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June 2009


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Jun. 27th, 2009


Elizabeth Matherson

Your Name: Jess
Your Date of Birth: 10 September 1987
Contact Email:
What ideas you want to bring to this game: Anything and everything!
AIM contact: scarydorable

Character Name & Journal: Elizabeth "Red" Matherson [info]infared
Type: Original (
Age: 22
Physical Appearance: 5'8", slim build with red hair and minor freckling. Has curlicue tattoos on the back of her neck spreading down her back.
Personality: Confident, fun-loving and spontaneous, Red loves nothing more than surprising people. She's warm and loving, and very protective of her friends.

Powers: Mild telepathy. Ability to put people to sleep. Also capable of rapid healing, and the power to give/take away years from someone - reverse or speed up the aging process.
Weaknesses: All her powers are limited to physical touch - she can't do anything if her skin is covered, or if she can't physically make contact with someone.
History/Background: Red came from a family of privilege, went to an Ivy League collage...then, when she turned 21, her powers emerged, and she was to undergo massive medical testing and study. She promptly dropped out and "disappeared". She abandoned her old life in favour of a new one, hiding from the spotlight, only wanting to live her life in peace.
Red wants to be a singer, and is currently working under a pseudonym. She's taking some courses at the local college.