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[09 Jan 2018|09:44pm]

GREETINGS this is daewon moon. he's 23 years old and originally from incheon but moved to seoul with his family when he was a teenager. he's pretty much a full blown nerd in the sense that he loves brain teasers, puzzles, and anything that kinda stumps him (that includes people he can't figure out which makes for some interesting relationships and stories down the line). currently he works at a bank which sounds boring af and he would agree that it can be but he finds it pretty simple and likes the good hours and pretty awesome pay. he also plays a slew of instruments and is bass/backing vocals for a mostly cover band that plays at a lot of foreigner/ex-pat bars.

personality wise, he overthinks and ponders things a lot. he likes to think about possible scenarios before he acts. but he's not calculating or cold; he's actually extremely sensitive (like cries at movies and gets visibly upset at the sight of stray animals sensitive), but the way he approaches people and some social situations can be a little clumsy. he's assertive in that he doesn't think anything is wrong with how he is.

as far as lines go, he could use just about everything! an ex/old flings, friends he's had throughout his childhood or met through college, people he can drag along to escape rooms and board game cafes, maybe someone he keeps accidentally bumping into when he's checking out new cafes (he keeps an organized scrapbook of all the ones he visits and what they were like). anything goes, i'm all for brainstorming!
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[08 Jan 2018|05:51pm]

hey everyone! just thought i'd post here while i flesh him out a little more and come up with the last few details about him. this is lucas kang, he's 25 and moved to seoul when he was fourteen. he's the eldest of five kids, so you'd think he'd be really stoic and responsible, but he's really kind of clumsy and hopes for the best (he is responsible, though - sometimes? most of the time?). he has a degree in communications from hanyang university and currently works as a subeditor in the art department at dazed korea. while he's good at designing layout things, he's a bit hopeless when it comes to traditional art aka he can't even draw a stick figure to save his life. his hobbies include picking up random hobbies every few weeks just to try them out only to drop them again - he's successfully learned how to crochet, play the harmonica, bind books, and reach diamond level on league of legends, but he hasn't committed to any of them and only picks them up when inspiration strikes. one constant in his life though is exploring and traveling even if they're just walks to han river or a day trip to the next city over. he likes to document his trips on his youtube channel and social media where he has an okay following - but it's certainly nothing to write home about.

things he needs include: A ROOMMATE!! he's clean and will cook you meals (the result of two random hobbies - cooking and watching cooking shows) and will wake you up if you're late for work. could also use people who befriended him when he first moved to seoul since he was bullied quite a bit, maybe relatives or even people he knew from california, people who don't mind him mixing up words, travel friends, people to drag him along to things, i'd love it all!
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[03 Jan 2018|02:42am]

im toying around with the idea of this guy and thought I might post him up to put out some feelers. This is Jason Lee, raised by his aunt in the states because his mother was exactly stable. He was stateside until around 14, when his aunt fell ill and needed to be cared for, and the only family she had was back home in Seoul.

He's still pretty open and adaptable. Nonset occupation just yet, but he's a gamer of epic proportions and spends a lot of his free time doing that. I'm sure he could easily have some cousins floating around if anyone is interested, maybe even some half siblings since his mom got her life on track and made a new family. An ex that he's still close to would be nice, some friends, especially one or two that just....made his transition to a new place way back when work better would be aces. Coworkers so job suggestions, a roommate, etc! Up for any plottage.
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[30 Dec 2017|05:15pm]

hey guys. i'm hoping to bring in this guy right here. this is okhyun, a 25 year old urban farmer. he grew up primarily in seoul but has moved around with his aunt quite a bit to places like japan and even in the states for a short period of time. i have portland in there but i'm not set on the location if there's anyone he could possibly know from his time in the states. he went to snu and currently works part-time for the city/mayor in the department of agriculture as well as runs his own market/shop in itaewon which is where he can be found more often then not.

im still fleshing him out quite a bit, so there's plenty of space for him to fill any lines or anything else you could possibly throw at him. personality wise he's a pretty no frills kind of guy. has a bit of a temper on him, and does like to push his own limits earning him a bit of a 'bad boy' persona. one which probably looks a bit funny cause come the next day he's bagging fruit and veggies for the locals. he comes off pretty friendly to just about anyone, unless he gets a weird vibe then he's a bit more guarded. i'd really love to get some lines going for him though!

