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03 November 2011 at 12:30 am
Helix Wamtani
Please tell me someones figured out how to reverse all this shit by now. [No seriously, he's really hoping they have cause he is NOT going to be seen like this... (Except he totally is)

You might hear a repeated thumping in the background. And if anyone has ever had a dog they might recognize it as an impatient tail wag. Helix had happy chocolate and probably will continue eating them cause THEY SEEM NORMAL. Most of his happy is currently in that long, white feathery puppy tail he has though. He growls at it...

Sto-- [And shutting off his device as he's going to grab the damn appendage to try stop it from moving around entirely on it's own and annoying him.]

[He'll get restless eventually and leave his apartment in search of a new pair of pants or something to hide the tail in a little easier. Or maybe you'll find him grabbing a bite to eat at the shelter. If so, then he'll be in a slate gray hoodie, with the hood pulled up over his head in an attempt to hide the pointy, white ears that match the tail he's currently got stuffed up the back of his jacket.

Or maybe you'll see him happily relaxing in the park, splayed out near the Guardian tree all peaceful like. Go bug him, he might actually be glad to see you for once EVEN IF HE DOESN'T KNOW YOU~ Hell, you might even get snugged he's just so damn happy. By this point he doesn't have a care in the world so those ears and tail are quite visible. He almost seems NATURAL.
03 November 2011 at 08:02 am
Ryoji Mochizuki
[The feed clicks into Ryoji, smiling his usual smile.

Oh, and he sparkles. Vaguely diamond-coated skin dapples in the simulated sunlight, making him look even more pale than usual. What's in your hand. I have it. Back up. Ryoji is now diamonds! He seems to be in one of the dome's parks and the observant might hear the familiar muted whine of a very lazy puppy flopped near his shoes.

This is a surprise. [Ryoji has all the good natured proclivities toward not being remotedly bothered.] It's not just me, is it?
[video || open!]
03 November 2011 at 11:32 am
Axel || viii
[It starts off quiet, nothing but darkness and your average dull broadcast--he left it on last night after getting home late from the bar--but after a while there's a loud shriek.

This is what he gets for believing that things would be all right this Halloween. Candy. Stupid candy!

There's the sound of pitter-pattering feet a little ways away before he picks up his communicator and thinks of who to contact about this...but then he realizes that the video feed is on.

Great. Say hello to a female version of Axel, who appears to be a little more than distraught after noticing these changes in the shower. While he's hungover.

A pair of droopy and now wet bunny ears rest atop his head and he's frantically trying to squeeze water out of them and hold the communicator, and hold a towel around his new and improved busty body at the same time. Holidays.

The voice that follows is lighter than normal, but clearly he's ticked off.]

Is it too much to ask for a regular holiday in this frickin' place?

((OOC: Lol "Accepted" is a funny film. Also! he'll be taking on a couple bunny-like traits to go with the ears and tail. Having lived with a female bunny who constantly wants babies for a year now, I kinda get what those would be. NOT TO SAY THAT HE WANTS BABIES. I mean like. Cleanliness...and demands for snuggling. That sort of thing. :D))
[Video | Open] Backdated to morning
03 November 2011 at 01:40 pm
Princess Zelda
[Have a video of a ten-year-old girl who might look familiar to those who know Zelda. Yup, she had one of those strawberry gummies, and as a result, all her clothes are now too big for her. Which is why you only get to see her face in this video. She captures just enough so that people will recognize her, since her voice is now that of a child's.]

Are there any women who would be willing to do me a favor?

[Guys are free to respond, of course, but she won't be asking what she needs from them.]
[action - backdated to morning] Pretend this Icon has Sparkles
03 November 2011 at 04:31 pm
[Ashura was up early already in anticipation of receiving his little gift. It had been something to look forward to for three days now and he was not about to be late to receive it - it being a small, brightly colored bird from the pet shop, a bird he recognized on sight as the small birds from his world that sang so beautifully.

So he was stepping out of the pet cafe, having paused to snag a candy from a nearby dish, popping it in and swallowing. He did have such a penchant for treats.

But that meant when he stepped out of the cafe and into the morning sunshine - he sparkled. Yeah. SPARKLED. You know, like those vampires in that one book? He shimmers and shines with each movement, and with the fact he is wearing a light, lovely blue, well, he might well resemble a creature of ice - or diamonds. Of course he notices once he steps out, and for a moment he cannot figure out if it is something on his hands or actually him. Perhaps it is a trick of the light? Acumen was known to do such things when it came to holidays, and it was this Halloween thing again. Maybe that was it? It did not hurt him at any rate, and his skin felt normal enough. It was just shiny. Deciding it would go away on its own or be washed off, he decided to ignore it in favor of introducing his little pet to its new home and headed for the park so that he could then angle for the butterfly house.

So perhaps you might see the king walking around with his new pet, sparkling like a character out of a bishounen manga.]

[ooc: So Ashura got hit with the diamond candy and he does, indeed, sparkle. And he sparkles SO MUCH HARDER than Edward or any of those other vampires B| Just sayin'. He's got the Bishounen sparkles going on. Oh yeah, it's a challenge Tamaki Suoh. You know it is. BEAT THIS. Haha, but seriously, sparkles, has a bird, walking around. Enjoy folks.]
[Action | Closed to Trooper housemates]
03 November 2011 at 06:06 pm
真田遼 | Ryō Sanada △ 烈火 | Wildfire
[ Ryo folded his hands over the kitchen table -- thinner fingers and wrists, albeit still calloused from sword use. His t-shirt hung loose from narrower shoulders, as he fiddled with the drawstring of his pants, cinching it tighter. ]

'Think we'd need new... clothes, now?

