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16 March 2011 at 12:39 am
[Soren is in the library, trying to balance a large stack of books as he makes his way over to a table. He stops for a second as he spots something else on a shelf that interests him. He looks at the book on the shelf, then to the books he has in hand, and back to the book on the shelf before deciding to go for it. Attempting to balance the pile onto one arm, Soren reaches up to the shelf and begins to remove the book. This shelf is somewhat full, however, and as he pulls the tome away from its position, the pile he's holding unbalances sending them all crashing to the floor.]


[This would be so much easier if there weren't so many books about subjects he'd never even heard of before. Even so, it was better this way than if there had been no library at all. Just so long as the robots stayed away from him.]
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16 March 2011 at 04:42 pm
Suzaku Kururugi
[ video ON, and Suzaku hesitates for a moment ]

Good morning, everyone. As most of you I think know, I'm Suzaku Kururugi -- and I teach the sex ed classes here. I... well, since Acumen's decision a couple of days ago, I've been wanting to hold a -- special class.

[ tiny pause ] So, today's class will be a little bit more -- practically-oriented. Um. If you don't feel comfortable with that, of course you don't have to come...

[ dissolving into flustered now. ]

--Anyway, everyone's welcome. You don't have to be taking the class normally.

[ tiny pause ] Thank you.

((ooc: Suzaku will be in the classroom, ready to answer any questions, or you can talk to him over the network! ALSO KAREN IS HERE in a special guest teacher capacity. /o/ So she may threadjack? Sound good, baby? ♥ Top thread is for you~))
16 March 2011 at 05:05 pm
Ryoji Mochizuki
[Step one. Scope out tree.

Step two. Climb tree.

Step three. Fall down at least once, because the tree is unforgiving and gravity will not give you a break, not for a second.

Step four. Frantically fix hair! This is important.

Step five. Check a mirror.

Step six. You don't carry a mirror.

Step seven. Climb tree again! Succeed this time. Don't look down, don't look down--

Step eight. I said, don't look down!
Step eight-b. Feel slightly queasy, get tighter grip on branch.

Step nine. Extend out on branch. Take a moment to make sure you look cool, like you've done this hundreds of times before and weren't just inspired by an old episode of Phoenix Ranger Featherman-R.

Step ten has been omitted for time.

Tap-tap-tap on the window,
] Hey, Lenalee-san!

((OOC: Sob Ryoji decided to climb a tree into an apartment building window. Feel free to come across him.))
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16 March 2011 at 07:34 pm
[Timid, shifting from hoof to hoof, a yellow pegasus with a beautiful pink mane looks nervous, fearful even, as she hides behind a rock, peeking out on occasion. The network device is sitting off to the side and slanted, as though obviously taken off. Shaking from head to hoof, you’d imagine that she’s cold, but the temperature outside isn’t bad. Voice trembling, it’s so quiet and faint that you have to struggle even just to hear it.]

Oh my a...a prison. Um...t-there must be a terrible mistake. You see...I don’t do very well with scary things, and criminals sound exceedingly frightening...

[Glancing around, swallowing thickly and voice lowering if ponally possible into a near squeak.]

Twilight Sparkle...? Rainbow Dash? This...i-isn’t a prank, is it Pinkie Pie...?
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16 March 2011 at 08:00 pm
hum bug

[Vriska is holding her glasses, completely smashed and totally unwearable now. She's sitting under a small tree with a cat curled up by her side. Not that she's really paying it any attention, too caught up in her own whirlwind of thoughts and memories right now. It seems like her eyes and arm are back to normal (no more robot limb!) and her clothes are... colorful.

Sets the crumpled glasses on her lap and rubs at her temple, lips forming into a deep set frown. Headache of the century right here.]


[ooc; Guess who just came back from an update... She taken from her most recent point (highlight the next part if you want to be spoiled) after Kanaya punches her and is checking up on Rose.]