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[12 Aug 2017|01:25pm]

hi! i hope to bring this fellow into this lovey community and would adore some lines! this is theodore kim, a 29 year old chef at Pierre Gagnaire à Séoul. he was raised in the U.K. until he was fourteen when his father decided to get the family back to their roots and requested a transfer to seoul. so he's been around for a while, and pretty much has lived in the building his entire adult life.

as far as personality, he's a sweetheart who craves comfort and closeness - and he'll take it how he can get it. he enjoys hugs and you'll rarely see him without a smile. he had a normal upbringing and is an open book. he's very friendly, even if he isn't always the most social. if you speak to him, he'll speak to you and he absolutely hates having enemies.

as far as lines, he needs everything. childhood friends, exes of either gender, people willing to be taste testers, crushes, coworkers, or people with any sort of history. if you can't think of anything, im sure we can work something out! it can be anything from their post getting switched to falling all ove reah other (baby boy is tall), or perhaps ER staff since he's a bit of a klutz and he's sure to have been treated for burns and cuts.

im so excited to play so please, let's work something out!
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[09 Aug 2017|12:28pm]

hiii! since i had an idea for her i thought i'd work on getting possible lines while i bedazzle things. this is amy. she's is going to be 22ish and originally from either cape cod or martha's vineyard. think rich new england-y beach homes and there you have her. her ceo father split with her gynecologist mother when she was fairly young, but they were both well off so no matter where she went she was well off. she visited her dad in seoul, where he moved, many summers and some holidays so she was there a good amount through her childhood and teen years. she has many siblings spread out over the world which is beneficial because it allows her to visit places like london, paris, or maui. she IS a spoiled sort and doesn't understand why the world doesn't just give her the things she wants all the time? so when people do give her things or offer to pay she figures it makes sense. she's a princess in that respect and kind of nerdy in other respects. she loves freaking out about game of thrones, doctor who, sherlock, etc. she'll get the shirts and memorabilia. she's very flighty with romance. she enjoys being physical and casual. she inspired nelly furtado's maneater a bit! and is also that obnoxious girl that'll get drunk and make out with other girls at parties. career wise she loves stabbing people with needles! she trained to be a phlebotomist so basically she wants to suck your blood and will probably comment to people that they have nice veins. she could use everything! messier the better! flings, stabbing victims, drunken gal kisses, people who want to buy her things, people who want to shove her down an elevator shaft. whatever works! lets brainstorm something weird.
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updated, sorry! [08 Aug 2017|11:54pm]

hello! i'm sure that everyone is asleep by now, but i just wanted to post in here before i got things completely situated with this dude. this is cameron hwang, a fairly recent transplant (maybe three years-ish?) from new orleans, previously hidden deep within the depths of his mom's basement and even more previous, a born-in resident of gangnam. freshly kicked out and on his own, cameron managed to dip into his savings in order to move to seoul to ~find himself~ and his chaebol father. once he grew his roots, he was quick to scoop the first job that was offered to him, so he's currently a part-time face feeler for a big south korean skin care company (i'm not sure which one yet? maybe innisfree or etude house? nature republic?) soooo basically what he does is he tests out the effectiveness of certain products be it lotions, cleansers, razors, etc using his fingers. on the side, he attends snu as a business major and occasionally models for ceci magazine. i'm still thinking about what else to do with him, but if he could fill anything that would be awesome!

he needs anything atm like friends from the states, exes of either gender, a roommate, neighbors, pen-pals, someone he spoils with free products, maybe someone who knows his father and his side of the family, whatever! i'm always up for brainstorming as well so if you have any ideas, let me know and i'll make an ooc for you
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[07 Aug 2017|05:19am]

hi hello! before i get his bio finished up i wanted to come in and see if anyone is interested in a line with him! this is haruki matsuo, or haru, a 22 year old originally born and raised in osaka. his parents divorced while he was young, and eventually his mother moved to seoul to be with her new husband. this meant a lot of time was spent visiting there, and haruki became fluent quite quickly. he's always been a troublemaker, but his most recent trouble to date was being expelled from his japanese high school and forced to move over to live with his mother and step father, who were both far more strict. the changes in schools and living environment only caused him to further stir up trouble, and the struggle to graduate was very real. right now he's working as a part-time model... and a part time barista. personality wise, he's very much a sarcastic, slightly bitchy, no nonsense kind of guy. he doesn't hold his tongue for anyone, and his bark is much bigger than his bite. despite the bitchiness, he loves meeting new people and making friends as long as they aren't too sensitive or take the things he jokes about to heart.

