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[16 Mar 2018|07:44pm]

okay, so i know i'm the worst, but i think i want to bring him back but maybe change his face? i'm not sure if i should stick with kino or go with someone else, so let me know if there's anyone else you guys would like to see before i app him! i'm going to go ahead stick my old linepost down below.

hey hi hello! i hate doing these so much, so i'm apologizing beforehand is this is the verbal equivalent of a massacre, but this is kwon junho! hailing from seattle, and the youngest of three. his father is/was a preacher and his mother is a heart surgeon, which meant that he grew up in a loving family situation, wanting for nothing until he turned 14 and he learned about his father's various affairs with a few different church goers. once the divorce was squared away, he and his mother and his two older sisters moved to his mother's hometown of jeolla. there, he finished up school before making the trip with his older sister to seoul so that he could attend k-arts for filmmaking. junho currently works as an usher for the megabox coex theater in seoul and he leads a double nerdy life as a competitive pokemon player, traveling around different competitions in asia, hoping to one day make it to the big big big one in vancouver.

junho is easily excitable, puts on a very false innocent act, loves to give affection but hates to receive it, confident in himself and what he stands for, sensitive and emotional, possessive, free-loving, toes the border of annoyingly outgoing and super shy, nerdy, etc. line-wise he needs preeeetty much everything and anything. childhood friends, school friends, movie friends, cousins, someone who travels with him to his competitions/conventions because he doesn't do so well when he's alone, ex hook-ups (m/f), hook ups that are still ongoing, someone who gives him a drinking limit whenever they go out much to his dismay, fellow pokemon fans, people to binge watch it with, maybe people he's had added on his nintendo ds via friend code but are just now meeting, literally anything! let me know if he could fill anything for you as well! thanks!
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[10 Mar 2018|10:58pm]

hello! i can use all the help i can get, so here i am! this is georgie (tentatively), an australian immigrant who studied abroad in seoul for a semester and then decided to move there when she graduated because she loved it so much. wild. she went to school for cultural studies and, appropriately, absolutely loves anything that has to do with pop culture, although she may just analyze it far beyond what anyone else wants to deal with. i'm still figuring out the details of her daily life, but i'm thinking she's a journalist with a focus on entertainment, so she'll probably be doing plenty of reviews about popular movies. on the side she has a stan twitter account in which she mainly posts about wanna one, but who needs to know that? in person she's very outgoing and loves to engage with people, even if she is occasionally a little judgy.

i'm still working on all this but! i'd love anything. family, people she met while studying abroad and then reconnected with, friends since then, people who know her dumb stan twitter account and put it together, neighbors (so far she's got [info]cujo as a roommate), bloggers, writers, other good things!
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[10 Mar 2018|11:31am]

hi all, i'm thinking about bringing back this guy and wanted to swing out my net for any possible sls! this is kyung-ju or kj to his friends, an indiana native born in '92 who moved to south korea in 2016 after studying english lit & communications at ohio state. currently he's recently gotten a promotion at work, acting as lead editor in a sk based publishing company's children's lit division, and is working on his first young adult novel. his parents divorced within the past year or so and his mother has since relocated to move in with her now girlfriend place tba. i'm still working on how much of his family history i'd like to adjust (i know that his mother will have been born in california but might tweak pops!) so if anyone's up for a cousins line we can discuss! personality wise, kj can be hard to read. he can come off as cold, has periods of moodiness, and at first impression all warning signs point to Asshole. he's not very good at speaking his feelings and gets impatient fast. however, he does have good intentions when it comes to people he cares about so watch out, it's a hot button for him when people accuse him of being uncaring. i could go for any and everything. neighbors? former classmates? co-workers? if anyone would like to keep old lines in tact, bring them at me!
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let me know if you'd like an ooc custom to talk out details! [09 Mar 2018|01:52am]

ladies and gentlemen, this is my hani pb, saemi kim! she's from the gyeongsang province (gyeongju), so she's definitely a little more 'country' than a lot of the others living in the apartment complex. she loves eating stinky and weirdly textured food, drinking double her weight, and getting a little too loud and handsy with her friends. (you know that friend who hits you on the arm super hard when they laugh or suddenly remember what they wanted to tell you? that's basically saemi.)

