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User: [info]love_sacrificed (posted by [info]immortalje)
Date: 2013-07-20 22:46
Subject: 33 Craig Owens icons (DW)
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Tags:!art, art: icons, fandom: doctor who, icons: 20in20

Summer has finally arrived, but the last two weeks of awesome weather have robbed me of the will to do much work (making icons included). However, my will to finish these icons was stronger :) If I'm going to claim a minor character at doctorwho20in20, I refuse to just give up! Not to mention that I love how most of the icons turned out :)

Artist: [info]immortalje // [info]love_sacrificed
1. Don't hotlink;
2. Please comment when you take one of them or simply to say you like them or not;
3. Credit? Yes, please do. It's not mandatory BUT very much appreciated;
4. Textless icons are NOT bases.
Credit: Credits for the resources I use to make icons can be found here.



& alias awesome back crown
flipped geometric shape gradient jealous large

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*alias according to TARDIS wiki

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