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January 4th, 2015

Fiction: Just Like Flying by HogwartsHoney

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Title: Just Like Flying

Author: HogwartsHoney

Summary: Severus has a problem. And a solution. Neither of which turn out quite the way he’s planned.

Word count: 19239

Rating: Coal and Switches (NC17)

Genres: Non-magical AU, slow build, Romance

Warnings/Content: Canon character death, suicidal thoughts, depression, skydiving awesomeness

Notes: Immeasurable thanks over the years to Islandsmoke for the top notch beta work and encouragement. I’ve had this fic on my hard drive for many months now, waiting for the time when it called me to complete it. We’re ready.

Thanks to Lore and everyone at Snupin Santa over the years for making this such a wonderful exchange. I really think we left it on a high note, don’t you?

December 5th, 2011

Story: "Severus Snape: Dark Veela" for countesszero

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Severus Snape: Dark Veela, for countesszero

From: Your Secret Snupin Santa

Summary: Severus Snape is a Dark Veela, and it is his curse.

Rated: Coal and Switches (NC-17)

Warnings: domestic violence

Notes: This fic wraps around canon except that I’ve played down the significance of Severus’ relationship with Lily. Happy Snupin Santa to you, my dear. I hope you enjoy this.

Word Count: 9,448
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