Oct. 7th, 2008


Dubious Queen B.eni

Beni's full name is Meredith Bennett Davenport. If you aren't a professor or her parent, calling her anything but Beni will result in pain, all of it yours. She is a social butterfly, and makes sure everyone knows it. Captain of NYU's sports-focused cheerleading squad, Beni knows what's expected of her, and is always willing to follow through. She is well-known in the party circuit, and a popular person when it comes to organising any form of social event. Beni has ins with most of the more popular venues in town, and is always willing to put out a little extra effort in order to make events special.

Some notes:

* If it's male (and not a loser) Beni has probably been there.
* If it's not male, but the circumstances were favourable, Beni has probably been there.
* If it's the right colour for the weekday, Beni is probably drinking it, or taking it, whichever fits.
* Beni enjoys providing fodder for the gossip grapevine. Her motto is to LIVE HARD, DIE YOUNG, DIE BEAUTIFUL.
* Beni is noted for never having had a serious relationship. She is also noted for poohpoohing the very suggestion. Not likely.
* Beni will attempt to destroy anyone who gets in her way.

Connections thus far:

Jasper, Brett, V, Cameron, Lukas, Adrian (?), Elian (probably through V, details TBC)

V, details TBC.

Unlikely, bitches. But we're all friends together, right?

Note, Beni has no "lovers", just overnighters.



Jasper Michaels is the Go-To-Guy for anything police related, science related, and to a certain extent, computer-related. If he can't do it, he knows a man (or woman) who can. His expertise lies primarily in Science, but with a focus on Forensics and police work. He works with the New York Crime Lab, along with studying a Graduate Masters course alongside. He's in his second year, and fully plans on going Postgrad when the time comes. He has connections everywhere you can look, and a stellar reputation for being a hard worker - and a hard player. He parties when he gets the chance, and far from being the one to tattle on his drug-sampling friends, will indulge with the best of them.

Jasper is friends with the Elite through usefulness and resourcefulness, and although originally from Rain Capital Seattle, has been firmly ensconced in the New York UES network for five years. He's rich, but to the tune of single digit millions. He is not in the uppermost tier of Elitism. What he is, is a social-climbing guy who's made himself virtually irreplaceable.

His friendships include the bulk of the "Party Core", so if your muse hangs out with them, it's likely he or she knows Jasper. He's easy to get along with, although ruthless when it comes to what is and what is not useful for his own goals. He's also highly open to any connections through a) his career, b) his major, c) photography and travel clubs, d) what he can do for you ;)

Any SLs, shout them up :)

Here's what we have so far:

The Partiers:
Brett, Elian, Beni, Cameron, Valerie, Lukas, Adrian (?), V(?)

Valerie, high school roots.

Miranda, details undisclosed!

Lovers: Form an orderly queue, yeah?

Oct. 6th, 2008


introducing m.

Miranda "Mira" Vanderbilt is an upper-crust heiress of the Vanderbilt line; a photographer, fencer, and general adventurer (within reason). She's attended private schools in New York and had private tutors for much of her education, but she's proven not to be the type of spoiled snob that everyone hates. Quite the opposite in fact, she works hard, socializes intelligently -- and with restraint -- and manages her friends with a mind for diplomacy that speaks, at least, well of her upbringing.

Able to balance the wealthy crowd with the starving artists, mixed with a strong desire to prove herself in both realms, Mira doesn't party hard, stay up all hours of the night, or get intoxicated -- she's a good friend with good intentions.

She can be a good influence; but she could use some bad ones too. Friends wanted!


lady brett -->

BRETT armistead is the following things:

+ A recent NYU Grad - Music Technology '07 (was enrolled part-time over six years, 2001-2007)
+ A dancer
+ A socialite
+ A DJ
+ A music producer

BRETT armistead does the following things:

+ Parties
+ Drinks
+ DJs
+ Drinks
+ Smokes
+ Makes Music
+ Dances

BRETT armistead requires the following things:

+ Friends [V? Val? Jasper? A? Beni?]
+ Enemies [it pisses on the floor.]
+ Lovers
+ Any combination thereof

BRETT armistead will not eat you for lunch but she might have you for dessert. >]

Oct. 7th, 2008


Introducing Brendan.

Brendan is old Irish nobility, and he won't let you forget it! He's not incredibly snobby, but he does have a particular arrogance about him that's likely born of Blood.

Brendan is a world class dancer who is at the top of his age group. He's preparing to defend his championship title in Traditional Irish Dance at the U.S. based World Championships April 2009.

His major, however, is not Dance, it's Strings, and his favourite instrument by far is his beloved fiddle, Violet. He plays a variety of instruments, but she's most often with him, a communicator who speaks his mind far more fluently than Brendan himself ever will.

Thus far I believe he's going to know Brett Armistead and possibly Mira Vanderbilt. He's fresh meat in New York, being a freshman who arrived only a few weeks ago.

Would love to set up some more groundings for him!

Comment at will :)


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