[video/voice; open!]
14 June 2011 at 12:47 am
[Alexis looks a little nervous when the feed clicks on, but she gives a smile and a little wave to the screen.]

Um-- hi, everyone! I was just wondering if-- there was anyone else who... maybe wanted a roommate? Or wanted to be roomates! I've, uh, I got a house that I like, but it's really lon-- empty! And I thought it'd be nice if there was anyone else who was maybe looking for a place to stay, or wanted some company... [she trails off for a second, looking a little uncertain, and then--]

I'm really clean, and I cook a lot, and I read a lot, so I wouldn't bother you all the time! [those are all really good roommate qualities, right?] And I don't have any animals of my own, but I don't mind them!

So... let me know, okay? Thanks!
[Action/Open] All day post
14 June 2011 at 09:03 am
Akito/Agito/Lind Wanijima
[It's a rare day that you can find all three of them together like this. But since it's mostly Akito's fault, it's understandable; the light has a lot of persuasive power when he needs it.

Air Treck are not easy to learn, even when you're technically re-learning after 3-4 years of not riding. But Akito's trying his best, riding after Lind and just managing to keep his balance. He's in a good mood, having spent the night at Alle's and enjoying the new day. Eyepatch is off and both golden eyes are open, a suggestion made by his other. It seems to be helping, since he's only a little bit wobbly. Lind, on the other hand, is riding backwards easily like he was born with the skates on. Which is quite possible]

You're getting better. [Akito's not falling over as much anymore. The original has set the light to riding in a wide circle in the park at speed, watching him carefully. The dark is watching nearby, leaning on a tree trunk and petting Kasumi, the cat draped across his shoulders]

Nyu...I don't remember it being this hard the first time. [The light pouts and tries to stop, though it ends with him landing on his butt once again. Lind sighs and walks to his side, making Akito smile sheepishly at him, ignoring the soft laughter from his other]

((OOC: All day post, pretty much! Won't be there around noon though, but will be in the afternoon))
♉ [Audio] - Misinterpreting important words
14 June 2011 at 01:01 pm
Could be OOC offensive, see text below. )

[OOC: Hey all, this is not meant to be offensive, just putting up a disclaimer~ Tavros is just horribly misinterpreting this word, so feel free to stress the seriousness of this, or to mess with him, either works.]
[Video/Voice/Action | SO OPEN]
14 June 2011 at 01:03 pm
李 紅蘭 | Kohran Li
[What with the new arrivals, Kohran is not missing this chance to rope people in for a special little project~ She is currently at one of the classrooms in the Education Center armed with her notebook and opens the feed. Have a cheerful face and voice greet you today~]

Good morning everyone!

I've noticed that Marina has some talented singers and musicians, and I was thinking we can hold a little talent show! With so many people coming from different worlds, I feel that there's a big talent pool here, and it'll be an opportunity to share something from your world and have fun at the same time!

So! Would anyone be interested in participating or do you know someone who might want to participate?

(( OOC: Come sign up! THREADJACKS ARE MOST WELCOME so you can make fun of your friends FOR FRIENDLY ENABLING! ))
[video / action]
14 June 2011 at 01:08 pm
[Have a dramatically loud whipcrack, Marina! Fuuma is in the park, showing off just the tiniest bit. He loops the whip back up easily, gathering it around his wrist. It's long and slim, carefully hand-woven.]

--I think I owe someone lessons~?

Oh, and -- where's that fellow who passed out yesterday, while I'm at it? Nena's unconscious friend.
002 [Video | Action]
14 June 2011 at 03:32 pm
[Inara is spending her day in the garden. Her restraints are gone. She's got a wide brimmed hat she found in one of the shops and is wearing a dress that is casual, for her. She's weeding and pruning flowers at the moment. She pauses a moment, looks up at the sun and then smiles a bit. She's adjusting and adapting even if she doesn't like the idea of staying here permanently.]

I begrudgingly admit there are advantages to a stop over here.
14 June 2011 at 04:28 pm
Suzaku Kururugi
[ Suzaku's morning is very normal; he wakes up, goes for a swim, heads to the Defense Force, sequesters himself in his office, reads a few personality profiles if there are pending members; he wanders the HQ halls a little bit, listening intently to the network for anyone who might need help and talking to other Force members.

and then it gets to be around eleven, eleven-thirty, and something shifts hard in his belly, making him lurch and cling to the edge of his desk. he slides slowly to the floor, smothered pain as his head pounds, a million seconds' worth of memory slamming into his brain with the force of a speeding truck.

he spends what feels like hours there on the floor, breathing harshly, trying and failing to focus. in reality it's only a few minutes.

and then, slowly, carefully, he pushes himself to his feet again. what... what was that? he-- he's still in his office but it feels like it's been -- days, weeks, months. only he wasn't really there, he was here; he knows he was. fuck, he feels like he's going to-- no, he just wants to be sick. he really... Lelouch really-- they...

Suzaku scrubs a hand over his face, his eyes. it's too much to process all at once but he knows one thing with crystal clarity: he is going home early today. ]

((ooc: canon update! PEOPLE WHO WANT TO TALK DF BUSINESS, TAG THE FIRST THREAD. if you wanna find Suzaku sick in his office, tag the second! and housemates are more than welcome to tag on for the third, but there may be some sexy times in that thread so viewer beware!))
[Action | Open]
14 June 2011 at 04:52 pm
[For the past few days, Anthy has found herself sort of drifting from task to task. Lacking a greater purpose or goal, she's at least trying to assume something similar to her normal routine--cooking, cleaning, attending to animals. It may be superficial and most of it unnecessary, but there is one thing she thinks might be a worthwhile task to start working on.]

