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June 15th 2008

June 15th 2008


June 28th, 2008

2008 Masterlist

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Okay, so here it is. If you're one of the people who couldn't access the comm (I don't know why it wouldn't let you, either) and instead posted it on your own journal, I'm happy to link to it from here.

Other than that, another huge thank-you to everyone who participated!

The 2008 Malfoycest Day Masterlist )

June 23rd, 2008

Posting Closed

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Posting is CLOSED

okay, so yes, this is four days late - there were some techinical difficulties on my end.

A huge thank-you to everyone who participated, read, or commented! The response to this was far greater than I anticipated, and that is so incredibly cool.

With much love,

June 20th, 2008

Chasing Shadows: NC-17, L/D

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Title: Chasing Shadows
Author: [info]ravenna_c_tan
Pairing: Lucius/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Incest. Self-harm.
Word Count: 3300
Summary: Written for International Malfoycest Day 2008, for prompt #15, "Lucius returning from Azkaban."
A/N: Thanks to [info]clauclauclaudia for the beta-read.

Chasing Shadows )

June 18th, 2008

Where Dark And Light Don't Differ; NC-17

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Title: Where Dark And Light Don't Differ
Author: [info]stonegrad
Pairing: Lucius/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Incest, minor character death, some dark themes
Summary: Draco Malfoy - a fall in six acts.

Notes: A Post-OOTP AU. Title filched from 'Immortal', headers from Richard Siken's 'Dirty Valentine'. Beta'd by Kristin and, although she claims she was half-asleep when she did it, all the remaining mistakes are still mine.

The musicians start the overture while I hide behind the microphone... )

June 17th, 2008

Fic: A Surfeit of Toadstools

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Title: A Surfeit of Toadstools
Author: Ina MacAllan - [info]inamac
Pairing: Lucius/Draco (Lucius/Draco/Abraxas, mention Lucius/Snape, Draco/Snape)
Rating: NC17
Words: 4500
Warnings: Incest (natch), Highlight for other warnings * mutual masturbation, bondage - mainly involving portrait-Abraxus., voyeurism, humiliation, implied spanking *
Prompt: 12. What happened after the book shop brawl from CoS?
Summary: "It is a remarkably perverted curse for a Weasley. It does raise speculation about why a man with six sons should choose such a curse. He might find it rather - exhilarating - were he on the receiving end of it."
Notes: In fact this is mostly 13 years after the book shop brawl. Apologies to those who were expecting chan from this prompt - by way of compensation there are whole new perversions available only to wizards. And their families... and friends...
Thanks to [info]melfinatheblue, [info]quillanna and [info]lil_shepherd for allowing me to bounce ideas off them - even if they didn't realise it, and [info]snapelike for finally succeeding in corrupting me. None of the above are responsible for any mistakes which are, as ever, small things, but mine own.
And yes, I will burn in hell for this one.

A Surfeit of Toadstools )

June 15th, 2008

Love and Monsters; R

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Title: Love and Monsters
Author/Artist: [info]lilithilien
Pairing: Draco/Lucius (Draco/Harry implied)
Rating: R
Warnings: Highlight for warnings: Character death, incest, darkfic.
Length: 3,300 words
Prompt: #39. After the war, Draco became involved with Harry Potter amid protests from Harry's friends. They seemed to be very much in love, but Harry found out one day that Draco was using him to free his father from Azkaban.
Summary: When the heart breaks, the mind must follow.
Notes: Dedicated to the very lovely [info]goddessriss on the occasion of her grand entrance into this world! Many, many thanks to my dearest [info]sarcastic_jo for beta and cheering on the twistedness.

Love and Monsters )

Reclaimed - PG-13

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Title: Reclamied
Author/Artist: [info]thepinkrabbit 
Pairing: Lucius/Draco
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: incest, infidelity ( but it's to Astoria, so who cares?? xD )
Prompt: Draco's wedding night, "Eew! Father!", A Malfoy knows what a Malfoy needs.
Summary: Draco is on the verge of getting married, and he's scared shitless.
Notes: huge thanks to [info]elfflame , [info]wolfish_cat and [info]nishizono for encouragement, help, beta'ing and just being made of 110% awesome! Besties 4ever, gals! Also, a pervtastic thanks to [info]xbloodsugarx for the virgina description ♥

reclaimed )