as for lines, i'd love everything and anything (helpful, i know) but i really would! so far he knows [info]soigne as a friend from high school, and is co-workers at the cafe with [info]banchan. a roommate would be awesome, i'd definitely love some ex boyfriends or girlfriends, ex-hookups maybe still in a fwb type of situation, some people who befriended him when he transferred schools and had to be "the new kid" even though he was kind of a dick? any family members would be awesome, or if your character is in need of a line feel free to ask! he needs some fellow troublemakers to hang out with, other people who give zero fucks, people who don't mind his crude humor, people who want to learn/practice their japanese, people he can game with, people who can't stand him lmao, the list is endless!
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[06 Aug 2017|01:15am]

hello hello! i plan on bringing in this guy and i'd love any lines for him. this is shawn choi, 24 years old, born in san diego but moved to seoul when he was 10 because of his dad's work (he works as a tv producer). both his parents have creative jobs so naturally he loves anything artistic and expressive; his main love is writing, particularly short horror stories and the like. he studied psychology but isn't doing anything with it right now; he juggles a few part time jobs including fried chicken delivery guy (he loves his scooter) and boring clerical work. thankfully his parents are way too cool and support his artistic dreams, though he's grown more cynical about making his dream of writing for a living a reality. personality wise, he can be a bit shy and sometimes stand-offish. he lacks some social gracefulness but he tries his best to be pleasant when he remembers.

i'd love any kind of lines as i have nothing for him now. some childhood/close friends, old flings, fellow artist buddies to lament with, horror buffs, a roommate, one of his regulars on his delivery days, cousins, maybe someone for fun and awkward interactions with that he is perpetually afraid of running into but of course does all the time. i don't know, anything works and i'm up for brainstorming!
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[04 Aug 2017|08:30pm]

han 2.0! han in a nutshell is still the 4d alien boy from a small city by the sea some of you might be familiar with. though with some slight changes, he's a socially awkward and spacey kind of guy who loves to take photographs and play video games. he disappeared for a bit to do a residency with a photographer, was featured in a gallery showing, and is now coping with his newfound fame as an actual it boy photographer. he's into weird shit like aliens and existential questions, aesthetic things like marble and iced coffee, conspiracy theories, and instagram. he also works part time at the nearby 24/7 convenience store looking like a sleepy tibetan fox.

onto lines! anyone who knows his high school best friend 4 lyfe tae [info]altaria has at least heard of him, so please be his friend. hopefully has returning lines with [info]pikapika [info]senpai [info]uyu [info]twinkle [info]kanga and any others i'm forgetting forgive me?! he is in dire need of some artsy friends who run in the same circle as him to save him in social situations, people who entertain his weirdo conspiracy and philosophical talk, chatty types to draw him out of his shell, quiet types to bond with, and customs to tend to in general.
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[04 Aug 2017|08:31pm]

hey hey guess who's back? this is taewon or tae to his friends! he's a twenty-two year old receptionist at bear & bumblebee, currently enjoying summer before he starts his masters in social work. sweet, ultra social, a teeny tiny bit of a brat when you get to know him. he can be a little bit of an airhead and is way too much of a romantic, but he tries his best! loves eating, playing cute phone games, dogs and karaoke. he could use good friends, fellow seoul natives, classmates from college, people with dogs he can con into letting him dogsit, people to eat with, exes he's friendly with, an ex who's not to fond of him, past hookups from after the end of his last relationship, shiny lines with anyone who came after tae 1.0!!!
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[02 Aug 2017|02:12pm]

Hi there everyone, his is Park HyunJoo and I'd like to find some lines for him before he is hopefully added tonight. Hyun is a life time resident of Seoul, but comes from a family who had very little. He spent his youth and most of his teenage years on the streets, doing what he could and causing mischief. There was one instructor who took a keen interest in him, however, who kind of steered him on the right path and he managed to fix himself, attended university, and is now an instructor at the performing arts high school, as that's his passion.

