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Jul. 8th, 2020


Who: Jordan Two Delta and Max Evans
What: Checking in on a friend
When: Wednesday evening
Where: Max's apartment
Warnings: TBA
Status: Closed/On-going

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[Delivery to: Sean and Kristof Nast, individually]

attached to a basket with a bottle of good red and a bottle of this is a note:

"A mutual friend, Adam, suggested you might need this as much as he does. Good luck. - Llewellyn"


[filtered to 18+]

What the fuck, dome? Seriously, what the fuck?

I need all the drinks. All of them. The 12 year old version of my girlfriend from home just showed up. I do not know how to deal with this.

Jul. 7th, 2020


Who: Sean Nast and Savannah Levine
What: Retrieving a freaked out little sister
When: Tuesday night
Where: Community center
Warnings: TBA
Status: Closed/On-going

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Who: Lizzie & Stiles
What: It's everyone's fault but our own
When: July 2
Where: By the lake
Warnings: Language.
Status: Completed gdoc

The lake was an innocent bystander )


This... I don't understand.

What happened to the house? It was falling down... and the demons...


Who: Kristof Nast and Dorian Pavus
What: Not quite bitching, but almost
When:Tuesday, late afternoon
Where: The Musain
Warnings: TBA
Status: Closed/On-going

Have a nice day )


( Sam Winchester )

I'm making you dinner tonight. You better be hungry.


Brooke says I should hi here, now that I'm mostly convinced this is all real. I've pinched myself enough times to have bruises, so I guess I have to go with it for now.

Anyway, hi. I'm Emma Duval. Is it too late to apply to college here?

Jul. 6th, 2020


I had a fun Fourth of July. I always look forward to this holiday and the food and the fireworks didn't disappoint. Did everyone else have a good time?


For anyone who knew him, it seems like Andy Strucker was sent home. Him and his stuff are all gone from his room so yeah. Guess I better look at cleaning it out and moving Dawn back in until I get a house.

Jul. 5th, 2020


This place needs better Cajun food. The offerings here are just sad.

There don't seem to be that many great waffle places, either.



I've been forced to watch Moana four times today.

Send reinforcements.


[Filtered to Cole Stewart]

Hey so, sorry if I was a bitch last night or said something I shouldn't have. Kind of did not have a good reaction to the fireworks. Which sucks because I remember liking them when I was a kid before everything.


As of yesterday, I've been here for three years. It's hard to imagine. I miss Scott and everyone back home still.


Who: Liz Parker and Max Evans
What: Liz admitting to Max there's a problem
When: July 5
Where: The Woods
Rating: Low

We Should Talk )


Anyone have a purple wooden ladle about 12.3 centimetres in length?


Well. That was unexpected.

[Isobel, Michael]
I don't even know what to say, but I'm back.

Hi. I'm sorry I disappeared.


It was nice having the opportunity to actually go to the celebration yesterday for a while. I'm usually the one covering for people so they can have a life.

Jul. 4th, 2020


Who: Brooke Maddox and Emma Duval
What: Brooke's bestie has arrived.
Where: Outside the movie theater
When: During 4th of July party.
Warnings: TBA but probably some talk of violence, trauma and will update as we go.
Status: Closed, In progress.

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Text to Chidi

>> Bringing home someone who will be staying with us at least for a bit.
>> Thought I'd let you know rather than be all surprise!


I do not wish to be back in the not-valley, this is unacceptable and mildly irksome. However, I have missed the Terran cuisine of hamburgers and the coveted Twinkie.


Uh....never thought I'd see this place again.

Anyone remember me? Man I hope someone does.


It's official, Em. You've snapped

I really don't get how this is even possible or why I'm here. I feel like I'm finally losing my mind. Am I losing my mind?


Who: Sean Nast and Alex Manes
What: Alex needs to talk, so Sean's listening
When: Saturday, early evening
Where: His apartment
Warnings: TBA
Status: Closed/On-going

I can do cute. )


Text to Michael and Isobel

Alex is back. Is Max?


[Delivered to Steve Rogers]
This and a new drawing journal and set of pencils, all wrapped very neatly with a note: Found something the same age as you. Happy Birthday. Love, Nat
[Delivered to Nick Fury]
These knives and a note: Happy birthday, boss. -NR


Someone somewhere should have included a note in the brochure about how strange it is to have an entire year pass back home, yet only a few days here.