she moved to seoul when she was a teenager so that her parents could expand their family-owned custom hanbok business. she grew up around the shop, so she works there pretty much around the clock as an assistant tailor herself, and is actually not too shabby at making alterations to all sorts of clothes. her sewing machine is her baby, and if anyone needs something repaired or taken in, they're more than welcome to pay her a visit. (she doesn't know how to make modern-style hanboks yet, but she's obsessed with them, so that's currently something she's experimenting with.)

because she's pretty crafty, she hosts a bi-monthly day of drunken debauchery at the apartment she shares with [info]squeak called 'drunken crafts night,' where everyone just drinks a whole lot and tries to follow the instructions for the project of the evening. in the past, they've done anything from make their own beer koozies and magic wands to slime, bookmarks, greeting cards, and other very elementary school-level things.

as far as lines, i'd love fellow artisans~, exes/flings/whatever of either gender - including the high school ex-boyfriend that she's actually somehow managed to remain friends with, the girl she found on tinder that went from hot to awkward turtle once they realized they lived in the same building, her older brother and younger sister (detailed line), and other countryside types that she might enjoy bonding with, especially people from gyeongsang!
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[07 Mar 2018|05:08pm]

hi everyone!! now that i have a better idea for her and actually found the time to finally apply i figure i'd post one of these. be warned though, i'm terrible at these things so i apologize in advance. okay! so this is jinhee (she usually responds to jen or jenny), she's a 20 year old barista and part time dog walker who's also doing a tattoo apprenticeship despite the fact her parents actually believe she's studying to become a teacher. she's from jeju and is the youngest child of her family with siblings in [info]nightlife and [info]crescendo, i'm thinking she moved to itaewon after graduating so she's still "new" to the area in a way. currently she's living with [info]punky and personality wise she's very sweet, a bit soft spoken at first (she can come off quite reserved and a bit selfish to strangers) but once she's comfortable around somebody they honestly can't get her to shut up ever. she's very gullible, almost to a fault at times and gets scared SO easily (pranks are her least favorite thing ever lol) but she's actually very book smart, just lacks some common sense but blames it on her age a lot. i think that's about it! there's some more in depth info about her here if you want to check that out!

as for lines she's also friends with [info]cuttlefsh and [info]seel but that's about it (unless i'm forgetting someone then i'm sorry, it's not on purpose i promise!) i'd love to find the tattoo artist she's apprenticing under, some more close friends/people she trusts, new friends are always more than welcome too, coffee addicts she regularly sees at work, people with dogs she walks for them, exes/short flings, whatever have you. i'm definitely down to brainstorm and plot if you'd like!
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[06 Mar 2018|10:22am]

i was here forever ago with this guy and finally have time to write again. i'm pretty sure most everyone he knew is gone now but i'd like to put out feelers for lines.

this here is shiloh, he's a 22 year old london transplant. please tease him for his accent, thanks. by day he works as a pet groomer, catch his work on instagram, he excels at making everything look stupidly cute. by night he settles down in front of the glow of his computer screen and draws things he's ashamed of. no one must ever know! anyway, he left london abou a year ago after losing his parents to a rather brutal car accident unable to deal with all the sad eyes and condolences from family friends and his own friends. seeing as the rest of his family save for his sibling are all back in korea it felt like the perfect get away opportunity. however, back in september of 2017 he flew back to be with his sibling for awhilw and has only recently come back to seoul. he's always involved in something or another, what exactly that is, who knows, but he'll get involved. he sees a therapist to deal with his parents and is on a lot of anxiety/depression meds but he puts on a pretty good front. there's more info in the journal, apologies as some things need updating/tweaking.

ideally i'd love lines with people's pets he grooms, a roomie, possibly his sibling, cousins, a fellow groomer that works the same place, someone that can see past his fake smile, adventerous types, coffee lovers, honestly anything is game, let me love you guys...again.
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[05 Mar 2018|06:36pm]

this will be really short & simple, i think, mostly because i only have the bare essentials right now. but this is park taewoo, 20 years old, born and raised in seoul to an ex-celebrity (i'm thinking possible problematic actress ala kim min-hee) and a dentist (not really his father but taewoo doesn't know that yet) father. he's currently enrolled in the dentistry school at yonsei university so that he can take over the family business one day. taewoo likes it okay, but he'd much rather be studying something like aesthetics at snu lmao. the thought of bedside manners and patient care makes him a little bit wary of the profession he'll have for the rest of his life and his irrational fear of accidentally hurting someone, but he takes it one day at a time and tries to chug along happily.

