay my debt of being a general failure of an existence. I thought a doomed time-line was supposed to entail you know, fuck, I don't fucking know, maybe BEING DOOMED? Or am I not lispy enough for that shit?

I doubt I can fucking deal with this ball and fucking chain for much longer before having some sort of fucking rage stroke from my bloodtubes all collectively and simultaneously bursting from the pure unadulterated rage pumping through them. It's my body realizing that I am a complete and utter failure and cannot even be doomed correctly, no, instead this utter hoofbeast shit has to happen so it's taking matters into it's own claws.

That is so fucking fitting. Of course Karkat Vantas, you cannot just fucking be doomed properly, that's not how things work, you have to FUCK THAT UP too. Defuckinglightful!

[There's a pause and a loud groan, followed swiftly by a frustrated noise that resembles what one could assume a cow giving birth sounds like. The sound alone gives new meaning to having a cow while at the same time giving claws down a chalkboard a run for its money. The ugly noise was matched with an ugly facial expression, overbite making it's debut while his eyes squinted into a glare.]

Tangoing past that crap with the gracefulness one might assume someone has when there are fucking ants in their pants... I demand someone fucking tells me what the fuck is going on this moment, not that I want to talk to any other asshole inhabiting this shit-hole I'm SURE.
02 January 2012 at 11:34 pm
Luna Lovegood
[the video flicks on to a shot of Luna staring at something off-screen. It must be very interesting, because she is totally not looking at the camera.]

I don't think it's very fair for us to be here. [she starts off, no doubt these words are ones that everyone has heard!] We are underneath the ocean after all. The mermen and the other creatures that live in these waters must be terribly inconvenienced. I wouldn't particularly enjoy having a giant dome built across my home. I'd have to swim around or over it to get to the garden, and that would take more effort and time than it would have just swimming straight across.

[she pauses and for a moment it seems like she won't continue.] Has anyone asked them what they think?

[anyone who comes across sector three will see Luna walking slowly in a...spiral. Yes, that's right. If she sees you, she will probably approach first!]