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15 October 2010 at 12:33 am
Tieria Erde
[Tieria was at the beach, taking advantage of the quiet moment at 'dusk'. He had a book from the library and was trying to put his thoughts together in the back of his mind as he read. Finding solitude was something that helped clear his mind after he had been blocked access to VEDA. He used it now, the words on the page before him registering almost subconsciously as he worked out ideas and strategies for what he was planning to do, who was going to do it with him, how to use their abilities that he knew of in the best way. At that point, he realized he was going to need to find out what kind of strengths and abilities the others had in detail. While he was fairly good at coming up with predictions, forecasts, and strategies, Tieria knew he was not Sumeragi Li Noriega. He was going to need as much information as possible to pull this off successfully.]
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15 October 2010 at 12:33 am
Lelouch vi Britannia
[Party! Lelouch has thrown a little party in the open space in the park adjacent his house; it's officially for everyone who has an October birthday. There are tables and decorations set up, plenty of delicious food and desserts, including a cake with a candle for all the birthday kids (after Lelouch gets feedback from birthday kids). He has party favors and everything: little bags of party favor treats for the attendees, and slightly more impressive baskets for the other October kids.

[But mostly: it's a party. There's music, decorations, food to eat, and funtimes. Lelouch will say a little something nice when they cut the cake. He's a good host, you'll have fun if you come~]

[[Please note that everyone not on the watch list got an invitation in the mail yesterday ICly, as apologized-for on the Monday post. Event-style posting; make your own thread and get comments, or comment to other people's threads!]]

Currently-known October birthdays: Euphie, Nunnallyx2, Rolo, Shiki... anyone else? Say so!
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15 October 2010 at 01:19 am
Duo Maxwell
[Someone was monopolizing one half of the basketball court. He was bouncing about, playing against imaginary opponents as he dodged and wove his way around one half before dunking the ball into the net. He shouted happily as he scored points in his head, and then moved on to grab the ball and start all over again.]
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15 October 2010 at 01:28 am
Kitty Pryde
[Kitty was studying again. This time, she was in the shelter common area. She needed to catch up a little, in her mind, for the classes she was taking at the school.]

Hey, does anyone else need help with studying for classes? I'm doing a big study session tonight, and it'd be totally awesome if a bunch of us could get together for it!
[ video | locked away from Diva ]
15 October 2010 at 01:32 am
MOMO Mizrahi
Um... excuse me? Does anyone know of someone named Diva? [MOMO might actually look a little nervous...]
[Video | Open] Nightfall
15 October 2010 at 11:48 am
Lacus Clyne
[Those of you who are outside at nightfall and expecting the regular moonrise and starscape are in for a surprise. Rather than the moon, what rises in the night sky is a much larger Earth, backlit by the sun. Also visible are what might seem a strange sight... jutting out from Earth in three locations (two of which are visible at present) are the orbital elevators, long slender tubes for transporting people into space en masse. Each elevator ends in a base where there are many solar cells to collect sunlight for energy.]

[On the video, Lacus is smiling pleasantly, the Earth rising behind her in the sky.]
Good evening, Marina. A request to show the view from Earth's moon in the night sky has led me to change the usual star projections for tonight. For those of us who miss this sight, I hope it will make you smile. For those who never were able to experience space travel, I hope you enjoy the view.
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15 October 2010 at 04:23 pm
[Note to self: never bring cookies -- or cupcakes, or muffins, or anything conceivably baked -- to crazy clowns again.]

[Midori's back in the empty shelter kitchen. Most of the cookies had been eaten while she had been gone, she's pleased to note, but there are a few here and there. Those, she packs up in a tupperware container, not bothering to save the "special" ones, instead dumping them into the garbage.]

[Rethinking it, she pulls one cookie out of the tupperware container and starts to set it on a small plate.]

[It's a bit odd, the unchildish set of her mouth and the way her hands seem to be second guessing themselves.]

((OOC: Closed thread with Cross; anyone wanting to save the cookies from the horrors of freezer burn otherwise welcome.))
15 October 2010 at 04:54 pm
PM ♕ Prospitian Monarch
  • Alphonse: a letter from Yuuri.
  • Allen: a letter from Ryu.
  • Sasha: a letter from Tsukasa.
  • Terezi: a letter from Alucard.
  • Fai: a letter from Roxas.
  • Red: a letter from Alma.
  • Yu Kanda: a letter from Alma.
  • Ciel: a letter from Jennifer.
  • Ribbons: a letter from the Peregrine Mendicant.
  • Euphemia: a letter from Touma.

  • Wolfram: a package from Saki.
  • Saki: a rose with a letter from Tamaki.
  • Xion: a package from Orihime.

  • Nunnally & Toothless
  • Ianto & Yuuki
  • Rinoa & Kaien

[Today's load of mail is extremely satisfying for PM, who is humming tunelessly under her breath as she goes about her route. She really has no reason to feel bad today, even if a few problems continue to go unsolved. After all, the post office and the pen pal systems are moving along splendidly! If this keeps up, she could even start training an apprentice. She decides to cap off a perfect route with a delicious dinner at the pizza parlor.]

[Penpal sign-up and master list is right here! Mail submissions for Day 85 go here!]
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15 October 2010 at 06:21 pm
Axel || viii
What's one thing that you don't have here that you absolutely want or need right now?

[And for anyone who happens to be wandering around at this time around the beach you'll find Axel sitting at the water's edge, feet barely touching the waves and with a single cigarette between his lips. Yeah, it's lit, and of course he's smoking it, but he's not trying to make it a habit or anything. It's just that he'd rather enjoyed the taste of it the first time and figured he'd give it another shot.

Plus...these things are supposed to relieve tension or something, right? Even though it's cold out and everything. Not like it matters.]

Of course that doesn't have to be an item, you know.
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15 October 2010 at 08:40 pm
Terezi Pyrope
Hey, Marina! [ Excited giggling. ] I just thought I'd want to inform everyone that I have the. best. penpal. ever!

Try not to be too~ jealous! [ ♥ ]

[ A beat. ] Anyone know where I can get a frame?
[filtered from noah/video] dated to early evening
15 October 2010 at 09:10 pm
Howard Link。
Good evening to both old, as well as new inmates. Hopefully all those who have arrived have grown somewhat adjusted to the environment here despite the startling circumstances. [ politeness aside -- he clears his throat. ]

My name is Howard Link and I am an inspector for the Central Branch of the Vatican. Currently my assignment is to act as an escort for Allen Walker for an undetermined duration of time -- time that I am expected to keep even here. Thus, I would like to know all of those here who are acquainted with him. Just names will be sufficient.

Thank you in advance.

[[ooc: Link wants to know all about your CR with Allen 8). feel free to threadjack everywhere.]]
15 October 2010 at 10:11 pm
Friends! Friends! Acumen got me Hiccup's harness! We can fly now! Come to the beach! Come, come!

[Toothless is running up and down the beach, so exciteeeeed, he's going to get to fly again, yaaaaaay.]
[Action | Closed | Nighttime] IIIbis
15 October 2010 at 11:56 pm
Sasha (Athena)
[She did not stay too long at the party ; and the night's display was something she cannot resist -- it was a fascinating view of Earth, such as that she took a lot longer than necessary to make it back to the Shelter, looking upwards at the display...

And then there was a sudden movement -- about the rooftops. She stopped in her tracks, alert and on guard...]