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Sep. 1st, 2010


Hiatus, vacation.... etc

Sunday our house guest leaves so my stress is cut more than in half. My husband was forced to take all of his vacation days at one time – or at least part of it. He’s chosen to take it in September feeling this would be a great time to distress. We will be doing a great deal throughout September. Pretend I’m hiatus just in case but I don’t see any problems with my tagging. So if you are in a tag with me now and want it finished before I go there is plenty of time. As it gets closer in the week, my time will be shorter but I’m in town.

From 7-12: we have an overnight trip, then a night at home then three days camping. Those three days should be the most we're away, but he just surprised me with this vintage camper, so I know there are a few weekends of fishing left before it gets to cold.

I’ll do my best to be as posty as I can be. I’ll be more active after the 12. Remember I’ll me in town, but will be fishing and stuff so if you don’t hear from for a day (after the 12) I should be on the next.



May. 13th, 2010


Just a brief message to say ...

... Welcome back Emma and Dan! I don't think I ever officially announced that I'm glad ya'll are back. ;D

Okay, so I'm not entirely sure that our Locke is the same person because I haven't actually verified it with anyone and I couldn't find the e-mail where T made a reference to our returned players, but the icon and the name's the same, so I'm kinda hoping I'm right.

Super excited to have the entire group back again! Take care everyone. <3

May. 9th, 2010


Didn't Mean to Go MIA

Hey all,

I didn't mean to drop off the map. A friend of mine, I don't know her that well, it's fairly early in our friendship; she lives about an hour away - at the ski resort. Well she had to have surgery Thursday, and part of the surgery was that she stay in town, in case she had to go to emergency the night of her surgery. I mean it makes sense in away. There isn't a hospital at the ski resort.

She was suppose to stay Thursday night. She's had a rough time, and is still here. I'll catch up be back online this week, just not sure what is going on. If I'm in a thread with you, just write around me until I can get back.

I apologize if this put anyone out - I would have said something on Thursday if I'd known this was going to happen.



Apr. 23rd, 2010




Lost in Time [Lit] is a lost centric universe.

Listed alphabetically by category

LIT is a drama free community! ( the-end-period-dot-com)

You can’t have a community without problems, things happen. I have, as do you enough stress in my life. The black smoke monster will eat characters/players causing drama.

The following tags are for the FAQ. Questions are always welcome. Feel free to email the moderator at the following email address.

FAQ's will be continually added. The last tag is a questions option for players.

All thread tags will be are open for your comments.

After everyone has a chance to respond, I'll make any necessary changes, additions, deletions or clarifications. Then I will disable the questions on every tag but the questions tag. If you have any suggestions please tag in the appropriate tag. (I will delete them and close all but the last tag labeled questions. I am not in the best of shape right now, I'm not sure how clear my answers are. I went back through and answered every questioned raised in the OOC. Unfortunately I did not keep the great conversation Miko and I had when the game was starting. Those are not here. Miko if you remember any of them please let me know.

Please read everything. The once a month posting rule goes into affect May 1, 2010. However because of Miko's work schedule, Jess' school, - things we talked about a long time ago, I will not physically check until July 1, giving everyone a month and a half.




Hiatus Status

You may ask for a hiatus at any time. They will not be granted, except in extreme emergencies until after you have been active in the community. I am will make those decisions. I’ll try to be as fair as possible. If it’s for the weekend or a week, you don’t have to put anything up in the OOC – just let your writing partner know. You do not have to request a hiatus if you are planning on being gone less than a month. If something happens and you can’t get back then email me, with good reason they can be extended. I have a chronic illness I understand, and I have certainly had the support of my moderators.



I am going to send out an email to everyone to check the OOC.

My assumption was the community would go a bit faster. Now that is my responsibility as moderator, but truly from the player side, I don't want too many Kate posts in a row, I don't want her tagging in on every thread, she'll tag in on some, but right now she'll only tag in on the ones you ask for her to tag.

I'm not sure if there is a problem, if it's the premise, the moderator, if people are too busy or are in too many games or what.

I'm going to it some more time until schedules ease up before I make any decisions.

If this isn't your thing, then please resign from the community. I did double-check with everyone before I started the community, and rechecked with some people who'd said they weren't sure, or had resigned. Emma was the only one who felt she couldn't handle the time committment.

Everyone is busy, I get that and that doesn't concern me, I just want to make sure it isn't me.

If for you as a player it's a time thing, or your muse is cranky right now, I get that.

There are some threads out there with only one comment, tags can be slow as well, but please try to tag a bit faster.

In June, if the community is still slower than a snail, then I'll be forced to recast some players.

We still are in need of a Jack. I haven't found one that meets our over all standards who is willing to join the community. Our Jack should be agreeable to ship with Kate or Juliet. Doesn't mean it will happen, but it is part of cannon.

