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02 July 2011 at 05:08 pm
Sam Winchester
[Sam reaches up to rub his head and bumps the buttons on the control panel, beginning a fantastic recording of a stack of books at the library. You may see terms like lycanthropy, phases of the moon, and shape shifting for a moment before he realizes what he's done.]

Shit. [He turns the focus around on him, wincing a little, since he didn't mean to address everyone with that or with anything at all.] I mean, hi. Sorry about that. You think you're used to wearing the headgear and then...yeah. [Soft, self-deprecating laugh.]

So, go back to the stars and the beach and the fireflies. Have fun. [So much for laying low! But as long as he's at it...]

[Private | Hiling Care]
Hey, Hiling. We need to talk. [Long overdue.]

[Private | Sasha]
...Hey. [Also long overdue if a little underwhelming.]
[Voice || Action]
02 July 2011 at 06:32 pm
Buffy Summers
[Buffy is dressed in shorts, a tank top and running shoes. She's doing a jog around the perimeter of the place. It's more patrol than exercise but her meeting with Mal the other day got her thinking or at least curious. Feel free to run into her anywhere around the place.]

[Voice ||Private to Suzaku]

Hey, when you get a chance I probably should brief you on what happened with Oz--the were wolf thing?
02 July 2011 at 11:58 pm
[say what you want about Acumen, but at least he keeps his word. It's dusk in the park, and the fireflies are out, as promised, pricking through the gathering darkness with their blinky little behinds.

WV and PM, eager to see them, are out for a walk among the garden paths. Castell has had plenty of adventure on his leash for one day, and PM has opted to leave him at home, so it's just the two former exiles making their way together this evening.]