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16 December 2011 at 10:20 am
Jyuushiro Ukitake
[For Ukitake, the move to the shelter has been poorly timed. He was in bed ill the entire day before, catching what sleep he could and nursing cups of hot tea between naps. His coughing, however, has only grown worse, and by now, he really should be at the hospital. He hasn't slept at all in the past twenty hours. The latest coughing fit is bad enough to leave him wheezing for breath even after it's passed. Telltale stains darken the edge of his sleeve and the palm of his hand. He's too weak to go anywhere on his own, though, and so endures until there is help to be had, much as he has always done.]

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16 December 2011 at 11:16 am
PM ♕ Prospitian Monarch
[Sure, she can't access the post office, and the fact that everyone is in such close proximity probably means that no one will send letters today. PM can deal with that--there have been slow mail days even without extenuating circumstances, after all. Still, she needs to put in the effort.]

[Outside of the shelter room she temporarily shares with WV, AR, and her pet lobster Castell, she hangs a little sign:]

Temporary post office
Slip letters under door or knock for parcel service

[Never mind that putting tape on the freshly-cleaned door seems a bit rude. She'll just have to do her best to remove it later.]

[Since there is so little mail to be delivered, this is also in big part a general social adventure. PM leaves her uniforms behind in favor of a nice winter dress--though she still wears her Postal Service hat and badge--and sets out for a nice walk through the shelter to visit with whomever she can.]

[After she delivers the mail to Orihime and Sasha, that is.]

[Click here for pen pal signups which I will totally get around to cleaning up sometime soon. Mail submissions for Day 146 go here!]
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16 December 2011 at 02:19 pm
Oz Vessalius
[ Oz slammed his fork down, effectively blocking Break's bid for his cake. ] I'm surprised at how calm everyone is. They've hardly protested at all about getting kicked out of their house. [ mm... cake. ] Do you think they're just being quiet?

[ Break, rather put out by the effective block to his cake-pilfering ways, elects instead to snag a piece of the chocolate torte sitting at the edge of the table, keeping Oz's elbow company. Let it never be said that he wasn't exceedingly spry for his old age. ] Mmm, you're right! I haven't heard a single peep out of them. All like little mice, hiding away. Why do you wonder that is?

Maybe we should ask them. Of course, we'll have to make sure they're telling the truth.

[ Another pop of cake into his mouth, chew, swallow. ] But what if they don't wish to tell the truth?

Then we'll have to dare them into giving it up. [ Oz sips at his tea before turning to the network device sitting on the edge of the table. ] Wouldn't you agree? [ yep, they've been talking to the dome this whole time. ]

[ From Break's shoulder, a clacking voice pipes up. ] Truth or dare! Bet they're too scared for dares!

[ So, who is up for a little game of truth and dare, hmmm? ]

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16 December 2011 at 04:02 pm
[ early to bed means early to rise, though the (artifical) sun is already gaining height in the sky by the time vanessa departs from her temporary residence of last night. she's so relieved to finally be able to curl up on a bed that, while isn't hers, is at least familiar.

she's distracted, rightfully so, and probably wouldn't notice a ten-foot pole if it sprouted up two feet in front of her.

which is, of course, your cue to fling a snowball into her unsuspecting face, yes? ]


[ later, when the front of her coat is wet and her mouth has been permanently glued into a thin line, she finally makes it back into the shelter, the loud stomps of her footsteps announcing her presence long before the sight of her does. the smart thing to do at this point would be to take a long, hot bath, but nope, vanessa's far too annoyed to do something as rational as that. instead, she's going to snag that last open chair, plant herself down in it, and glare.

best not look at her the wrong way, else you might be sacrificing your hearing for the rest of the day. ]

(ooc: action either outside or in the shelter works! o/)