Please respond and let me know if at this stage your planning to stay, or if you've left and just haven't told me. If this is real-life issue problem and you want to stay, I'm cool with that.

Some members haven't posted in the community at all. At this point and time Marissa is recovering from surgery, so she can't.

I've spent a lot of time on this community. I have to do a Q&A which I am working on at this time. Then in terms of background information we should be all set.

There will be a new challenge journal up in a few days. Note: Every member is required to participate in the second challenge journal, all others are optional. If you have questions feel free to email or IM me.

Everything has been up long enough and I've sent out emails about reading the OOC and keeping up. So now I'm going to ask that everyone respond with a I read it tag.

If you have read everything and don't understand, then I'll answer questions. I don't mean to sound rude, but in every community the moderators require me to read all of the information and I do. Plenty of time has passed for current members to have had to time to understand and or read the posts, which should help clarify.

I can get a bit technical with my backgrounds, but the time for my explaining the concept has past, except for new members.

I will tell you that will my doctor quitting her practice, I have been unable to have my medications. You can imagine how my body is reacting. My mood swings are all over the place, controlling my emotions have been difficult. I've been to the hospital and may have to go again. So if this comes across has harsh I apologize.

I appreciate the time and trouble everyone has put into the community.

Thank you,


Apr. 7th, 2010



Wow - and I'm posting some spoiler theories.

This episode changes a lot of things I was thinking. Makes be sad for the season to leave.

Let me remind you - and I haven't done it - about the journal challenge. I hope to get caught in here.

I am going to post that Kate goes around to everyone- and then has a meeting so everyone can introduce themselves. Pretend everyone is alive for example we don't have a Boone, but you might describe who could look like Boone. I hope mine will make sense.

I can think easier - so I can do comments- have only been able to hand small replies so far.

The writing is so beautiful - thank you.

Apr. 1st, 2010


My apologies

I owe tags, and I apologize. I woke up sick Monday morning - unable to walk or keep anything down.

It's a stupid inner problem that's had be throwing up for two and a half days. If I move, I get sick, if I stay still I'm fine. At least the inner ear is what the hospital Doc said - spent 12 hours in emergency - four just waiting. This is nothing serious - just bothersome.

It's so hard to keep your head still when you're tagging.

Sorry if this doesn't make sense - just trying to get it up fast. My trip is canceled, so I'll be around to tag and stuff, as long as I can keep from getting sick.

Happy Easter, y'all.



Mar. 30th, 2010


Finally here

Sorry guys, it took me forever to get over here and actually post. I just posted Sawyer to Miles' thread and I'll do something with Sayid later tonight or tomorrow. I'm so excited for this game!!! <33

And oh! I'm still working on my friend to join as Jack! She is getting very close to joining as she finally joined another game I'm in with Jack and is seeing how she does there.

Mar. 17th, 2010


That is all.

Mar. 11th, 2010


The system is down...

Hey party people,

I'm here as messenger for our shared acquaintance Jess, whose computer has gone on the fritz. As I'm sure we all know, budgets don't always allow for computers to just go crazy whensoever they feel like it, so things may be shaky on Jess' end for a little bit while this is all worked out.

On my own behalf, as some of you know, I recently got a new job which is some crazy PST hours and it's taking some getting used to on my end, finally having a job that I have to go to every day for long hours... so that's why there hasn't been a peep from my end so far. When things are more settled, I promise I have no abandoned y'alls. It's just some adjusting.

Thanks ever as always for your patience,

From the offices of Jess & Miko

Or just Miko.

On Jess' behalf.

Mar. 10th, 2010


Up for Plottage

Kate and Juliet's thread seems over at this point, so both are up for your including in your plots, if you want. Even if it isn't (the thread over) they can work in other threads.

Excellent start, I'd think.

Can't wait until more of you jump on board.

I've put out notice for a Jack. Stephy is still working on one - but in this case time doesn't seem like a good thing.

Mar. 4th, 2010


Help ...

Everyone always asks how they can help. One of the best ways you can help me, is when you bring in a new person, and I tell you I've added you - if you could check (at your leisure) both profiles, for the IC and OOC - and the cast list link.

You should also be added to the tag lists.

I love y'all!

Mar. 3rd, 2010


Episode Question from Last night

Question )

Feb. 28th, 2010



Please reply below to add resources for icons!

These will show under the resource link on the resource page.

Please check those resources out, if you have ones to add click on the link corresponding with the resource, and reply.

Using this method will always have options for new and older members.

Feb. 26th, 2010


LOST Spoilers/ Plot Speculation

Danger, Danger Jack Shepherd Will Robinson

This is a Spoiler Zone.

Please title the Subject as Spoiler or Speculation and or Speculation/Spoiler.

Enter at Your Own Risk )

Feb. 25th, 2010


Time and Time Again Clarifications

(Hint Does History Really Repeat Itself - Do Alternate Universes Exist, etc.)

