[Action | Open] Training dojo + Diva's apartment
06 July 2011 at 09:13 am
Conrad Weller
[However tempting, he wasn't about to turn off his communicator today. He hadn't paid his usual attention to the chatter of new arrivals, rather just listening in to see if he was needed. If there was an emergency.]

[One voice had caught his attention, of course. It seemed the only way he could hear Yuuri happy was when they were apart. At least he can still hear it.]

[Nothing, though, keeps him from his training. His new abilities are useful, but he mustn't become complacent, not with Saya hell-bent on whatever revenge she sought. After an hour he takes a break, less because he needs it anymore and more out of habit, and maybe just a tiny bit to glance around and see if anyone was nearby. It's always good to train with others.]

[And of course, everyone who knew him at all knew to find him here around now. Not that he's expecting anyone.]

[After this, he's going straight home. There's still work to be done on the rooms. It should take however long until Diva to gets back the rest of the day.]
06 July 2011 at 06:30 pm
Aoyagi Ritsuka
[Ritsuka is sitting at his desk in his suite in the shelter, knees up on his chair and resting against the desk as he stares into the video function. He has been thinking on a great many things after his trip to the library this morning, though not all of them pertaining to the slightly too inquisitive professor he met there.

He feels a little silly starting off with something personal, but he figures it's better than staring and saying nothing.]

I thought the beach decorations were a good idea. We have festivals like that back where I'm from, so it felt a lot like being home again.

I guess some of you aren't so bad.

Uh, Roxas. It feels weird talking to you through this, but we should make memories again sometime soon. Maybe I'll try asking Acumen for my camera-- a camera. [He corrects himself just a beat too late, but it gets little acknowledgment apart from the flick of his tail.]

But I do have a question for everyone else. What's the earliest memory you have from before you came here? How old were you when it happened? If... you don't want to tell me what the memory is, just the age you experienced it is fine.
[ Action | Open ]
06 July 2011 at 06:35 pm
Neil Dylandy / Lockon Stratos (I)
[ He is moving around the Athletic Complex, trying to find the right place with a mat to practice on. The training hall seemed crowded earlier, so he made a quick call to change the rendezvous point for the meeting. Neil was going to help Lacus with a few self-defense tips (training that he, himself, has has little use for since their operations properly began back home) before she went seeking other, less trustworthy teachers. It's not his favorite idea, but it's preferable to having her be helpless in the future...

He has a small bag slung over his shoulder and his orange partner Haro bouncing along beside him. Since he has some time, he might as well get some training in on his own.

...or with company? ]

((ooc: You can catch Neil in Sector 6, either getting ready to swim, jog, or lift some weights.))
06 July 2011 at 08:02 pm
[So after having spent much of the day so far speaking with newcomers and figuring out that he's probably one of those famed glitches, Kid is on his way to (what used to be) his room to try and shake off the nausea he'd been feeling all day. Unfortunately, the room he enters is far less than the perfect room he remembers organizing the first time around.]

What the hell is going on here?! How dare someone come into my room and mess up the symmetry I worked so hard to perfect! Who would commit such a heinous act?!

This is completely unacceptable!

[Remember this guy, Marina? Well, even if you don’t he’s reintroducing himself in much the same way he did originally – getting angry about the lack of symmetry. He doesn't even care that it was probably the bots that did it.]

Whoever had the nerve to do such a thing will pay!!

[And that’s all before he turns his attention away from the feed and concentrating on fixing his room.]
06 July 2011 at 08:49 pm
[Action; morning]

[Someone actually did read the pamphlet and unlike some of his crew mates who just go wandering off aimlessly (no names mentioned, of course) Sanji is treating this methodically. He'll be combing through Disctrict 0-2 over the next couple of hours - feel free to run into him! ]

[Voice; shortly after Zoro's post]

[There is some obligatory fiddling with the headset but soon enough the miscellaneous noise subsides and a voice transmission begins. Pardon the cryptic nature but they're in prison and he'd much rather reunite with his crew before giving away too much about who they are. You never know who's listening after all. ]

This is Mr Prince speaking. I'm looking for the crew of the Going Merry - I've already found the rotten cabbage head but the rest of you… get back to me. We have shit to do.
[Voice/Action] Backdated to before noon
06 July 2011 at 09:01 pm
Souji Seta ♦ 総司 瀬多
[VOICE (11AM) // Locked FROM: Yosuke Hanamura]

Attention! Anyone that wants to come to Yosuke Hanamura's birthday party should meet us in the common room on the [insert number here] floor of the Sector Zero shelter at 1PM. There's cake, food, music, and plenty to drink.


[VOICE (1PM) // Locked TO: Yosuke Hanamura]

Hey Yosuke. You should meet me at the shelter in ten minutes.



[The tables are set, the decorations are up, and the food it out. Seems ready for a party, right? There's a decent-sized cake set out and lots of food available -- some of it prepackaged stuff, but there are also home made potato croquettes, spinach dip, and cinnamon spiced cashews set out on platters as well. Plates, cups, plasticware, drinks, and chairs are readily available, with trash cans set in the corners of the room. Presents are set out on a table next to the cake -- though one of them, a yellow bike, sits in front of the table instead.]

[It certainly seems ready for a party, but it won't proeprly kick off until Yosuke shows up -- and is showed with a spray of confetti from Kohran's creation the moment he walks in that door.]
voice | action | open
06 July 2011 at 10:10 pm
Great. From one prison to another. Tch- doesn't even look like a prison. Just where the hell am I, anyway? This message doesn't explain anything!

[She sounds very much unbothered by her list of crimes.

She shifts, and along with her the rustle of fabric. Lots and lots of fabric. She fiddles with the communicator a bit - it's not difficult to figure out, so she turns on the audio function, not quite aware that it was already recording.]

Attention! I request some information. If I'm going to remain here for- life, I'd at least like to know a few things first.

[She's playing nice for now, because she's confident that even here Zero- Lelouch will find and save her. He said so.]
[ open | action ] Backdated slightly to mid-morning
06 July 2011 at 10:39 pm
Miko "Jennifer" Shibuya
[ An day spent at the ice skating rink was just the thing Jennifer needed! Sure, she had the party to go to later in the afternoon, but right now, her time was designated to her dear friend Momiji and his cousins. Hopefully they remembered their play date, but either way, she wasn't going let this opportunity go to waste! She'll just start off slow with a leisurely stroll around the rink. Nothing much, just a little! ]

(( ooc: mingle post! Momiji, Tohru, and Kyou are expected, but just about anyone can stop by and say hello while she takes a breather or take Jennifer out for a spin around the rink. It's pretty much an equal opportunity threadjack moment here. Have fun! ))