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Apr. 2nd, 2015


Bathroom Graffiti

In the girl's bathroom:

Kaisa has a bun in the oven

Mar. 25th, 2015


Who: Kaisa and Daryn
Where:Daryn's office
When: Sunday
What: Meeting up to talk about powers
Rating: Pg

witty sentence here )

Mar. 10th, 2015


If any of my Healing students would like to earn some extra credit, I've developed a few interesting challenges for those who are up for it.

Feb. 7th, 2015


Who: Kaisa and Silas

Where: Silas's room

When:Valentine's day (Up early because I'm slow with threads XD)

What: A valentine surprise for her boyfriend.

Rating: tbd

They call me the queen of hearts )


Who: Daryn and OPEN
What: Poorly disguised walk of shame
Where: School entrance
When: Sunday, February 8th, early morning
Rating: TBA

A taxi had stopped a block or so away from the entrance to the school and Daryn stepped out after paying the driver. It was the easiest mode of transportation back to the school at this early hour, but she still made sure she was left off alone before going further onto the campus. Luckily, it was very quiet and no one was in sight. Taking a deep breath, she proceeded past the gates. If anyone caught her, she could always say that she was out for a morning run. She did go jogging most mornings, but usually not in a skirt and high-heeled boots. Keeping her fingers crossed, Daryn proceeded quietly toward the staff apartments. Hopefully no one would be up and around just yet. Smoothing back her mussed hair, she kept her eyes on the concrete ahead of her and her mind on the soon-to-be-made cup of coffee in her apartment.

Jan. 31st, 2015


Who: Josie and Vanessa
What: Hanging out, possibly testing limits
Where: Room 203, Josie's Room
When: Saturday, January 31st, evening
Rating: TBA

Josie loved the weekends. Getting to sleep in felt like a luxury here, and having a room to herself allowed her to do whatever she wanted whenever she could. At times she found it lonely, so she solved that problem by inviting others over when ever possible. This evening, she was hoping Vanessa would take her up on the offer for a girls night. Movies and reality TV, manis, gossip, junk food, what girl wouldn't love that? And if things happened to get a little more personal, well, Josie was always up for that too.

Her door open as a welcome, Josie sat on the floor, bare legs stretched out in front of her as she contemplated what nail polish color to use on her toes. She didn't have that many options to choose from, but she still hadn't committed to one yet. Story of her life.

Jan. 29th, 2015


Who: Silas, Sim, and OPEN
What: Cuddlefest 2015
Where: Room 202, Silas and Simeon's Room
When: Tuesday, January 27th, morning
Rating: PG 13-R for language

When there was reason, Sim was all too happy to get out of bed in the morning, and today had a good reason. Despite Silas' probably wishes, they were going to have a party. Well, it was kind of a party. A bunch of them were going to get together on Silas' bed and steal his body heat and cuddle under his blanket and enjoy a good time. Of course they wouldn't all fit on one bed, so Sim was busy pushing the three beds into the center of the room. One was his bed, with his perfect comforter and four pillows, one was bare because no one slept there yet, and one was occupied by the unwilling co-host, Silas. Sim was going about business as though Silas wasn't a lump beneath the covers.

"It's gonna be fun," he promised his roomie, fluffing out his blanket and then tossing a sheet over the mattress of the empty bed. "Your girlfriend is coming, so that'll be nice. And you don't even have to be awake. Just be warm and sleep right through. Look, I even put on pajama pants for you!" Sim gave a little twirl, showing off the cozy flannel bottoms that he'd pilfered from Wesley just the week before. "So my sexy legs don't accidentally touch you and make you realize how bad you want me."

Jan. 25th, 2015



Written in the girl's bathroom:

Josie Renard is a lesbian!


Waiting for Daryn on her desk early morning )

Jan. 9th, 2015


Bathroom Graffiti

Written in the boy's bathroom:


Jan. 7th, 2015


Beginning Again

Who: Daryn and Tina
What: Back to work
Where: Her classroom
When: Thursday, January 8th, after Healing class
Rating: Low-ish

While most of the students were unhappy that their winter break was over, Daryn was all too happy to get back to work. She didn't do well with unstructured time and there had been entirely too much of that lately. Combined with the holiday, she'd ended up being quite unhappy with herself and her choices over the last few weeks. Thankfully, it was a new year, and a new term and the perfect opportunity to start fresh and clean. She was finding that she enjoyed teaching more than she had expected, even when her students looked as though they would rather be anywhere else on earth. Occasionally something she would say or do sparked an interest, however brief and that was all she could ask for. Lingering in her classroom for a bit after dismissing for lunch, she prefered this atmosphere to the solitary confinement of her office. So she was in no rush to go unless she was about to be kicked out.

Dec. 22nd, 2014


Holiday Party - Staff

Who: EVERYONE [on the staff]
What: The staff holiday party
Where: Staff apartments basement/social room
When: Starting 8pm Christmas eve
Rating: Any/all
Status: ongoing

In the basement of the staff apartments, a place used mostly for storage and solitude, a single table with refreshments and drink had been decorated and well lit to act as centerpiece for the party. The rest of the room, although comfortable, lacked the grandiose cheer that the students had in the cafeteria. And with good reason, too; The students needed something grand because they were trapped in L'academie, so they had to feel special. The party for the staff was simply an excuse to celebrate another year of success and to drink themselves silly.