maybe some family on either side since he never got to know his parents. a roommate would be amazing - he comes with free home cooked meals and endless norebang nights out. he's not too well versed in relationships but possibly one or two failed relationships from his past. anyone he could have known while in the military or during his time at snu. fellow green thumbs or maybe even a few people that come to his farms or work for him as well. i'm pretty open to anything and brainstorming up something great!
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[30 Dec 2017|12:26pm]

i haven't done one of these since i brought him in and he's gone through some changes so i figured it's time to refresh his lines! sonny is an adrenaline junkie terror who loves extreme sports (cliff diving, free climbing, skydiving, bungee jumping, parkour, etc) and general mischief making. he's currently a part of the cyber defense program at korea university which trains a select group of students to fight against cyber crimes leveled at sk. it's very secretive and they're expected to keep their identities on the dl, so he can't really talk about it much beyond saying he goes to school for computer stuff. however he's definitely known for his hacking/coding skills and he's got a full technological lair in his apartment where he tinkers and plays video games. once he graduates, he'll be expected to serve seven years in the army in the cyber warfare unit, and becoming a soldier is a big passion of his. although his tuition/rent are paid for, his hobbies require a good amount of cash, so he used to work part-time as a legal assistant for his best friend [info]shibal's father but quit a few months ago to start working at a rock climbing gym where he's a newly minted instructor.

in terms of lines his roommate is [info]mouthfeel, he plays baseball with [info]hydrangea, skateboards with [info]butts, pranks/drags [info]crescendo into shenanigans, and has friends in [info]ppoppo, [info]pikapika, [info]hwajeon, [info]chaispace, and [info]agape. i would really love to make some more connections and have a few ideas for them like people who need a little more adrenaline in their lives for him to shove out of their comfort zones, an ex he was having fun doing the whole under wraps thing with until suddenly it wasn't so fun anymore, neighbors he's pranked/someone to wage prank wars with, family if we can work it out, tech-illiterate folks to help steer in the right direction, clients at the gym, and anything else we can come up with. sonny is in a rough place right now emotionally so he may be a bit more on the reserved side but i'm hoping more lines will revamp him and get him back his former glory. thanks everyone!
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[29 Dec 2017|12:21am]

i know i'm the most annoying person on the planet, but i had to bring this little brat back into the game because i miss too many of you, and of course playing him (even though he's the worst sometimes, and just a complete and utter nightmare i'm so sorry!!!) but he's really trying this time? so this is haruki matsuo, or just haru because i think maybe only his mom calls him haruki. anyway! i won't ramble for too long but he's 21 (some of this is just c+p so forgive me) haru was originally born and raised in osaka. his parents divorced while he was young, and eventually his mother moved to seoul to be with her new husband. this meant a lot of time was spent visiting there, and haruki became fluent quite quickly. he's always been a troublemaker, but his most recent trouble to date was being expelled from his japanese high school and forced to move over to live with his mother and step father, who were both far more strict. the changes in schools and living environment only caused him to further stir up trouble, and he ended up living with his close friend [info]umbreon's family while he finished up school. he recently quit his barista job and is focusing on modelling. he's never been hard up for cash, but he doesn't flaunt the fact that his uncle's inheritance left him with more than enough. personality wise, he's very much a sarcastic, slightly bitchy, no nonsense kind of guy. he doesn't hold his tongue for anyone, but his bark is much bigger than his bite. despite the bitchiness, he loves meeting new people and making friends as long as they don't take him too seriously.

now going off the top of my head and because i'm sleepy i hope i don't miss anyone here but! i know he had his main lines with: [info]biaswrecker, [info]rainshine, [info]lovelock, [info]crescendo, [info]shotski, [info]agape, [info]hydrangea, and i know there are more of you but i cleared everything out when i left like an IDIOT and i know some of you are missing. also, some of those lines are going to be a little complicated lmao, so!! if i missed you feel free to shout at me so we can get them started up again! as for NEW lines, i'd love whatever i can get tbh!! friends from school, i'd definitely love some ex boyfriends or girlfriends (because he's had quite a few) any ex-casual hookups? maybe still in a fwb type of situation? he's kind of a thot with a heart of gold? some people who befriended him when he transferred schools and had to be "the new kid" even though he was kind of an idiot. any family members would be great, or if your character is in need of a line feel free to ask! he needs some fellow troublemakers to hang out with, other people who give zero fucks, people who don't mind his crude humor, people who want to learn/practice their japanese, fellow horror enthusiasts, people he can game with, people who can't stand him, anything!!
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[20 Dec 2017|10:45pm]

i decided to do another one of these now because when i joined, my timing was questionable because of finals and all that fun stuff, so i'm here to do this again and re-solidify lines and make new ones!