personality-wise, taewoo is sort of obnoxious in that he's always usually pretty cheerful and oftentimes he doesn't really realize when he's being annoying and when he isn't. he has a bit of a daydreamy quality about him and a lot of times he seems very far away, probably stuck in his own imagination. growing up a bit sheltered, he was the type that enjoyed scaring the wits out of his parents by talking to his imaginary friends, but now mostly he loves to use his imagination as a way to escape his daily life which really only consists of school and work things. he loves to surround himself with (real) friends now and usually tries to be the life of any party, the brightest light in the room, etc. taewoo can talk any ear off about mostly anything from movies to television to music, loves to play board games but most times he ends up swindling his way to victory, whoops.

i'm still very much in the process of sorting him all out, but as for lines, i could really use anything. childhood friends, cousins, an ex-girlfriend who he dated for two years in high school (detail heavy), any other yonsei people, hook ups of either gender, someone who's teaching him english because he sucks at it and is desperate to improve, friends for friday movie nights, hiking partners, maybe someone who is still bitter at him after he won a rigorous game of monopoly by cheating sorry, maybe a family friend who is aware that he's not really his father's son, nap partners, fellow enthusiasts, someone who can introduce him to reality tv, or we can just wing it or get creative!
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[05 Mar 2018|11:58am]

is there possibly a need for a younger brother type that the building is collectively helping to raise?
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[05 Mar 2018|08:34am]

i have posted one of these before and i'm sorry to do another one again so soon but i think that it's time because he regrettably has sort of fallen out of touch with people and it's very not what i wanted for him! so for those of you who don't know, this is sebastian teo. he's chinese but his family have been living in singapore for the last several generations and are obnoxiously wealthy and a bit traditional in some ways. sebastian himself is an only child but has a fairly large and ridiculous family whom he loves very much but finds their penchant for gossip and drama and sometimes some backstabbing very tiring. he lives in an apartment by himself, is extremely generous and is supposed to be very social, so i'm definitely going to get him back there again!

as far as work, he works as a model. he's not famous by any stretch of the imagination but he has been in vogue (korea and china) but as one of very very many no name models who stand around looking really good. he doesn't care, he's happy just to be in the magazine at all and considers it a big win even though his mother thinks it's a waste and a foolish job and so on and so on even though he has no head for business at all so it's not like he's wasting any amazing talents. he's fairly athetlic, works out regularly, and people probably assume that he's snooty before they actually meet him. he's the type of person who generally puts other people before himself, even if it risks his own happiness (it's a problem sometimes) and he hates to be alone, not in a romantic sense but in general, he loves being surrounded by people!

right now his only real connection is [info]parachute but a lot of the people he used to talk to have gone or he fell out of touch with so i'd love more lines! he hasn't dated seriously because of familial reasons but an ex with whom the split was amicable might work? anyone in the fashion industry or interested in fashion, anyone like a makeup artist who has worked with him before, other models, anyone who also works out regularly, anyone who showed him around when he first moved to seoul like two (i think) years ago? honestly i'm down for anything, even if it's a simple "they bumped into each other in the hall and started chatting!" and for anyone who wants a line i will make a custom and request one so that he can bother it regularly. does this kind of bribery work?
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[27 Feb 2018|03:02am]

Hi! waves

Figured I would churn this out while I diligently work on this fellow. This is Maxwell Ho, a civil engineer for one of the largest firms in South Korea (though he's still realtiey small potatoes - just a mid level bloke reaching for the stars~). Maxwell was born in Whales to parents who followed their hearts and moved to the country for its deep rooted history. His father loves all things history, the more whinsical the better, so raising a family in such a town and country srenched in so much history was perfect.

Max is a bit different though, obviously. He's not so much into history or whimsy or deep roots and historical value. He's always thought with a more scientific mind, and has wanted to be an engineer since he was knee high to a grass hopper. Okay, maybe not that young but still. After he finished university he began to apply to basically every job his degree could afford him and surprise! It happened to be a Seoul company who took a chance on him first.

