Aug. 4th, 2019


Del Rio- Lucky- Pooch/Jolene, gen

title: Lucky
author: lisa roquin
fandom: The Losers
series: Del Rio, set a 2-3 weeks after Could Have Been Him and Strictly Medicinal
prompt: fluff bingo -snuggling in bed
characters/pairings: Linwood “Pooch” Porteous/Jolene Porteous, Jacob Carlos “JC” Porteous,
disclaimer: not mine, no money made, just having fun
summary: Pooch knows just how lucky he is
wordcount: 1900-ish

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Sep. 3rd, 2017


anyone up to reading a novel? ~sighs~ 68k no frigging clue what the hell for warnings and honestly don’t have the brain for figuring warnings.

Pain levels high, brain levels in negative today and trying to get schedules sorted for the next two weeks, thought take break and run right into…yeah, wtf do I do w/ this.

Losers fandom, Cougar/Jake, start of urban fantasy AU series, with mangled barely recognizable hints Arthurian legend thrown in

Sep. 1st, 2017



x-posting this to dreamwidth as well

Haven't seen any fandom-related charity auctions for Harvey yet. personally am not going to be able to do anything for a while yet--so going to do what I can. which yeah is this for the moment. Disasters last longer than news coverage so will see what I can do later on

First come, first serve. I'll go by comment timestamp if on IJ or DW difference. I'm stupid enough to do this on the honor system, because yeah no I don't want any identifying info that would be on any kind of receipt. You're a fucking douche if you lie about it. And yes, majority is stuff that is sitting here anyway but it's what I got. (Be posted on IJ com and eventually mirrored on the DW backup)

Fics are all claimed for this round.
These are all "buy now" 10 dollar donation- your choice of relief group. (regardless of religious or political preferences--Samaritan's Purse seems to have the most actual use of money for releif rather than 'oversight and administration') If anyone has links for East Texas Gulf Coast charities, I'll put em up here too.

1. Unsolved Crime Task Force Episode 5 (NCIS/Criminal Minds/Numb3rs 11.7k words)

2. Stargate Second Time Around #4 Fleinhardt's fabulous daycare mentor group (Stargate-centric Multicross. 8600 words)

3. Security Issues #3: Data Breach (MCU/Losers Tony Stark/Cougar Alvarez 16.5k)

(The above are complete, and were ready or almost ready to be posted before I said fuck it, I need a break and declared hiatus. So pretty much instant gratification on those.)

15 dollar donation

1. Dirty Magic Verse Book #1: The Dragon and The Star- Losers Urban fantasy AU, past Roque/Cougar, Cougar/Jake (same verse Fire of Judgment part 1, part 2 is set in) this is incomplete at almost 70k but getting close to being wrapped up as book 1. Finish/post this. post section every other(every third day)/finish. should all be up within a two weeks *knock on wood* life is batshit here. It *will* have a somewhat cliffhangery end because this arc is...monstersized and if not for harvey this probably wouldn't see light of day for another year, but Book 1 of this is close enough to done to offer up.

20 dollar donation
Since all the above would (will) be posted eventually though other than this offer is not likely to see anything posted til around first of year. I will offer *ONE* new fic--which might take a bit. Minimum 5k (this is me 5k is a given) fic. **not in any existing verse** so yes, read that again. No, request of April/Jax/Angel in Lost Son is not on the table.

Fandoms: er...hmph. If it's a fandom I've dabbled in within say the last 3-4 years or preferably crime procedural/something with adult characters I can track down on Netflix if I'm not familiar (I'm vetoing Agents of Shield and Iron Fist right out of the gate...Agents of Shield lost me a while back and Iron Fist I couldn't sit through 15min of first ep. Nope)

I'll guarantee *something* posted by October 1 (at least first chapter if something bites and runs away length wise). Life And I got way too much on my plate otherwise to be able to guarantee more than that.

Donation resources

Texas Diaper Bank- infant and adult diapers

Undies for Everyone--takes cash/new in package underwear, info in comment here

Go Fund Me Page for house repairs due to flood damage. Gwionfawyr (who is in TX & listens to me bitch fairly regularly) gave me the link and knows the lady whose house was damaged, mother of one of her friends.

Jul. 24th, 2017



I'm stepping back, I'll get around to posting shit when I damn well get around to it.

Had one particular asshole in my email this morning. Yeah no, I don't have the energy or the inclination to deal with demands of when and where I will post and what I should write. Evidently since I dared participate on Rough Trade I'm once again entertaining such assholery--news flash, I'm not.

I'll be back probably in 3-4 mo, maybe 2018, but yeah fuck it. And fuck anyone who thinks I should allow my goddamn relaxation to be nothing more than a headache and catering to some asshole I've never even laid eyes on. I don't have the energy or the patience for that shit. And that just fuck that shit. This is my fun, my relaxation, and my goddamn sanity. Fuck anyone who doesn't like it, but I'm not letting anyone ruin my fucking fun.

I got too damn much stress, assholes are not turning my relaxation into stress so Haitus. And if you don't like it? Fuck you.

Mar. 16th, 2017


For members still having trouble since IJ was restored

Evidently this is some glitch in bringing things back to life after the hardware failure IJ experienced. Fix seems to be

Leave the community--> link to do so is here

Rejoin the community-- link to do so is here.

As always, this takes as long as it takes for me to have a chance to deal with my notifications. so anywhere from a few minutes to a day.

Jan. 16th, 2011


Here's the deal.

The comm is now locked. Please join then comment to be added.

If I have trouble again, members I don't recognize easily will be booted and no new members accepted. At this point, am assuming you go through the bull to be able to read, you just want to read and not cause me more of a headache.

I hate this. I really truly hate this.

I hate taking down the pdfs and kind of kicking sine, chigani, DennSedai, Nephir, FallingfromLight, gwionfawyr and wolfenverde for their amazing help in making the pdfs. I'm furious on their behalfs for the time they put into the making of the pdfs. Actually, for myself I'm just sick and tired of it all, for their work I'm fucking pissed as hell.

The mirroring problem, was all entirely fic that was already available as pdfs on mediafire, and it was all from one particular direction. I don't know who it was, but it was a particular fandom-heavy and three times in a single week was the last straw This has happened before occcasionally, usually a single fic or two mirrored somewhere, complain it gets taken down, never quite know who did it. Three times in one week? I'm done with it.

I hate making ridiculous hoops. Because yes, you now have to have an IJ to read my fic. Free, simple enough to set up, use, no different than a LJ or DW but all the same, another layer of hassle and bullshit for everyone all around. I don't like it. Unfortunately not liking it doesn't come into this as a factor. I *really* do hate this, some of the most regular commentors around here don't have IJ's, some of the most amazing comments I've gotten have been anon. I hate making people jump through another hoop.

Hating this isn't stopping me from making these hoops, and possibly taking further steps in the future. This is my relaxation, my chance to grab a little sanity. This is one direction I don't have to put up with a bit more of stress than I care to. I have enough stress in my life thank you. I don't need it from this quarter.

ETA: since there's been some confusion new/different platform, you need to join the comm to get access, link is on the info page

Jan. 15th, 2011


I have found uploads of my fic pdf'd for the last time, stuff I've uploaded, mirrored all over fuck. IT's down. it's staying down. And I'm about five seconds from deleting my goddamn fic journal sick of bullshit.