this is sebastian teo, he's chinese but was born and raised in singapore to a very, very wealthy family (yes, think crazy rich asians) and is an only child. his father works as a Big Important Business man but seb never really had the head for business. instead, he started modeling when he was around sixteen. he didn't get to do a lot until he was legally an adult and could make his own choices because his mother was extremely overprotective and is still pretty overbearing. he's been modeling ever since and has done some pretty big names. he's not a household name by any means, but he's got a fairly decent following. he's modeled often for several successful and/or up and coming designers in seoul, which is why he's living here. he only just very recently moved into the building, but he's been living in seoul for a while. he's been in vogue korea a time or two and just recently made his way into vogue china. not the cover or anything, but he's in it, which is cool and everything.

as far as his personality, he's exceptionally nice. he likes to spoil people, he's genuine and has a tendency to wear his heart on his sleeve, even though he tries to insist that he doesn't. he's the type of person who would genuinely do anything he possibly could for someone else, wants to make people happy, that whole thing. he doesn't care for being alone, likes to be surrounded by people or with a friend hanging out or something. he travels somewhat often because of his job aaand absolutely loathes being cold so he whines a lot during the winter and, if at all possible, would avoid winter altogether. and i think that's all that's really important, so honestly just hit me up for anything, i want to suck less with him and let everything be glorious, this is my only christmas wish
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[19 Dec 2017|10:18pm]

so i probably should have searched in here for lines before i apped him, but i guess doing things backwards is just as good! anyway, here we have kang taewon! twenty two years old and born and raised in daegu, (which can easily be changed according to lines) attended university straight out of high school to earn his degree so that he could pursue his dream of a career in radio. he worked at his universities local radio station while he was finishing college, eventually leaving with his bachelors in communication. he interned at a radio stations in daegu, before quickly snatching up a full time job as a radio dj to one of seoul's most popular stations: more info! he's still very new to the area, trying to get himself settled into his new apartment and doing his best to make new friends. he has two cats, bonnie and clyde, who can be typically found roaming the halls. tae might appear soft and sweet on the outside, but inside is a hard candy shell and a tendency to shy away from sharing too much about his personal life. that being said, he's definitely a chatterbox, and loves to meet new people and ask millions of questions. he's not one to hold his tongue and sometimes isn't aware of just how abrupt he can be.

when it comes to lines i'd love a roommate that doesn't mind his animals, ex boyfriends or girlfriends, short lived flings, maybe someone he met during college that he thought was his first "love" but turned out to just be puppy love, family friends, cousins, people who have listened to him on the radio at night (and sometimes the morning) people who don't mind his endless chattering, people who play with his crazy kitties in the hallway or give them treats, fellow anime nerds, people to watch crime documentaries with, someone to teach him how not to suck at video games, and especially people who are willing to help show him around the neighborhood more! :( ...and if anyone needs something filled, just let me know because not too much is set in stone with him yet!
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[19 Dec 2017|02:38am]

i have returned! so i've made some changes to ning here....the biggest one being a hunk of his background since he is now of south korean decent. so with that i introduce lim iseul. for the most part, he's generally the same sassy rbf fashion guru. if you aren't familiar with him since he's still relatively new, i will give a run down in hopes of getting some more lines and hopefully keeping the ones from the first time around. he is a 27 year old part-time model and choreographer from gwangju. he's done quite a bit of traveling and has lived in nyc and milan for his college years before trying his hand closer to home in seoul at several auditions with recording labels before being brought in as a choreographer for s.m. personality wise he's a bit of a hot and cold kind of guy at first. he's heavily guarded and it comes off with a lot of sassiness to measure whether people are really willing to stick around and get to know him, or not. he is extremely loyal to the friends he does have however, and even though he's not a fighter he doesn't mind making the attempt should someone cross one of them.

as far as lines i'd love to rework any that have already been made before, as well as get some new ones for him! possibly a roommate? he comes with free clothing and late night dance parties in the living room for any takers! some possible flings for him since he's not too into serious things. anyone he could have come across while in travels, and anything else that can really be brainstormed. i'd love to work all sorts of fun and interesting things out!
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[15 Dec 2017|08:36pm]

as i continue to make icons i'll put this guy up for the slaughter, i mean for lines.

meet christian michael abernathy, 23, from seattle, and adopted by some very white bread and loving parents. christian is a fairly recent transplant to seoul, having been here only about 2-3 months and navigating his way around slowly but surely. his korean is...basic, but he's a quick learner and the more he's forced into things the quicker he picks it up. a gamer by nature he currently busts his butt on twitch with the intent to hopefully get sponsored but in the mean time is working a part time job (suggestions???) and getting money from his parents. his traveling to seoul comes about in an attempt to locate his biological parents to comprehend why he was given up!

