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August 27th, 2008

First Arrivals

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Who: Phillip, Susan, Ha-Neul, Sebastian, Quinn and Lloyd.
Where: Throughout the house.
When: Late afternoon.

Anybody home? )

August 1, 2008 (Day One)

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August 1, 2008 (Day One)

Weather: Partly cloudy, high of 70 Fahrenheit. Scattered showers expected tonight.

Events: Tonight is the night of Lockwood's Inaugural Party! Welcome to the manor's first guests. Guests will be arriving separately, in private limos, which will drop them off in the driveway and then depart. The drive took at least three hours from Vancouver, longer if the guest was coming from other locations, and all guests will have been mildly drugged to fall asleep during the trip.

The house is neat and clean for guest arrival, lawns perfectly watered and trimmed, kitchens stocked with food. While the kitchen will remain stocked with fresh food arriving mysteriously every few days, the house and grounds will not be maintained after guest arrival. There are a few half-hearted decorations set up for the party in the great hall--purple, blue and silver helium balloons and streamers.

Each guest will find a welcome envelope on the table in the great hall, containing a diagram of the house, their room key and a brief welcome letter.

Guests: Today's new arrivals are Phillip Broughton [info]phillip_bringit, Sebastian O'Reily[info]sebastian_o, Ha-Neul Moon[info]moon_haneul, Quinn Idle[info]jbait_idle, Susan McNeil [info]susan_200_plus and Lloyd Alexander[info]the_wineman.
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