June 13th, 2008

Fic: Times Like These Can Save a Marriage... or Break It; NC-17

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Title:Times like these can save a marriage... or break it.
Pairing:past Lucius/Narcissa, Draco/Pansy, Lucius/Draco/Pansy, Narcissa/Blaise,
Warnings:angst, self-medication via alcohol, malfoycest, threesome, het, slash
Prompt: (if applicable)31. Lucius is devastated when Narcissa divorces him for a younger man.
Summary: When Narcissa leaves, Lucius is devastated. Draco comes up with a novel way to give him his confidence back.
Notes:Happy b-day fbowden! Also, many thanks to zephre and the IJ FAQ. Without it, I would not be posting (had to use console to remove myself from comm, then re-add myself to post)
Word Count:3390
ooh, story )

Art/ Tradition/ NC-17

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Title: Tradition (The passing down of elements of a culture from generation to generation, especially by oral communication.)
Author/Artist: melmoe1
Pairing: Lucius/Draco, Abraxas
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Incest/Chan/Voyeurism
Prompt: Daddy…..would Grandfather approve?”
Summary: See title
Notes: I’ve never attempted anything supernatural before, so I want to apologize for my poorly crafted ghost. Also want to thank [info]ravenqueen55for her input and the almost used title of “bubble wallpaper incestuous ghost” because I seriously had nothing. Thanks, hon.  Title was taken from actual dictionary definition.

Fic: The Silence of the Peacocks NC-17

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Title: The Silence of the Peacocks
Author/Artist: [info]fbowden
Pairing: Draco/Scorpius
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Incest, angst
Prompt: (if applicable) Scorpius is shocked when he spies on his father and finds him crying.  Turns out it's the anniversary of Lucius' death and Draco misses him terribly.  

Summary: Draco has spent his life caring for Scorpius under the most testing of circumstances.  Now it's time for Scorpius to return the favour.

Notes: I have to heap tons of praise on my betas [info]iulia_linneaand [info]softly_sweetlywithout whom I might have gone a bit mad.


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Well, by my reckoning, it's only a few minutes off midnight, so...

Posting is now offically OPEN!

Please refer to the headers in the previous post, and remember that all stories/art should be posted to the asylum itself, not under fake-cuts. Posting end on the 20th, so read, look, comment, adore...

June 11th, 2008

3 Days Till Posting!

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Yes, that's right, just at the subject says. Posting opens in 3 days!

I've decided that it will run from June 14th till June 20th - that gives you a wider posting time period, so you don't have to rush so much to get things done, if you haven't finished already. In preparation for that, here are the headers I would like you to use:

June 3rd, 2008

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11 Days Till Posting Opens!

Yes, that's right, June 15th is fast approaching.
Posting will open on the 14th, and continue on until the 17th .

The next reminder will contain the fic/art headers - if you can't make the deadline, contact me! My email is in the user info.

(note, this is NZ time, so if my timing seems wacked to you, you're not in my country... <3)

May 15th, 2008

Prompt List - Claiming

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So, as of five minutes ago, Prompt Submission officially closed. Now, I bring to you...

The Malfoycest Day Prompt List - Make your claim! )

May 11th, 2008

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Prompt Submissions Close In Four Days!

We've already got quite a few prompts, but don't be afraid to throw in even more! Drag your ideas out of the closet, and lets make sure that June 15th is chock-full of Malfoycest.

April 25th, 2008


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Prompt Submissions Close May 15th

Which gives everyone a month to grab prompts and write! In the meantime, keep coming up with prompts and posting them here

- Ciao!

February 12th, 2008

Prompt submissions open!

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Prompt Submissions are officially open once more!

Simply reply to this post with whatever prompts you can think of - situations, one-liners, quotes, or maybe that bunny that simply won't leave you alone (come on, you know you want to foist it off on someone!).

All replies to this post will screened, and you have approximately two months (yes, that's right, months - we're talking April here) to reply. This gives you loads and loads of time to come up with anything you want to see in a Malfoycest fic!

(don't worry about forgetting - reminders will be posted every so often)

January 14th, 2008


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Due to lack of interest in submitting prompts, there has been a slight change of plans.

Instead of prompt claiming, it's all up to you! You have until June 15th to write as much Malfoycest as you like - then, on the 14th, the 15th, AND the 16th, the asylum will be open for posting. Post whatever you've written in the time given, following the rules below, then kick back, relax, and enjoy!

There will be a prompt list going up, for you to use, abuse, or simply ignore.

(Basically, all I'm saying is that everyone has till the 14/15/16th of June to write some Malfoycest, and if they want to use some of the prompts that are posted, they can - and if they don't want to, they don't have to, and can still submit things.)

October 31st, 2007

The Rules

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The rules for the I.M.D.F. June 15th 2008:

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