[So, she's spending the morning thoroughly exploring Sector 4. Her roaming is purposeful as she searches for anything resembling a rose garden, or a place to cultivate one. Whether she succeeds or not, though, it's a pleasant walk. Anthy takes a lot of time to stop and smell the flowers, even if they aren't of the sort she's searching for, and she keeps an eye out for people who might be interested in assisting with her little quest. Or just general chit-chat.]
[Action | Open // Voice | Private]
14 June 2011 at 04:54 pm
Zelgadis Greywars
[This seems like a fine spot. Open fields, a few trees as targets, not a lot of buildings or people in the way. The park, they call it? A good place to practice, now that his restraint is off and his powers seem to be back, though -- if what he was told yesterday is true -- weakened. Time to evaluate that for himself.]

[Focusing, Zelgadis gathers his power, cape billowing as he floats a few feet in the air, simple Levitation. Light flickers to live between his hands, growing brighter as he chants,]

"Wind which blows across eternity, gather in my hands and become my strength." [And releasing the building power,] Bram Gash! [Yards away, a small-ish tree branch snaps and falls, the entire tree swaying in a sudden gust of wind.]

Hmm. Not terrible.

[Voice//Private to Allen]
Hey, Allen. If you wanted to see that spell, I'm trying it out today.

((OOC: Zel will be releasing a few flashy spells that are visible from a ways away, but he won't get too far before getting dizzy/exhausted/passing out. Come say hi at the floaty stone man! Please do not have your muse getting injured/hit by anything unless you check with me first; he would be careful to avoid that.))
Walk Along [Action || Open || Backdated to Mid-Morning]
14 June 2011 at 08:49 pm
[Ventus was feeling much better from yesterday's fight. It was not the best introduction into Marina, but at least it got him to Aqua quick. Okay, even that sucked (not meeting Aqua, but in the way he had to meet her - knocked out cold and beat up by his... twin?). But he was feeling better this morning after a set of Cure spells and a good night sleep.

So he decided to explore this Marina, like it was a new world - and it was, at least to him. Hopefully he would not run into his loo-alike again, because healed or not healed, he was not so sure he could take another big fight with him. Man that guy had power! And if he couldn't beat him, could he... Well, he could think on that later.

Right now it was off to explore and maybe pick up some groceries for Aqua as a thank you for the healing. Maybe ice cream. You know, if they had that here.

He hoped over the last two steps down from Aqua's building, looked left and right, shrugged, and let his feet do the choosing and the walking.]

[ooc: Ventus is wandering all over Marina exploring, so feel free to poke him anywhere!]
Working Out the Hurt [Action || Open ]
14 June 2011 at 09:02 pm
[It seemed more and more that he was being reminded of the things he had left behind. The world he had come from, scattered with its many people, all who looked to him for guidance. His soldiers that saw him as their leader, their general, even their god. The man who had... captured his heart and that fate tore asunder. The dreams thing, whatever it might have been, had not done any better to heal those old wounds and let them close, and reminded him even more of the fact he was simply waiting for the sands in the hourglass to fall once more, to break free of their suspension.

And worse... worse now two people knew of that horror. As much as he wanted it to not have gone that way, the dream made it so, and for the second time he found himself thrusting a sword through the man he had loved and in many ways still did though he knew him to be dead. Yesterday he had spent meditating on the whole experience and today he needed to work out the whole thing.

So he had migrated himself to the edges of the beach, dressed in his light robes, and was currently running through a series of martial art sets. Add to that the blasts of fire he shot out, and it was probably a sight to see. They were elegant and controlled, slamming down onto the sand and making it hiss and burn, blackening and bubbling with repeated strikes to the same place. He kept going and going til finally he had to stop, limbs shaking from the energy drain, and actually panting a bit.

Acumen and his restrictions.]

[ooc: feel free to bother him, especially if you were in his dream. Or, you know, fire spewing elves interest you.]
014: Departures [voice//filtered + action // closed]
14 June 2011 at 09:57 pm
[Filtered to S.E.E.S. and Ryoji]

[Minako can't help but to be rather downcast -- This time, not one, but two friends of hers had left the dome -- and her voice shows it rather obviously.]

Yukari's gone.

[And so is Lambdadelta, but that doesn't really involve the others now, does it?..]

[Closed Action with Mokou]

[Minako's at your door, Mokou, and knocking on it. If you do open the door, you might just be able to tell that she had just been... crying.]
Location: Sector 4, Residence. Day 119 Morning
[action | open]
14 June 2011 at 10:57 pm
[While #10032 showed up around the same time as the other new inmates, she hasn't made much of an effort to get to know or contact anyone at the asylum. Why? She's been too fascinated by what the city-like prison has to offer. She read the brochure, so she's vaguely aware that this is a place she shouldn't want to be in, but at the same time, she doesn't want to object her placement here just yet.

Even among her shared memories, this is her first time outside of Academy City. Her first time experiencing a place outside of what she's used to. Despite how it's still similar to her home with the numerous bots and the high technological influence, it's still a new environment. So she's spent the last day toting around her welcoming basket (and still toting it around), curiously observing everything she comes by, albeit, with a straight face.

But what's catching her attention right now is sector 2's pet cafe -- so many animals in one place, she doesn't know where to start! She keeps her distance, kneeling by the edge of the animals' roaming area, trying to call them over. Unfortunately, any animal that comes within a reachable range stares at the girl's hand fearfully, then runs back towards where it comes from.]

[[ooc: Feel free to approach her, whether it's about the animals, the welcome basket, or anything else your character feels like noticing! Since she's been wandering, you're welcome to be creative and run into her anywhere else -- just state it in the subject!]]
Location: Sector 2, Pet Cafe - Day 119