He's been in the city over five years now, likely has lived in the building as long so he's a bit of an old timer. I'd love to fill a cousin line or two, just to give him some ties to the city. He's insane about his meditation as yoga, so a yoga buddy would also be A+. Beyond that he's really open, and could use basically anything you guys want to throw at him. I'm sure we can figure it out!
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[26 Feb 2018|07:46pm]

hello everyone! this is leonora, leo for short. she's 26 years old and was born in incheon, south korea but was adopted by a couple from the uk when she was just shy of four weeks old. most of her formative years were spent roaming the english countryside with her dog, bettie, until she was old enough to move away from home for university, where she studied fashion and textiles. she runs a small but profitable etsy store where she sells all of the clothes she hand-makes, but she has dreams of one day owning her own clothing store.

leo has recently moved to itaewon to try and find out more about her past and the people who gave her away. she is [info]hexagram's twin sister, but neither of them have any idea of that yet as they were separated at birth. leo essentially knows no one and nothing about the area, so i'd love someone to befriend her and show her around, as well as a roommate, coffee friends, someone she can have late night d&m's with, someone to be her clotheshorse and try on/model the clothes she makes, as well as any anything and everything else! she's almost frighteningly positive and seems to be smiling at least 90% of the time, but she has a knack for reading people and situations and knowing when to push and when to let things go. she loves movies, animals, clothes, warm lighting and is a firm believer in the hygge concept. come at me!
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[25 Feb 2018|06:31pm]

i should have done this so much sooner! /panics

anyway this is go beomsoo, 23, currently enrolled at snu in social welfare because in spite of his cynical front he wants to make the world a better place. a marshmallow wrapped in a prickly blanket wrapped in a marshmallow costume. he lived in france for most of his life and although he spent most summers in south korea he still experiences culture shock sometimes because life as an adult here is more demanding than what he previously experienced as a kid on holiday, spoiled by his grandparents. he's that asshole who will argue just for the sake of it because it's fun to him, but his big mouth can also be a plus because he has no qualms about speaking up when necessary (he also occasionally speaks up when it's really not necessary). why am i so terrible at this, please take a look at this too.

i'm looking for a roommate, someone to laugh at his english, cousins maybe... just comment with anything because he doesn't know a lot of people in seoul yet and he can't live without friends
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[22 Feb 2018|03:20pm]

hello! before i get started on her info does anyone need family or a roomie?
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[19 Feb 2018|11:06am]

Hey everyone! It's been a moment since I've done this, and I'm absolutely terrible at it. I'll have a whole spew in my head and none of it makes its way onto the post. Anyway! Kishik here has been around for a little bit now and I feel like there are people he SHOULD know but doesn't and we need to fix that because he wants to love everyone okay.

Kiki USED to be a vet tech but....that's just not the case anymore but he still organizes bimonthly adoption events so if you need a fur baby/have adopted one recently he very well may be the guy you are looking for to help set that up. Work wise, he is now [info]malware's personal assistant so you've likely seen him hovering over him with schedules and coffee and whatever else the guy needs (no kiki, we won't say your boss is awfully bossy!)

His absolute BEST FRIEND is [info]biaswrecker, but he would die without [info]shotski, [info]undercut, and [info]pikapika. He's getting really close with [info]kimchi and [info]urusai is his favorite person to scandalize. He's got an ex turned amazing friend in [info]squeak. You'll likely see him with [info]guccigang A LOT because. Well. He might be getting heart eyes.

But yes! Those missing lines please come forward and let's love one another.
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i suck at these jsyk [18 Feb 2018|04:47pm]

okay! hi, howdy everyone. i've returned now that i have her a little bit more in tact. this is kyung-ri (kirby) kim, born in sangju to bang jihee and kim jungwook, but he didn't stick around for very long after they moved to los angeles to pursue bigger and better things. her father peaced once he decided that he wanted to go a different direction life-wise in the states, leaving jihee behind with two very young daughters to raise. after a few years, jihee found success as an interior designer and also found henry cavanaugh, an irish obgyn, married him and settled down. henry was the only real father that kirby ever knew and she treats him as such! kirby grew up watching figure skating on television which was the defining cause of her need to be the next michelle kwan, so she took the first steps necessary and joined the los angeles figure skating club. once graduating high school, it was decided that kirby would move back to south korea for the best possible chance of success. shortly after moving, she suffered a pretty bad fall and has since been too afraid to step back out on the ice.

