Sunday, April 13th, 2008

Last week's LJ posts and this week's prompt

We had one fic posted to our LJ comm and one prompt-inspired fic posted to the Bujold_fic comm on LJ this week:

Title: Snowbound Boy
Author: [info]quietann
Rating/Warnings: PG, read between the lines
Characters: Gregor (Vorkosigan saga)
Prompt: snowstorm

Title: Bothari
Author: [info]digiella
Character: Miles Vorkosigan
Rating: None
Prompt: hearts

This week's prompt is a poem suggested by [info]wombathouse:

For A Woman Who Doubted the Power of Love

Didn't I say the sun would cross the sky
Like a burning stone
And, like a burnt stone, fall in the evening
To light the pathway
Of the huge red stone of the moon rising
For our eyes only?
Didn't I say the moon would fade and leave us
Pale as our faces
Here at the end of night as we lie together
Under the drifting snow?
Didn't I say all snow would turn to water,
Each drop a flower,
That the sun would rise as molten as always
In time with birdsong
By the light of our moving arms in the morning?
My love, listen and learn
Once more how I did all this by the power
Of your heart and my heart.
How could the sky and these falling star-lit leaves
Catch fire without us?

--David Wagoner

Fics of all length are welcome, as are art and icons. And if you don't find this prompt inspirational, past prompts are always available for inspiration as well.

Happy creating!
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