We need to talk.

Where are you? I need to talk.


I am so looking forward to the fireworks tonight!


I want to make you all aware that the Pack's land has been spelled to block the sounds of the fireworks tonight. You're all welcome to make use of it if you need it, just let Elena or I know. I'll be out there tonight in Wolf form if you want to Change and run with me.


Who: Everyone
What: 4th of July
Where: Downtown
When:Warnings: if necessary, will update
Status: party post

cut for images )

The town is properly decked out for a big 4th of July celebration, both with decorations and food. There will be fireworks when dark falls.


( Nick Fury )

Happy birthday.

I made you a cake.

I have a present for you, too.

Jul. 3rd, 2020


Who: Jeffrey Spender and Open
What: People-watching
When: Friday evening
Where: Starbucks
Warnings: TBA
Status: Open/On-going

~+~+~+~ )


Who: Elsa and Open
What: Holiday confusion take II
Where: Walmart
When: Friday afternoon
Status: Open; Incomplete
Rating: TBD

Elsa was just trying to understand it all. )


I was told to introduce myself here and to also use this translator app, which I hope works. Name's Chuuya and can't say I'm thrilled to be stuck here. I don't know whether this is better than being trapped in a fucking book, but at least I still have my ability.

I'm also not very happy I can't afford any good wine right now. Guess I'll have to settle for something cheap.


Text to Veronica

>> So I would have said something sooner, but I assumed everyone at the office plus your knight-in-shining-armor was giving you hell for it already.

>> I was a little disappointed that you went with the grown-up bandages though. I always pegged you as at least a Mickey Mouse band-aid type.


So, there is no free chocolate involved, but protecting people is more my thing anyway. It was what I was trained for. At least now, I get to utilize those skills once and a while. Outside of switching off protecting Lissa with other guardians. Meh. I hate sharing.


Who: Kenzi M and Peter H.
What: Hungover at work
When: July 2
Where: The White Wyrm
Rating: Low probably

Hung Over - but worth it )


Well, I got a job at the school as a counselor with a little help from compulsion. It's definitely a downgrade since I use to own a school, but I didn't want to take over the high school, that would have been a little much it's a start.

Go me.


Today's my boyfriend's birthday.

If he was here, we probably wouldn't celebrate because he's just not into that.

But damn I miss his ornery ass.


In honor of the holiday weekend, Madison Valley Tea & Pie Shop will be featuring our mixed berry pie and our apple pie. You can buy by the slice or get a whole one. We're also providing pies for the town celebration.

Jul. 2nd, 2020


Who: Rowan Fricks & Open
What: Some shopping.
Where: Walmart
When: Thursday afternoon
Warnings: None at the moment but will update if this changes.
Status: Open, In progress.

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I'm all for my daughter growing up, but right now I'm really missing the days when she wasn't walking or getting into everything that was within her reach. I think I might need to treat myself to a fun little night out sometime soon.


Who: Darcy Lewis and Micah Sanders
What: Comfort and whatnot
Where: Darcy's house
When: this afternoon
Warnings: references to past substance abuse issues; torture
Status: closed/in progress

~+~+~+~+~ )


Who: Liz Parker and Michael Guerin
What: Liz finds out about Max and just a little bit of fire happens. It's fine.
When: Wed July 1
Where: Dicky's Doghouse
Rating: low

Dramatic Lunch )


Being without Max is like being unable to breathe. I feel like a part of me is missing.

I miss Max. Madison Valley, you better give me my brother back.


Coffee is not helping this hangover.

[Filter to Over 18]
Anyone want to come over for a quickie to help me heal?


Who: Ned and Isobel Evans-Bracken
What: Meeting and chatting
Where: MV Tea & Pie Shop
When: this afternoon
Warnings: nope
Status: complete

~+~+~+~ )


( Elliott Gilbert )

You're adorable when you just wake up.




As much as he and I were still trying to work out our places in each other's life, I didn't want Remy to go.

But here we are.

For those who knew him Remy isn't here, his stuff is gone so I know.

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