He's very quiet and reserved, but not shy, and loves people and being around others. He's simply the quiet one who people watches, that is, until you get him on a stage, then he morphs into someone else entirely. He honestly has no connections at this point, so we are interested in anything you can come up with. Coworkers (he's only recently completseen d his first year at the school), friends from childhood, peers or past hook ups, anythings at all! WI would love to plot 💗
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[30 Jul 2017|07:51pm]

hey, everyone! i think it's my time to do another one of these for him since i've missed so many lineposts with all of the newbies, plus he's changed a lot from what i imagined him to be originally. this is haneul, or hani if you're close! he's a biology major at seoul national and is currently skating by on the bare minimum that he needs to stay within the university. his real talent lies in not biology, but drawing and creating content for his web series. he works locally at the 221B cafe where he loves engaging in conversation with random customers (sometimes) all while working in a nerdy atmosphere that suits him almost too well! i have more here, but he really needs anything at the moment since all of his previous lines peaced! he's best friends with [info]parachute, really close to [info]hajima, buddies with [info]mouthfeel, and i think all of the rest kind of dwindled off. i would love family, the girl he kissed at church when he was younger (super catholic), someone who stalks his twitter for web comic updates, a co-worker, a roommate, people he's made into manga characters, an awkward past hook up or two, noraebang partners, soju and chicken friends who have seen him too drunk to walk on more than one occasion, fellow kdrama/romcom lovers, literature geeks, anything!
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[30 Jul 2017|12:52am]

okay, i wanted to do this again because levi has changed a little bit from what he originally was like, and i've altered a few things to better suit him now, so i apologize if this gets long or if it doesn't make any sense because i suck in general but here we go

this is levi song, he's 25 and was originally born in incheon but was adopted by korean-american parents who lived in the upper east side of new york city. his mother is an uppity stay at home mom who likes to flaunt her wealth and is big on chasing trends and stuff. she went back and forth between hovering and letting levi be raised by a nanny when he was young, and then pretty much let him do his thing with a nanny once he turned like seven or eight. his father is a big wig in some american company of some sort, was rarely ever home, probably had mistresses all around, that whole cliche story. levi doesn't speak to his parents anymore and tends to call them by their first names or refers to them as "the people who raised me" or something. he's kind of a disappointment to them because of all the tattoos and what he chose to go to school for and everything. he got in a lot of trouble at school fairly often but managed to still do well. he attended parsons in new york city and got his masters in fine arts and decided before he graduated that he wanted to be a tattoo artist and started his apprenticeship at a shop in the city. he had anger issues for a while and he was in a very toxic relationship, his parents were driving him nuts and he was missing his best friend so around april of this year he decided to sell his motorcycle, move off of the couch he was sleeping on, and move to seoul and has been there ever since. he's got a little bit of wanderlust and can be very spontaneous (he lived in new orleans on a whim for two weeks one summer when he was younger) and suffers from some depression/anxiety (that he doesn't talk about a lot) so he sometimes just ups and disappears for a few days if he can, although he hasn't done it by himself since moving to seoul. uhh he loves horror movies, horror video games, rock music (indie, alternative, you name it, he likes it), smoking too much, alcohol, being a smartass, etc

as far as lines go, he works with [info]halfsleeve, his best friend from nyc is [info]hardstyle and he's known him for a very long time. he lives with [info]agape, is friends with [info]mouthfeel and [info]hichews and [info]chapssal and if i'm forgetting you, i suck and i'm the worst, sorry. i know he was supposed to know [info]choice since they were children through their dads, i think? but i'm not sure if that's still a thing. i'd love more people that he's tattooed (the artist whose credits i use for levi are linked in his journal if you want to look and pick something for levi to do), people who wouldn't mind getting to know him despite the fact he's pretty weird and definitely a pessimist, i'd even love the ex he was in a really toxic relationship with in new york, anything and everything I'M SORRY THIS IS SO LONG
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[29 Jul 2017|10:22am]

since i finally got it together and applied i want to throw her out there for lines. this is kash monroe she has only been living in the area for a few months and is still learning her way around. she is more americanized due to being adopted and growing up in the states. she made the move in hopes to find her parents which has pretty much come up empty. she decided to stay being that she fell in love with the place. she's a very dorky and weird soul who is often caught singing random songs or having little dance parties for no reason. in the states kash was a sponsored gamer and has a somewhat big following on youtube as well. these days she is taking a break and just trying to enjoy life. she has an obsession with food and would possibly marry it if she could but this also is the reason she tries to get to the gym as often as possible. her motivator comes in the form of [info]choice who wont let her miss a day of hitting the gym. she has a potential friendship with [info]starboy who she most likely admires his work out discipline.