[ Even his own voice sounded foreign to him, but it was his own lips that moved. He fingered the choppy locks that grew past his chin and hazarded a look over Seiji and Touma, trying to gauge how they were taking their own predicament as it all sinks in... ]
03 November 2011 at 07:09 pm
[Nill hadn't really given this holiday much thought before, but she quite liked it. She was suddenly very, very sparkly after snacking on some of the candy ahead of her plans, but she felt it was pretty fitting considering her costume (tights included, of course. it was getting cold). She was currently standing right outside the shelter, gently rolling back and forth on her heels, waiting for the evening's company.]

((OOC: SO UH. Nill, Alois, and Miwako (the latter two who are currently tiny babbies) decided they were going to go around trick or treating/hang out/etc so they'll have their own thread for idle holiday fun, but! If you'd like them to stop your chara along the street or have them show up at your chara's residence, feel free to tag and get ambushed♥ tricks may or may not be included >_> /eyes Alois))
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03 November 2011 at 07:23 pm
What's Halloween? There are lots of people talking about it and going trick or treating, but I don't know what those things are. Is that the reason that Akuaku gave out these baskets of candy? They're pretty yummy, but I don't think I like them. After I ate one, everything became bigger! Now, my clothes don't fit me anymore.

[For those wandering around the park, you'll see a pink-haired toddler sitting on the ground and wearing clothes that are too big for her tiny frame. Somehow, the toddler manages to set the communicator to her lap before glaring at the candy wrappers littering the ground. Not to far from her, stands a basket full of candy that seems to be missing a few sweets]
[video/action | open]
03 November 2011 at 08:33 pm
Uh... E-Excuse me--

[Good morning, Marina, it's your favorite, friendly Hero of Time. She looks a little different today. That, and her skin is sparkling like she's somehow been dipped into a vat of diamonds. Regardless, her face is bright red, and she's fidgeting uncomfortably.]

Did... Did anyone else wake up a little--strange--this morning? [She'd just run out to get some candy for Sheik and the Princess, and couldn't help but sample some... She fidgets with the camera a little, and the video reveals a small, fluffy puppy is being cradled in her arms.]

Um. If anyone could figure out how to-- [she falters here, her voice growing more flustered and she stutters the rest] --well, if anyone has any information, please let me know!

[Fumbling hastily with the communicator, she cuts the connection.]
Location: Sector 5
[ video ] - backdated to early afternoon
03 November 2011 at 09:44 pm
shinwoo han ❖
[For those of you in the Noblesse household, you may be rudely jolted from your daily activities by a very loud, high-pitched shriek coming from the second floor.

For those paying attention to the network, you will be greeted by a very panicked and very female face, speaking in a voice several pitches higher than normal.]

D-did anyone suddenly turn into a girl?! These....these aren't real, are they?

[And if anyone is at all confused as to what 'these' might be referring to, his look downwards should clear that right up.]

((ooc: action is open to housemates, if they'd like! also, val is too lazy to make icons, so shinwoo looks something like this.)
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03 November 2011 at 10:18 pm
General Cross Marian
[This place suddenly double the amount of women? Not that he minds! The sudden kids are more bothersome, but whatever. His new wolfie ears twitch; he has bigger priorities. Like finding company, and someone to re-sew his coat. Because there's a tail sticking out of it. And they can stay for a drink while they're at it.]

((OOC: Cross can be found wandering around, paying special attention to the ladies! Sex-swapped characters are especially welcome~))
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03 November 2011 at 10:51 pm
[Yet another teenager around Marina really isn't all that big of a deal, right? Frankly, Cain is kicking himself for eating that damn candy. His paranoia-fueled instincts are getting too soft. Next time, other people eat it, THEN he does. Returning to his awkward phase wasn't exactly what he had in mind for the day.]

[Still, he has chosen to hang out by the ramen stand rather than hide in shame. He was never a bad looking kid, after all, just lanky and not filled out with the muscle of adulthood battlefields. Then again, he is hoping for a fairly quiet lunch, so hopefully he won't be too popular today.]

[--though he is curious about how his fellows from the Imperium are faring. Well, if they mock him, they mock him. There's a pretty good chance that he can at least commiserate with Felicia, though.]

[Private to Ibram Gaunt and Felicia Tayber]

[His voice is decidedly less deep, though at least he is old enough for his voice to not crackle TOO badly.]

It’s Cain. Have you two been eating candy?
03 November 2011 at 11:51 pm
[Sup, Marina! Tonight, you get another child. One who is seething. She's been seething all day, and the constant posts haven't helped. She's not privy to admitting her embarrassment over the situation; instead, she's kept inside all day, carefully monitoring things. Will you recognize Mitsuru? Her voice is much younger, but her gaze is very much the same.]

Good evening - given the situation, I'll keep this brief.

[She closes her eyes, letting out a frustrated sigh before she continues.] Has anyone yet had the effects of... these circumstances dissipate? I'd like to imagine this is only a temporary situation, though... it is rather difficult to tell with such a wide range of people affected.

[She's trying hard not to grit her teeth. Composure is necessary, but sometimes difficult in the body of a child. Which is only serving to drive her more crazy. There's another sigh, before.] You all have my thanks in advance.