Plot Updat:

In my trying to not confuse people I think I’m making it worse.

The only possible person who would be on the island is Jacob.

In the series there are two realities right now a side-ways and current.

Everyone has their childhood memories until they come to the island. Charlotte would remember her time off the island. Richard – he’s a hole as is Jacob.

John isn’t the smoke at this point, doesn’t mean he won’t be.

When the plane crashes their memories are scrambled. It’s the island what can I say. If you want to keep up the sideways universe – do in dreams and yes you can have other people in the dreams.

Once on the island, they will all have a sense of déjà vu; that they’ve been there before.

A plot option down the line might be that they have a choice which life to lead, and maybe not.

Your flash backs can include time off the island (which again would be dreams) that would help your memory along, hint; the person Initiating the dream would be the only one in the thread to remember and tell the others that will spark their memories. If Kate remembers finding the pilot and she shares that with Jack, he’s be like yeah that seems right but I don’t remember it. Yet the more the thinks about it the more he’ll say yeah it did happen.

For now the characters can only live their side-ways lives in their dreams and yes there will be threads, the other people may chose to remember parts of it or not.
I am not meaning to confuse or frustrate anyone. In the beginning we can’t have too many realities for all the characters at the same time. LOST started out with a plane crash, there were so many things we didn’t know.

Right now, as frustrating as it may be for you, I don’t want you to know everything. I have several plots in mind, but the actions of the characters may take change the direction of some arcs and the order.

You remember who you were and your life before the island. When you get to the island you’re relearning, knowing you know thing and having to find them out on your own.

Again in your reality your side-ways life can exist or not. If it does right now, it’s in a dream state, and you thread that like any other.

As far as we know this is a magical island, keep that in mind. (It mind not be.)

I’ll post Kate as soon as I can and hopefully that will help things.

Feb. 24th, 2010


Group Common Truths

This is the post where the cliques post suggested common truths. We use these to unit each group from the beginning.

I will reply to this comment several times to start threads, so there is an order and ongoing log of what everyone remembers, which will help new members. You can give suggestions to any group, but pay particular attention to the memories of your clique, as those affect you. I do reserve the right to say no, but as always, I think it should be a group consensus.


Plot Information

Do we determine our own destiny? Is there any truth to the idea of destiny? Is it destiny or determinism? We all know our choices create consequences, but in those choices are we following down the path to our destiny?

That to me are the questions LOST is posing in the final season, and I’d like for those questions to be things you consider as we start this community. My biggest problem in starting the community (other than my personal ones) has been how to reconcile the deaths of characters some of you want to play and give us something fresh.

We are starting at the beginning of this season.

No one is one the island – but it is not underwater.
Edited: It was easier to say everyone was on the plane. Of course Richard, Jacob and the Smoke Monster would be there.

Everyone had a reason to be in Sydney, everyone is on the plane. You know your characters’ arc, so you’ll have to create a reason for them to be on the plane. They all crash, again. (If you remember from Peter Pan, the author says it’s happened before it will happen again.)

To keep the peace and sanity, there must be some common truths. In the show there were common cliques. Those people will have shared major memories. The original Oceanic group will remember the first crash. The others will remember burying their members. If Richard and Jacob came to visit you, you’ll recognize them. As groups you can get together and choose other common memories, as each clique needs more than one memory in which to bond them.

The entire team will have to work together, but your initial responses to the characters should be the first thing you remember. Kate instinctually did not trust Juliet for a number of reasons; once again she won’t trust her.

There are no current ships. You and another player can plan to make that happen, if you wish to by orchestrating within your character arcs, or let things happen naturally. Until we have a Jack he is in a coma, with Juliet taking care of him.

There may be things (personal) that your character chooses never to remember. They will all know the huge plot points that happened in the story; those your character will remember as the story unfolds. Not all at once.

It seems to me (after many discussions with Ginni) that this final season is an “its A Wonderful Life,” storyline, that without the island the world will implode. How we affect others and the hole that is caused when we aren’t there.

All of this has taken a great deal of thought and I hope this helps. I have made changes, but those were to keep players happy and hopefully resolve any confusion. I do not want to see this as a replay of the show; there are plenty of communities doing that.

Our muses will determine how our storyline continues.

As for individual memories: Jack and Kate’s engagement they both should remember they were romantically close or neither of them. Shannon and Boone would they remember they were siblings? Pairs should work that out. Major items like that the characters could some inkling of the incident, if it is in their memories.

If you have a dream or flash backward that helps you to remember make sure the other people in the thread which means I can’t put up a comment about remembering the engagement without making sure it’s okay with Jack.

I hope this is clearer.


Ya'll are way too much fun to talk to, you know that?

I have to go. So shh! Stop tempting me to stay. I could bat comments back and forth with you lovely ladies foreva.

BBL! <3 You two continue to have fun without me - but not too much fun. Behave!

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