right now line wise all i have is that [info]umbreon is a friend from seattle who also happens to be his ex. aside from that i'm totally open! i'd love to get a roommate if plausible, someone who knows him from twitch - he predominantly plays dead by daylight, fortnite, overwatch, just dance, and sos right now, co-workers at that potential part time job, people to be hot messes with, a tattoo artist for the future, someone he has gotten close to through online first, honestly i will take anything and if he can fill something for you, lets discuss that!
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[16 Dec 2017|11:08am]

this guy was around for a hot minute eons ago but i want to try to bring him back now that i have a little more time, so i'd love any kind of lines for him!

this is shawn, he's from california but he moved to korea when he was 10 because his dad of his dad's work in the tv biz. he's 24 and pretty much just floating along in life because he doesn't have a grand plan or idea of what he should do, besides the fact that he's into a lot of artistic things. his parents are both in art fields so they've always encouraged him to pursue that direction too BUT he's a bit on the lazy side and also at times cynical about his potential. writing is his favorite form though and low-key his dream, but again, he's a bit of a grump about the future. he loves all things horror, so he writes short scary stories mostly. he's a self-proclaimed ghost story master. he works a few part time jobs since he's aimless, which include chicken delivery guy (he loves his scooter) and some boring office work.

personality wise, he's a bit on the shy side and a little socially clumsy. he keeps to himself a lot but he's been trying to blossom into a more social creature (it's a slow process for him).

as for lines, i'd love anything and everything! close friends, old flings or exes that he's awkward with now because that's how he rolls, a roommate, fellow artistic pals, anything really. i'd love to brainstorm! also i'm torn about whether i should keep his pb as jae or change it to wonpil or nam joohyuk so any votes on that would be appreciated too!
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[15 Dec 2017|12:23am]

i'm the worst for removing her in the first place, i know. it's just been too strange without having her here, so i'm bringing her back! thanks for your patience with me.

click for moreeee )

i know she had close friends in [info]sokka, [info]hwajeon, [info]chaispice, [info]undercut, [info]rainshine, [info]noodles, [info]mouthfeel, [info]selca and [info]rhymeregiment, along with budding friendships between her and [info]parachute + [info]kanga! if you want to keep any of the lines that we had before i removed her, please let me know here! we can always discuss and alter anything if we need to, and any new ones would also be awesome! especially some lady friends, but if there's anything that she can fill for your character, i'd love to try. thanks everyone!
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[14 Dec 2017|09:04pm]

i feel like people were asking for him? if you were please come here. he's very much so a work in progress but i wanted to try and fill lines before i got too much figured out on him. as of right now the basics i have (which are all changeable for the sake of line filling) are that daehyun is from america, he came to seoul kind of randomly because his now ex-girlfriend just up and left to come here no explanation and he followed. he's going to be twenty-four, leaning towards him being a nurse or phlebotomist but not sure. personality wise i obviously also don't have fully figured out but he's going to be a tad fickle in the sense he can come off warm and friendly but turn around and be a bit of a jerk. this is super helpful i realize and i'll edit this post with a better idea once i have him more shaped up!
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[13 Dec 2017|04:49pm]

tossing around ideas for kim namjoon. he goes way back with [info]biaswrecker, thats his ride or die. he's an animal lover who works as a veterinary assistant and spends his saturdays normally at adoption events and at the shelters. that's all that ive ironed out so far, so hes pretty open for mostly anything!
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[07 Dec 2017|08:08am]

i was contemplating bringing in kim haesol (zion.t), but was first wondering if there were any types of lines he could fill?
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[07 Dec 2017|01:27am]

so i haven't done one of these since like july or something and i thought now would be as good a time as any since a lot of the people levi used to talk to have gone. so this is levi song, a 25 year old tattoo artist and occasional piercer from new york city. he was adopted from incheon when he was about a month old by korean-american parents who were very well off but not the parenting types. he doesn't generally talk about them, aside from mentioning them in passing. he's a little intimidating, what with all the tattoos (literally covered in them) and being six foot two and the resting bitch face and everything, but for the most part he's a pretty decent guy. he rides a motorcycle but he's put it up for the winter now. he's really into horror movies or video games, anything supernatural or occult or serial killers, most kinds of rock music, is kind of morbid and prone to being moody at times. he attended nyu where he got his master's degree and he just moved to seoul in april of this year.

