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June 2009


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Jun. 27th, 2009


Game Premise

Lyrerius is a thriving city tucked into a bay on the west coast of North America. You can find everything you need - schools, parks, libraries, churches, hospitals - and it even boasts its own college. There's a small film studio in the downtown district, and tiny shops hold wondrous treasures.

The hustle and bustle of the day is quickly emptied by night. Strange things happen with the sun goes down. Most humans are unaware of what goes on after dark, but know enough to stay off the streets unless there's an emergency.

The other people that live in the city are everything but human. If you move here, odds are you're one of us. We're everywhere - those of us who can go out in the sunlight have human jobs and go to school with human children. We even have an inside partnership with the human mayor of the city. There's an underground connection to every major building in town, and that's what you use if you can't go out during the day.

It's running smoothly, but that won't last for too much longer.

Although the humans currently outnumber us, we're growing in population and can't always hide our powers. This isn't known for being a tolerant city, and many humans openly hate others. If we can just overcome our distrust of each other...

Application Form

Fill this out and post in the comments. All comments are screened. You will be notified via comment if you are accepted or if you need more information.


Your Name: (Player)
Your Date of Birth: (you must be over 18 to play)
Contact Email:
What ideas you want to bring to this game:
AIM contact: (if you do not use AIM, please specify which IM you prefer)

Character Name & Journal:
Type: (original, PB, fandom, etc.)
Age: (in human years)
Physical Appearance:



Once you've been accepted, post your character's profile to the OOC community. Welcome!

Rules Post

Core Rules:

1) Sex will happen. Violence will happen. Be mature about this. Please lock all R-rated posts (and higher) to members only.

2) Post an application to join. You don't have to write an essay, but if you just give one-liners, you're going to be asked for more details. Remember to add a disclaimer on your character's journal if you're taking him or her from a fandom or real person.

3) No flames and no god-modding: if there's a problem, contact one of the mods first.

4) You MUST post a profile of your character for the public to see. We want to know what he or she is like! If you wish to change the profile, you may do so at any time. Characters evolve, and it's great to see development. Every so often, please update your character's journal.

5) Don't be afraid to get creative! We're not based in our reality, so feel free to draw from your favourite fandoms. Remember though, if you suddenly give your character x-ray vision, you have to change your profile - and give an explanation.


Posting format should include the following:




- You may apply for one character per day, up to a maximum of 3 (for now).
- Characters can be original, PB, from fandom, etc - please specify in your application.
- Characters who remain inactive will be warned first, and then deleted. Please make a post in the OOC community if you are going on hiatus, vacation, or what-have-you.