Holiday Party - Students

What: The student holiday party
Where: The cafeteria
When: Starting 6pm on Christmas Eve
Rating: Please keep it PG 13 max (swearing allowed)
Status: Ongoing

The students had taken over the cafeteria. Instead of the usual dinner serving, there was a buffet of food, snacks and desserts for the students to choose from, ranging from everyday fare to traditional meals from every holiday and corner of the globe. The Pandora holiday station was playing gently in the background to add an ambiance, and even the harsh florescent lighting seemed to have a softer glow when added to the planters of faerie lights and stark white branches lining the walls and the hallway outside. The room was decked in hues of rich reds, shimmery golds and twinkling white. Although the tables were pushed to the corners to allow a dance area, it wasn't much a mood for dancing. Students mingled and milled about, sipping cider and eggnog and hot chocolate and feeling the general good cheer of the evening.

Dec. 19th, 2014


Secret Santa Delivery

Anonymous delivery for Brad )


Secret Santa Delivery

Tiger's Secret Santa Delivery!

Waiting on his desk with a note attached: Just a few supplies for the aspiring cake artist. Happy Holidays.

Dec. 18th, 2014


Bathroom Graffiti

In the girl's bathroom:

I don't know if I'm sorry, but I feel like an asshole.

Dec. 9th, 2014


Who: Kaisa and Silas
Where: Kaisa's room
When: Monday Dec 8, afternoon
What: Birthday!!
Rating: tbd
Happy Birthday to me! )

Dec. 8th, 2014


Who: Wes and Simmikins
Where: Sim's room
When; Evening on the day Sim smexted him. Sorta.
What: First room-date!
Rating: TBD

Wesley had a feeling Kaisa hadn't been asking for her own interests when she'd pushed Wes to answer whether he liked Sim or not - now he had his answer for sure. The fact Sim liked him enough in return to ask him out on a date, however small the date was, was enough to give Wesley butterflies, dragonflies, and all else inbetween. He might have messed up being silly with Sim but he hoped he hadn't ruined the mood. Certainly hadn't ruined his, coughing nervously as he stepped towrds Sim's room.

This was a proper date, like, it might have been in a bedroom but it was his first. Excitement was almost at bursting point as he arrived at the door, rap-tap-tapping with his usual brightness and trying not to hyperventilate. "Be cool, be cool," he murmured to himself, "It's only Sim, cute little Simmy..."

And he promptly hid the pathetic little posey of flowers behind his back.

Dec. 5th, 2014


Friday, December 5th

Who: Tina and Daryn
What: Daryn is "kidnapped" for birthday shenanigans
Where: First her office, the elsewhere
When: Friday afternoon
Rating: TBD (probably low)

When Daryn had said "this weekend", she had probably meant Saturday night, maybe late enough to make it into very early Sunday morning. Surely she didn't mean starting Friday afternoon, shortly after 3pm. But then she should have been more specific. She would learn, in her time with Tina, that unless great detail was given, he was prone to take things under his own interpretation. And even if specifics were given to an excruciating degree, Tina had a way of coloring things to his own liking regardless.

He didn't knock on Daryn's office door. What kind of kidnapper did that? Instead, he let himself in and calmly made his way over to her desk, peering rudely over her shoulder to see what she was doing. "Ugh, God, that looks boring," he bemoaned. "It's a good thing you're all finished with it." Scooping his hand beneath the edge of the notebook, he flipped it closed, trapping her pen (and her hand) between the pages. "You're being kidnapped," he informed her cordially, as he crouched down to her lever, wedged an arm between Daryn and her chair and, in a quick and smooth and terribly invasive move, scooped her up onto his shoulder and stood upright, the poor woman hanging bent over his shoulder like a sack of flour.

Dec. 3rd, 2014


Wednesday December 3rd

Who: Dante and OPEN
What: Dante is getting in the Christmas spirit with some crime
Where: The English wing
When: Midday
Rating: TBD

The holidays were always really depressing, but this year just seemed ten times worse. This was, for most people, their final year at the school. But Dante had a feeling that he and Nora would be sticking around for a while. Sure it was his own fault, but that didn't make it suck any less. Life here was so goddamn boring. But that English teacher, the oldish one, he'd sparked some inspiration in Dante. Decking the halls was pretty gay, but there was something satisfying about chopping down a living tree and putting it up inside, like a sacrifice to the pagan gods. And then like you were mocking it, you put beads and lights and shit on it. Pretty great stuff.

So since the school seemed to have a desire to decorate this year, Dante was doing his part. He'd snuck out while everyone else was in class, broke open the fence into the shifting forest, and hacked down the biggest evergreen tree he could manage to drag back to the school. Of course, dragging it over grass had been easy enough. Getting it up the front steps was another challenge. "Move, fucker!" Dante screamed at the thing, clutching tight to the trunk as he made slow, exhausting progress, step by step.

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