February 2010


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Feb. 25th, 2010


A New Beginning

Together they’d sat to talk about strategy. It only made sense. They’d found the boats, so they should use them. Now they had to decide who would go with whom. The boats only had two seats, some in good condition and others, well might not make the trip.

Jack and Kate ended up in the same boat, he wanted the broken one, normally she would have agreed, but he was still fresh from his surgery. They argued, but in the end he won. She could never really say no to him.

“I told you,” she chastised as the shark with the Dharma swam closer. The boat had taken in water, their urgency to make it to shore made his scars bleed attracting the shark.

Suddenly, it started attacking the boat, until it crumbled.

Within two minutes, it finned her in the arm, cutting it open, bleeding profusely. The last thing she remembered was Jack hitting it in the nose to deflect it. “Jack, no,” she gurgled as it lunged toward him. She had a knife, she stabbed it hard, the tail flashing back to hit her and knock her out.

She would never know what happened, with Jack and the shark, she would know upon waking that he’d brought her to shore. She lay in the sand, the only signs of life was the movement of her chest as she breathed.