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Mood: oh so proud of myself oh so proud of myself
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...ONE voice can change a life...

Mood: good good
my life? Um...yeah...

So yeah. Last week was pretty hard for me. I cut and I'm mad at myself for doing so. Bad Jessika! UGh. But I feel much better this week. YaY! But now everyone else's week is all bad. I'm beg. to worry about my friends. They are all not themselves. I'd rather take all their pain and only me have it, then have them have to deal w/ it. But...con't do that. -sigh- SaDNesS oWns my life(but not me) all week.

Mood: indescribable indescribable
Music/Sounds: Story of the year~ "Until the day I die"
Sorry for the death...

Ya know I should change the name of this asylum to 'Dying Life'. LOL! Sorry for the slow death of this asylum...

Mood: amused amused
Music/Sounds: System of A Down - Psycho

Hey...this asylum is getting kinda I'll update it...Hey. Well, life has been kinda hard last week and this week as well...but it's begining to get's your lives going???

Mood: content content
Music/Sounds: Cold~ "Stupid Girl"

Hi, name's jess. Haha, I can't wait till I can go back to school tomarrow. I hate being here where all my parents do are yell and ask where my scars came from. I want to scream, " It was because of you and your damn way of thinking you control my inner being. Sorry bitches that wont happen!" but i cant or i would get kicked out and have no where to go

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Music/Sounds: Story of the Year - Swallow the Knife

eL yAY!   iM aN aSyLuM MeMbEr Yey!!!! i JuSt wAnTed 2 Be rEtaRdED tODaY.    




 .....bYe ByE.....

Mood: PSYKO!!!@#$@#!@#$$ PSYKO!!!@#$@#!@#$$
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Days suck...nights are awesome

My dad's been acting like such a fuckin' ass lately. Now he's saying that Logan is calling my house "religiously". Since he calls almost the same time almost everyday(ALMOST!), my dad is getting all pissed saying that he's tired of his phone ringing everyday. And then he says that after about 4 hours of talking on the phone, I go on the internet and talk to people too which so it's true, most of the time when I go online, I don't talk to anyone-I just check my mail and look up stuff and update my journal. He's like a fucking nagging woman to me. He acts like such a bitch. This whole week, he's been complaining to me about some stupid shit. But the wierd thing is, that this whole week I've been in a "good" mood(at home). My school life sucks but my home life is even worse, but I feel this good feeling still, maybe cuz I know that the next day is another school day that I can see my freinds and Logan. Fuck people...........people can kiss my @$$!

Wow, I've been typing a lot....I'ma go now...........bye.

Mood: pessimistic pessimistic
Music/Sounds: none...too much in a "grrr..." mood

I see that there really isn't much activity in this think I'll just ........say hi and........bye.

Mood: hyper hyper
Music/Sounds: SlipKnot - Gentle
I'm sick......*cough*

With my luck, I just had to get sick. FCAT testing is in 1 week...grrr....I hate this shit.

Mood: sick.....*cough* sick.....*cough*
Music/Sounds: LostProphets - Last Train Home
How do you feel...

What do you feel about the saying "Hate the sin but love the sinner"? I was just thinking about it. You don't have to comment on it, just think about it.

Mood: ...i wonder........ ...i wonder........
My weekend...

For these past couple of days, I've been feeling really lonely. I've just been lost in my own fantasy world in my head. It's getting hard for me to realize the things and people around me. Most of the time I don't feel as if I'm here. It's like I have a severe daydreaming  problem. And no I don't have ADD or ADHD or anything of the sort. I feel alone and lonely. I wanna hug...
Bye fer now till the dusk comes...

Mood: distressed distressed
Music/Sounds: none...

I'm sick!
Though things are going well.
I'm finally talking to joey after not talking to him for a few days.
Other than being sick...not much else is up.
Well, guess thats it!


P.S. Welcome to the Aslyum liberty_belle!

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The Right Honorable Baroness of All Cosmos™ → ♊ [userpic]
My life . . .

Well, my life was going nicely until last Friday. I then got fired because some idiot decided to steal $600 worth of merchandise from the store.

That Saturday, I got rejected by the guy I had feelings for.

Sunday, my cousin went and complained to my boss.

Monday, my aunt went and complained to my boss.

Thursday, my other cousin went and complained to my boss.

Today my friend got a new car and rubbed it in my face.

My life really sucks right now.

Mood: bitchy bitchy I see it

Mostly it sucks.
If it weren't for friends and select family members, I'd have already killed my self.
The way I see it, you live, you try to have the life you desire, you either fail miserbly, or come close. Rarely do you ever get what you REALLY want.
Then you die.
Thats that.

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My first asylum...

This asylum was made so anyone who wants to can express how they feel about life and any problem they would like to share.
Personally, I hate life. Life is....blah. The only the only thing that makes my life worth living is my friends and my boyfriend, Logan.
 the person above is my best friend and  just awesome.
Well anyways, just tell me how you guys like my first asylum and how I could improve it-I'm always open for
Bye fer now

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