i would love some friends, exes, casual hook ups and anyone really interested in putting up with her weirdness.
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[28 Jul 2017|03:35am]

so while i rustle up a better journal and all that nonsense would amber liu be wanted around for anything. i am a noob at all these beautiful asian faces but i still want to give it a go.
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[25 Jul 2017|10:55pm]

hey guys, now that ashe has stopped being such a damn hermit, i figured i'd throw him out there for some new lines since he doesn't have entirely too many and i'd like to refresh some of them. long story short, ashe hwang is a 25 year old chinatown, new york city native who moved to seoul when he was seventeen because his father got a job at the seoul branch of his advertising firm. he used to be a bank teller but told them to go fuck themselves and now works as a bartender while he works on his music in his free time. he's a dj, relatively well-known in the area especially in the LGBT circuit because he gets most of his gigs at the gay clubs. he's very hot and cold with people, has a hard shell to crack sometimes, and can be dry and sarcastic and probably downright mean to people without really meaning to be, but he's not that bad once you get to know him.

as for lines he has right now, his girlfriend/roommate is [info]zinthosraven, his best friend is [info]hexagram, his big-brother type is [info]malware and through the both of them he's getting to know [info]agape and [info]hichews, has a therapy friend in [info]pandu, an ex in [info]nokcha, and nyc friends in [info]choice and [info]chapssal if either of you are willing to keep those lines, along with other scattered ones i've set up along the way but forgotten. i'd love another ex or two, a guy or two he's hooked up with in the past for something interesting and fun, maybe some cousins. anything and everything.
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[24 Jul 2017|07:57pm]

Hello! I figured I might have a better shot posting here before ~pbads. I'm hoping to bring in Kuen Taemoon, an extremely shy 20-year-old Busan native. A lot of his details are still in the works but he's a student possibly studying dance? I'm not entirely sure yet but he does work part-time for a cleaning service. He has a best friend since forever (and roommate) in [info]goofygoober so any possible line connections through him would be amazing. Otherwise he can run hot or cold with people, as he suffers with a few issues he doesn't like to really talk about. He's a bit sheltered but trying to put himself out there and be a little more adventurous with life.

As far as lines, Moon needs almost everything. Maybe some friends from Busan, other dancers, anyone that knows Joon, I wouldn't mind any siblings or family for him as well, someone to take this kid out and show him there's a life to live outside of the apartment complex. Anything!
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[25 Jul 2017|01:08am]

i've decided to bring sora back into the game, and i'm thinking she's going to need some new lines. so this is sora kwak, a 21-year-old linguistics geek currently attending seoul national university for korean language and literature. she's a huge ball of energy, and either people embrace it and love it and make her their own or they decide right off the bat that she's just not really their type. she's a busan native who was sent to gwangju to stay with her grandparents when she was a wild little teenager, and while she does definitely still have her wild streak, she's been feeling a gradually growing sense of responsibility that keeps her staying focused and out of trouble (well, not always out of trouble, just sometimes). she speaks native korean, advanced english, and intermediate chinese, and will tutor anyone in any of these if they need it. and will probably teach people words even if they don't need it. because she's nerdy.

she has lovely friendships with [info]choice, [info]banchan, [info]kanga, [info]gochu, and [info]starboy that i hope that she will be able to revive. she has an intense amount of heart-eyes for [info]uyu. her ex-boyfriend is [info]hardstyle, and she is returning after finally getting past the fact she ruined her last relationship by making out with [info]pirouette on her birthday. (she couldn't help it. he's got really poofy lips.)

if anyone thinks sora would be good for any lines, i'd be more than willing to fill them for you! otherwise, i'd love having people that she tutors, classmates, and other crazy people that would love to have her.
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[23 Jul 2017|11:15am]

i couldn't stay away! this is jane 2.0, a 20 year old broadcasting student born and raised in seoul. she learned the harp from her mother and once considered making a living out of it, ultimately decided she was a lot more passionate about her chosen field of studies, but still occasionally plays at rich people's events. her father left a long time ago and since then her mother has moved back to thailand and married a man who finds jane's existence mildly embarrassing and is happy to pay for her to live in seoul. she is laid-back and generally a pleasant person to be around, will try anything once, tries to treat everyone well but cares a little too much about what people think, changes her mind often, frequently subject to fits of laughter, cries at anything sentimental.