he lives with [info]agape and his best friend since forever is [info]hardstyle and he's also extremely close to [info]mouthfeel and i think that's pretty much all he's got going on right now so i'd love more. some people who want to get to know him despite the fact he's weird and covered in tattoos and smokes a lot, anyone who'd know him through connections and stuff. i'd also love his sister, which would be super complicated and basically be a "she didn't know her mom had a child she gave up before she was born" kind of thing, but it'd help get the ball rolling on him connecting with his birth mother, which isn't something he's currently even considering. and this is kind of a ramble so i'm done now, give me things please and thank you
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[06 Dec 2017|08:49am]

Before I put any finalization on her info, I want to throw this one out for lines. This is Cho Jae-eun, 26, Jeju-born and raised, and current co-owner of a night club in the city alongside some other person with surely more credentials and money to own one than she has. She moved to Seoul in 2009 to attend college where she landed herself a business degree and, from there, teamed up with said business partner to carve out their little wedge in Itaewon nightlife, offering up the stage there for any number of performers, from your typical dj spots to dance crews to fashion shows, etc. If there is a way to fit it on a night club stage, she'll figure it out.

Though she does have this wild child streak as a result of public persona, she's actually pretty mellow and lives a much more quiet existence in Skyview Terrace, doing her part not to bring the work home with her unless someone catches her pacing up and down the hall while on the phone, shouting at someone who didn't do their job. That probably does happen now and then. As she grew up with three siblings, one of which is [info]crescendo, she does have some mother hen qualities and enjoys cooking when she has the time to do it which, considering everything that I'm hoping to have go on at said nightclub, probably isn't much time.

As for lines, she only has her little bro, Jinwoo, so she can definitely use more! If anyone is inclined to pick up her business partner or Jae and Jinwoo's other siblings, we can work that out, but those would be the only thing really calling for specifics. A roommate would be great, friends and extended family (cousins and all that), exes of the legit variety and probably a few publicity pieces even, anyone inclined to perform at the club so we can make group event magic, college peers (which I'm guessing she went to SNU, but I haven't nailed that in yet), whatever we can figure out.
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[04 Dec 2017|02:52am]

it's been a hell of a long time since i did one of these for this guy right here. now that i'm back to health and able to shake him up again, since he's been entirely too quiet, i'd love to get some fresh lines for him! for anyone not familiar with this old man over here, this is su. he's a 31 year old entrepreneur that's attempting to dabble more professionally in the music industry after years of dancing circles around it. he's got a few closets filled with delightful skeletons that come in all shapes and sizes and he's selective about who gets to peek inside. for the most part he can be pretty easy to get along with, but he does generally keep people at bay emotionally for a number of reasons. he has a few friends in [info]rhymeregiment, [info]selca, [info]mouthfeel, [info]undercut, and [info]pikapika. a cousin in [info]starboy, and i'm pretty sure that's the majority of it. if i left anyone out, i apologize and blame being tired. essentially he could use a lot, he's been snoring too long. i'd love to get some former or even current flings to stir things up, a possible ex or two, his sister or maybe some other family members, someone to slap him when he's being a jerk, someone that knows his family and a few more skeletons than he'd like them to know. i'm definitely up for just tossing some ideas back and forth and coming up with something insane and fun all the same!
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[03 Dec 2017|07:22pm]

hey guys i figured i should do this since i just changed his pb, but this is ashe hwang, 26 year old new york city native. he moved to seoul when he was seventeen and has been here ever since. he's currently a bartender, used to work in a bank, and does edm/house/hardstyle style djing on the side. personality wise he's bipolar as a personality trait, self-destructive, a little on the acerbic side, sarcastic as hell, deadpan even when he's being genuine, and is a fatalist on his best day. line wise he has his girlfriend/roomie double in ~zinthosraven, a best friend since forever in ~hexagram, a friend in ~mouthfeel, a tentative friendship thing in ~agape and... i think that might be it so he needs more obviously. he's open for anything really. exes, ex roommates, a cousin or two maybe? let's plot out something interesting.
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[04 Dec 2017|01:36am]

hello! i'm doing a little mini post to scoop some lines before finishing up, but this is min park. she's korean born, american raised, and moved back within the last year or so (i think??) to start working at an animation studio in seoul. she lives with her bf who will hopefully be popping up soon, and she's pretty friendly, silly, a bit of a space case and a big animal lover who had to leave her beloved cat back in america so if anyone has pets she'll be their biggest fan!! she also mukbangs because she may be small but she has a fierce appetite so she's probably been seen around hauling big bags of food or skateboarding by with a box of desserts as big as her head. and what else? her family are low level famous so if anyone has a character who likes fighting or follows fashion then it'd be fun to have someone who might know of them, but otherwise i'm down for anything while i get her all signed, sealed and delivered!
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