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23 June 2011 at 08:33 am
[Don't mind Mal, he's just walking the perimeter of each sector one by one, scoping out the situation, taking in what information he can, planning his mode of escape, checking every nook and cranny. Yep, he's a busy guy today who looks not quite so busy, albeit a little bit suspicious. Of course those who know him, know that suspicious is his default. Feel free to run into him anywhere at any time of the day.]
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23 June 2011 at 10:06 am
Ken Murata
[ spent much of his first, functioning day back in the prison exploring the additions to the facility and becoming familiar with the new voices on the network; it certainly feels as though people are truly settling in.

from sector 5, he wanders through the park and eventually turns toward the library, where he finds a bit of interesting reading while he gathers his thoughts. eventually, he moves to an empty section of the building and turns his communicator to a private channel. ]

[ voice/private ]

Good afternoon, Sir Weller. [ friendly and respectful as always ] Do you have a moment?

((OOC: Murata's open for action threads by/in the Sector 5 shops, the park or the library! Come bother him. He likes meeting old and new people. :Da))
Location: Day 120 / Sectors 5, 4, 2 / All Day
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23 June 2011 at 02:34 pm
Ashton Anchors
[ It's midday. Others are flocking to the coffee shop or going about their day, and Ashton was in the graveyard. Not just at any plot, either, but sitting cross-legged directly in front of a large stone tablet that bore the names "Gyoro and Ururun". He's been avoiding this place for some time. Wouldn't you, if it's the one thing in the whole prison that unquesionably makes you consider your own mortality and the decisions you've made in life? ... of course you would.

And he's talking to the stone now, paying no attention to the area around him for once. ]

((OOC: Ashton can be either interrupted above, or found aimlessly wandering to/from the graveyard. Just note it in your tag!))
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23 June 2011 at 09:23 pm
Maya Fey
[Someone is back to normal today. If you can't judge that from the natural smile via the video, maybe the three empty bowls of ramen next to her on the bar at the ramen shop might be a hint. Or possibly the fact that she's still there, waiting on bowl #4 to come up...]

So my schedule is mixed up in my head now, but I guess I kind of missed having my meditation classes, didn't I? This time traveling business is kind of complex...

I guess we can go back to having classes on Day 122 though. I was hoping the waterfall would still be freezing cold, but I guess it's summer now so we'll have to wait on that until the winter comes again... But we'll figure out something to do!

[Oh, here comes bowl #4, at least judging by the look in her eyes.] Let me know if any of you have questions!

[Click, the video disappears, and then so does more miso ramen.]
Location: Sector 5 - Ramen Shop / Mid-day
[action] [pet cafe//backdated to noon]
23 June 2011 at 11:16 pm
[ Riku's been fighting against creatures that'd leap up at him and scratch his face off for nearly two years now. he hasn't gone home to his dog in ages, and when he finally did, he ended up back ... here.

so, when he found out about this pet cafe, you'd never get him to admit it, but he was curious. not excited... curious. did they really just let people play with pets here?

but, apparently so. and there Riku sits, on the floor, gently smoothing the head of a beagle puppy, legs crossed underneath him. there has never been a kinder expression on his face than when's watching it toddle off and rejoin its brothers and sisters. sitting back, he feels pretty good--that's a departure from the usual bitterness.

... there's a black kitten about to fall from one of the strutures. saving it from certain peril (even if cats do land on their feet), he holds it carefully and lets it start climbing his shirt.

right. okay, he's not a cat person, but he doesn't... mind... it.

... ]

... don't get used to it.
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