Gift Meme
23 December 2010 at 02:33 pm
Miko "Jennifer" Shibuya
As your characters may have gotten gifts for more then one person and not just for the gift exchange, please list your recipients here and how the gift was given! But only if you want to of course. Meme not required.

Anyway, the main point of this meme is to coordinate with your recipients as well to see if you want to hand wave the giving or actually thread them out, which is highly encouraged.

Example provided by Rayflo's Mun:


To Lacus: Gift Exchange! something cute, but useful
To Cherry: something with lots of not-so-subtle innuendo
To Sakura: something very cute!

Please keep this in mind: Yule ball is not an actual Christmas event and that Christmas will actually happen tomorrow so some gifts might be better given then rather than at the ball. This is more of a heads up for plotting purposes.
23 December 2010 at 10:54 pm
Nepeta Leijon
This has been a while in coming, but I just couldn't bring myself to make the post. My Nepeta muse ran off to find the fountain of cute some time ago, and she still hasn't come back. SO I'm gonna have to drop her. I've loved playing her, and the Homestuck cast is AMAZING. YOU GUYS HAVE ALL OF THE AWESOMES. ALL OF THEM. <3

I still want to cling to the HS cast, because I didn't get to play with some of you awesome people yet, and, dude, Homestuck. So expect a Xionderp barreling toward some trolls soon. <3