09 July 2011 at 12:56 pm
Ryoji Mochizuki
Does anyone else feel like this place is becoming too small?

[His words start off slowed, reluctant, almost regretful - but then there's a note of humour in his voice.]

I mean, what if we end up all stuffed in together, ten people to a room? The dome isn't expanding but the population is. We'll be a jar of pickles. [He means the thing people say about sardines.

Ryoji's outside - when is he ever inside, if he can help it - lying on his back on one of the park's picnic tables. After today, he needed fresh air and dark skies and quiet - even if he's not doing a very good job of obtaining it.
[Video//Action | Open] Backdated to afternoon
09 July 2011 at 01:26 pm
Anew Returner
[It's a virtual haro-fest over in the park! Anew told a couple of people she'd be around with them, and so here she is. She has Thomas, her blue haro, Frederick who is Lyle's green one, and even Lacus' Pink -- although he's smaller than the rest, baseball sized, while the others are more like a basketball and literally if Neil's orange Haro were to join them!]

[She realizes she should let people know she's here, so a video feed kicks on, showing Anew sitting on a blanket and the three haros bouncing like huge colored popcorn.]

Haro! Haro! Tag! Play, play! Friends! Visit! [ain't they cute?]

Anyone who was interested in visiting with the haros, we have a nice spot in the park. They like playing tag, if you're interested. [short and sweet.]

[...and she might be hoping that a few people who talked to her about standing up for herself might remember her and come, too. She needs all the help she can get.]
[ Action/Voice/Video | Open | Backdated to Noonish ]
09 July 2011 at 04:50 pm
[ He's strolling at what seems a casual pace through the prison streets, hands in the pockets of his hoodie. He's got Edgeworth's headset on, toggling the map and broadcast settings as he does. The man had stormed out of the apartment without a word earlier that day and, after some time glorious waffling, he decided to finally get up and look for the younger. Even if the prosecutor was angry with him, he should probably have his communicator.

He won't say he's sorry. There was no point in Edgeworth throwing a tantrum in the early hours of the morning, especially after the incident he had a few days before. He knew that Miles wasn't the type to give up until he won, so it was best for all that he step in and stalemate the occasion. It had been pretty funny, though. ]

Hey. Has anyone seen a guy named Edgeworth around? He's a pretty big guy, grey hair - probably overdressed in an off-shade of pink.

Alternatively, has anyone seen a trail of frostbitten bodies or a real heavy concentration of ill-will?

(( OOC: Anyone trying to contact Edgeworth will get Nick instead, as Nick has his communicator (and is broadcasting from it). For action posts, one can see Nick wandering down the street or looking into buildings. This rp is set just before Edgeworth's coffee shop post. ))
[Action | Open]
09 July 2011 at 08:01 pm
[As evening falls on another fair night in Marina, Cain is doing his usual patrol rounds. Only this time, he has accompaniment: none other than Colonel-Commissar Gaunt, freshly deputized and weaponized for the Defense Force.]

[Though Cain keeps a sharp eye for danger and an ear on the network for the same, the night seems fairly calm and peaceful, so there's room for friendly chatter and banter as they make their way along their patrol route.]

((OOC: You're welcome to tag both, or just one of the commissars! Just indicate in your subject, please.))
[Action|Open] backdated to early evening
09 July 2011 at 08:14 pm
Miranda Lotto
[She had chosen the shelter kitchen because it was safer. The robots are there to take of any...mishaps she has and there are more ingredients to use.

And four hours and several attempts later--on the fifth day of attempts, but she would rather not think of the failures of the days before--she had done it!

Miranda wipes her flour-covered hand across her brow, tired and hot from the heat of the oven. Before her on the counter is a slightly lopsided chocolate cake covered in pink frosting with little white flower-shaped sprinkles.

Now she just...needs to clean up the mess all over the counters.]

[Voice|Private to March]

Umm...[a hesitant pause] March? I-I'm very sorry it's been so long! I lost track of time. [embarrassed laugh] But, well, I... I made your cake! I-If you still want it?
Location: Shelter - Kitchen / Evening
( audio | open )
09 July 2011 at 10:32 pm
Criminal...? [ Xion has woken up at the beach / dolphin observation deck, but she isn't quite sure she understands. who is Acumen? is he related to Xemnas? what's an asylum, and what's an arcade? and this thing on her head... she seems to need it? this is beyond confusing. the ocean is pretty, but shouldn't she have returned to -- ? ] I don't think I'm supposed to be here. There's... something important that I have to do.

Hello? Can anyone hear me?