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May 2nd, 2008

Ten Years

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Title:Ten Years
Author(s): [info]gryffindorj & [info]torino10154
Rating: R
Pairing(s): Snape/Harry, Remus/Sirius, Fred/George. But for the record Dean is with Seamus and Neville is with Colin.
Warning(s): Crack! Blow jobs, mild food smut, anal sex, bad puns and clichés.
A/N: Between rewrites and fest reads we remembered it's supposedly ten years since the Battle of Hogwarts. We talked about what Harry would be doing on a day like today. Then realized that was for suckers so we wrote about what everyone should be doing today.

Ten Years )

March 15th, 2008

FIC: Tales From a Tent; Snarry; NC-17

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Title: Tales From a Tent: A Thousand Arabian Nights or Could You Repeat That Please?: Camping Done Right also known as Erecto: How to Get It Up Without Even Trying
Authors: [info]gryffindorj and [info]torino10154
Fandom/Pairing/Prompt: Harry Potter; Harry Potter/Severus Snape; Egypt
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Harry and Snape take a trip to Egypt. Bill shows them the sights. They give him a performance.
Disclaimer: They are not ours. Everything HP belongs to JKR.
Highlight for Warnings: *PWP, anal, Top!Harry, Bottom!Snape, Voyeur!Bill (well, aurally) *
Beta: Thank you to [info]alwaysasnapefan. Any mistakes that remain are our own. Written for [info]ides_of_march

Tales From a Tent . . . )

February 1st, 2008

FIC: Morning Person, Snarry, R

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Title:Morning Person
Authors: [info]gryffindorj & [info]torino10154
Rating: Soft R
Word Count: 750ish
Disclaimer: We do not own them or make any money. JKR owns everything.
A/N: For [info]darkladyvamp's birthday. She wanted Snarry with a happy ending. Harry is not a morning person; Severus wants to change that.

Morning Person )

December 29th, 2007

Snarry Holidays fic: Prey

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Title: Prey
Author: [info]gryffindorj and [info]torino10154
Giftee: [info]swtalmnd
Word Count: 3834
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Severus/Harry
Highlight for Warnings: * Rough sex but not non-con, anal, oral, mild bondage, Harry is 16*
Disclaimer: They belong to JKR.
Summary: AU, PWP-Snape may teach DADA now but he still loves to give Harry detentions with potions.
A/N: [info]swtalmnd didn’t have a specific request but expressed a love of detention fics. Enjoy! Thanks to [info]sweetmelodykiss and [info]harleen for feedback, and Persevero for SPAG. Any mistakes that remain are our own. Link to the [info]snarry_holidays original here.

Prey )

December 17th, 2007

FIC: Quartet for a Sauna, Harry/Severus/Remus/Sirius, NC-17

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Title: Quartet for a Sauna
Authors: [info]gryffindorj and [info]torino10154
Pairing: Harry/Severus/Remus/Sirius (together at last!)
Word Count: 4488ish
Warnings: Foursome: orgasm denial, mild D/s, oral, anal, frottage, drug use
Disclaimer: These characters belong to JKR.
A/N: Written for [info]sweetmelodykiss who requested “Snape, Harry, Remus, Sirius: ORGY -- nough said!” Happy Christmas, dear!
Cross-posted several times, sorry folks.

Quartet for a Sauna )

November 3rd, 2007

FIC: Sunday Morning, Snarry, PG-13

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Title: Sunday Morning
Authors: [info]gryffindorj and [info]torino10154
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2142
Warnings: Smutty innuendo, threat of the misuse of produce
Disclaimer: The characters belong to HRH JKR. We just play with them. Cross posted the usual places. Sorry for the duplication.
Summary: “To market, to market to buy . . .”

Sunday Morning )
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