i would love old classmates, unexpected friendships, people she quietly had crushes on, someone she met at a catastrophic kid birthday party where she worked dressed up as mermaid, someone to watch dramas or variety with, a han river picnic buddy, a childhood nemesis, or basically anything you'll throw at me! if we had something before let's figure out how to make it work (especially if it was related to dance or idol stuff because that's out)!
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[19 Jul 2017|12:38pm]

while i start piecing him together and making things less like a snowstorm in his journal, this is kim jun yeong. he'll answer to jun or his american name, donovan that i'm still deciding upon, lol. he was born and raised in cambridge, ma and is ~choice's childhood friend. they've been inseparable until jun's family moved back to seou before his sophomore year of high schooll. jun had always been involved with dance, in love with the rhythms and stylings of hip hop and breakdancing, getting involved at school and at a local dance studio in his neighborhood while he was in the states. the move to seoul didn't stop him from dancing, quickly picking up where he left off at the closest dance studio he could find. he was noticed almost immediately by his instructor who had often set him up to audition as a background dancer for several idols. his performances also got him noticed for his looks, booking smaller modeling gigs on the side (some gigs even got him the chance to work with another friend of his, ~soigne). he has a little bit of fame going for him, but it's not enough to move him out of the complex anytime soon.

in terms of lines, maybe an ex or two of the female persuasion (we can work out details), a crush of either gender, other dancers or models, anyone with connections to management companies that he could be contracted to work under, people he might have met through the work he did, a potential rival dancer, a job that isn't hit or miss like his modeling or dancing gigs, gym buddies because he likes to get his swoll on, drinking buddies, fellow korean-americans, neighbors, a roommate, anything! more than happy to brainstom new stuff, too.
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[18 Jul 2017|05:47pm]

hi everyone! i figured i should do another one of these since a lot of youngjae's major lines are gone and he has been a bit of a hermit lately since i've been busy. he's close with [info]shibal and is friends with [info]parachute, [info]choice and [info]mouthfeel too; he's also got a cousin in [info]senpai so any connections through them would be great!

he's 20 and a seoul native who's studying architecture at snu. despite being a hermit lately, he's a very positive and friendly person, sometimes a little bratty or whiny because he's like a big puppy dog in a giant's body. he's super lovey dovey and thinks romance is great so he loves hearing about people's love lives and playing matchmaker, those kinds of things. he's really into designing things and then making them reality, namely smaller pieces of furniture and other carpentry like things; he does it for fun and as a side cash thing too sometimes!

i would love any friends for him and even a roommate if anyone is looking for a new one! or even just custom buddies or people for him to randomly interact with or run into would be great! i'd love to brainstorm up some great stuff and get him out of his hole.
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[16 Jul 2017|12:38am]

hello! this is min jintae, he's the middle of the min triplets ([info]ppoppo's older brother). he works as a waiter at the hard rock cafe, goes to seoul national university's college of dentistry because he wants to appease his father by following in his footsteps even though cooking is his main passion. he's kinda shy (at first anyway) so he usually breaks the ice by cooking for someone and shoving food in their face like an old grandma. mostly everything else you need to know is here! i'm looking for anything, really. maybe a couple of friends who he cooks with or is trying to teach how to cook or even some nerdy friends who like science and stuff. maybe even an ex or anything like that. he's also good friends with [info]pikapika if that helps any connections!
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[14 Jul 2017|04:27pm]

hi! i thought i would post in here first before i start writing down his bio and see what lines he could fill for people! this is matthew min, also known as matt or matty. he's 25, from seattle, and moved to seoul straight after college to teach english. after a year of doing that, he went out on a limb and sent one of his production demos to sm entertainment and was shocked when they offered him an entry-level production job at the company. he'd been working at sm for around three years now and hasn't gotten to work with anyone extremely notable yet on his own, but he's slowly working his way up the ladder as he helps the more senior producers and whatnot.

he tends to fluctuate between being a ball of energy and chill, depending on whatever mood you catch him in or if he's run into a music roadblock. he also likes to be really reckless and do things typical of a daredevil. you might find him talking about skateboarding off the building's roof and realize that he might actually be serious about it, but don't be alarmed, maybe he'll have a parachute?? aside from all that, he likes to make people feel like they're having a good time and doesn't mind lending an ear to listen or an offer to fight whoever's bothering you. this is probably a big rambly mess but basically i'd like likes of all the kinds! fellow evel knievel types, musical folks, former coworkers when he used to teach english (maybe as part of a cram school program?), adventurers, people he runs into a lot on his lunch break, drinking friends!!!, friends from america, all the lines!
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