now, kirby is currently working as an ice cream scooper (slave) at the local baskin robbins, majoring in physics (going with her alternate dream of teaching high school students), playing the keyboard for [info]undercut's band stargazer, and offering anonymous advice on her personal blog to kill time when she's not busy with other things. kirby has also recently adopted susan as somewhat of an emotional support pet. personality wise, she's pretty quiet, timid, overuses emojis, clever, the first to be anyone's personal cheerleader, creative, intelligent (with math, anyway), enthusiastic when she feels like being enthusiastic, etc. as far as lines go, mostly anything is on the table! so far i have [info]undercut as her very close cousin and [info]queenbae as a cute ex-boyfriend. kirby is a bit confused about her sexuality, though, so i'd love a girl she tried with and failed miserably with due to nerves. anything from a roommate, people who come to baskin robbins for ice cream therapy, someone who she goes to school with, the guy who she had her ~first time~ with, a friend who supports her and pushes her to get back on the ice or alternatively, someone she watches figure skating with and gently pats her head while she's emo. anything and everything with everyone, please!
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[15 Feb 2018|07:35pm]

before i get her too fleshed out, does anyone need a line or two filled up?
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[13 Feb 2018|07:29pm]

hello! currently in the process of working on her examples and going to be apping her soon. figured i would reach out to develop some lines. she is the twin sister to [info]hexagram but he is unaware right now. she has lived Itaewon for a few years now, she works as a media/communication consultant for a company. would be nice to establish some friend lines, roommate(s), just to get her going. she's pretty open for anything.
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[03 Feb 2018|11:47pm]

hi! could she fill anything?
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[03 Feb 2018|10:40pm]
alright this is the final last time, i swear! i finally know which name/face/username/direction i want to use soooo i have kim seulbi here! a twenty-four year old korean-american military brat who has lived just about everywhere but has decided to plant roots in seoul in order to go to school and get the job she's always been dreaming of. seulbi has lived in: stuttgart germany, vicenza italy, new orleans, and most recently she was situated in okinawa. she grew up with just her father, as her mother passed only a year after she was born, so she was destined for a good life filled with changes, traveling, people, different cultures etc. i'm basically just paraphrasing her bio here, which is must less hastily written and a lot easier to understand if you want to go check it out!

other than that very brief background, seulbi is attending snu for atmospheric science because she really wants to be seoul's best weather girl. at first, she tried the acting thing and made it into a few very low-key, low budget kdrama's but eventually realized she didn't have the talent for it and decided to move on to bigger, (hopefully) better things. she currently works at the studio ghibli store in seoul, so if anyone is a fellow ghibli nerd then she would love to see you there! prepare for her to chatter some ears off, though. personality-wise, seulbi is a bit inside of her own head most of the time; very head in the clouds in her demeanor. calm, airy, sweet, curious, gentle, easily fooled, clever, bright, etc.

as far as lines go, she could use anything. a roommate, someone she met during her travels who she kept in touch with, maybe a family friend or two, an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend, someone who she crashed with whenever she moved to seoul two years ago, fellow students. i can probably think of a few more really interesting lines whenever i get home, but if seulbi can fill anything for you then that would be wonderful!
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[03 Feb 2018|09:18am]

this will be short since woojin is the same ahn woojin–27 years old now, living in space 101, total gear head from brea, ca and changwon beyond that, graduated from kaist for mechanical engineering–but instead of bringing in an exact replica and in an effort to avoid what would’ve been a trying writing experience, woojin’s in-game history of the last four years has been replaced with military service. as of summer of 2017, he’d newly be a resident of skyview terrace and i think most of his lines are gone save for family in [info]malware and a friend in [info]rhymeregiment (if you two will still have him). in all other ways, he is all the same and likes the same things, just might have a lot more discipline–oh, and no job, so he is just fixing vehicles on the side while he settles in.

line-wise, he can use anything, though obviously most things will have to be made late 2017 or organic connections unless they can be made elsewhere (in socal, changwon/busan since he spent summers there, the military, or some random visits to seoul during his collegiate days). friends, foes, fellow bikers and gear heads, drinking buddies, gym buddies, temporary job suggestions until he lands a mechanic job he likes, beach buddies since he adores it, whatever we can puzzle together–again or brand new!
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