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[23 May 2018|07:49am]


super duper late for this post but i've just moved! hopefully this place is better than the nightmare i dealt with a couple weeks ago.. ANYWAY. this is arden pak, 25 years old, and a nurse who currently makes her rounds at seoul national university hospital alongside [info]stitches. when she's not at work (which she honestly loves), you can find her living off of convenience store ramyun, hosting harry potter marathons at her apartment with [info]hwajeon, or dancing/drinking the night away at [info]nightlife's club. she was born and raised in palisades park nj before her family moved to incheon when she was 15 and she's been residing at skyview terrace since the end of 2015. personality wise she's a very determined and hardworking gal who is always willing to lend the helping hand to whomever is in need of one. very friendly and never shy. she's the type of person who will strike up random conversations with complete strangers as if she's known them her whole life. she is fiercely loyal to her closest friends and would literally do anything for them. speaking of close friends, [info]doritocrumbs is her bestest buddy in the whole wide world and considers him family. as far as lines go, i am open to anything and everything because i am just looking forward to being here with all of you!

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[21 May 2018|09:08pm]

hey ho! i'm still in the middle of fleshing her out, but wanted to put my feelers out there for lines while i do so. this is bae yerim! she's a 25 year old bachelor's student studying psychology by day and a trouble making socialite by night. she makes her money as an amateur stylist and personal shopper, both for men and women, and has her own online clothing shop where she sells clothes from her own wardrobe every season when she changes over. she grew up with a single mother and is very protective over her younger siblings (a brother and a sister) because of their turbulent upbringing. their dad ditched the family when she was 12, but their mother had always been the breadwinner and their dad kind of a loser, so it was almost expected of him at some point. she's convinced that her childhood is the reason she went into psychology in the first place, and the reason she's starting school so late in her 20s - it took a long time to save the money to help make that happen and she also had to help raise her siblings. she's not totally a tsundere type, actually quite friendly and open to new people coming into her life, but it's noticeable once she starts getting closer to someone that she's seen some shit and suffers from anxiety/depression as a result. she's a lover of all things cats, makeup, house music, alcohol, late night ramyun runs, sleepovers on couches, random roadtrips, horror movies, tries her hand at writing poetry, and more things as i think of them.

i'm looking for her siblings (if anybody new is seeing this!), exes, current or past flings (any gender), a potential roommate, classmates, a best friend, anything else more interesting than this boring list!
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[21 May 2018|08:48pm]

a bit delayed, but anyone need lines this guy can fill? basics are: woojin, 27, gigolo/professional boyfriend, gets grumpy/sharp tongued but is working on being nicer when he doesn't have financial incentive to do so. loves luxury goods, spending money, and making bad decisions. he's in need of friends, siblings or cousins, exes, flings, people who knew him in high school when he was a studious nerd, people connected to any of his (rich) girlfriends, frenemies, good influences, anything he can fill because his background is flexible!
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[17 May 2018|06:15pm]

hey guyyyys! this is lee taeyoung played by the lovely zico. he's a 27 year old south korea native that was born out of wedlock. his dad was in the army at the time and his mom was not expecting to get pregnant from a one night stand. anyway, long story short. taeyoung was born and went to live with his grandparents for awhile until his mom was about 24 and was able to have a better, more solid relationship with him. growing up, he was always very smart, intelligent, curious, and getting into everything by reading and studying, wanting to know all he could about every subject possible. his brain was a sponge when it came to knowledge. he especially wanted to learn english, since he had planned on going to college eventually in the states, which he did. he ended up going to nyc for business administration, which he excelled at, getting a 3.94 GPA once he graduated. once he ended up back home though, his mom wanted to throw him a graduation party and his dad ended up showing up. the man whom he actually had never met in his life, and who had supposedly wanted nothing else to do with his mom after that night. it still was a mystery why he had showed back up in his life, but taeyoung is trying to connect with him, even though it is strained. he currently is a co-founder with [info]malware at their entertainment group, but the grand opening date is still to be determined. i am open to anything and everything! he is going to (hopefully) be in apartment #111 so first floor neighbors, and possibly maybe half siblings, since his father was probably a whore ;-) also anyone that knows, ~malware, that might want to throw something my way as well! come at me, bro.
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[17 May 2018|08:32am]

hello folks! i figured i would pop in here right before i apply and see what fishes i can hook as far as potential storylines are concerned.

okay, a little history on my guy. i do have a little blurb about him in his journal if you wanted to check that out, but i can summarize here real quick. his name is min jongsu, 26 years old, born and raised in SK, has a deaf younger brother so he knows KSL, and has no interest in schooling or anything like that. that is a sad little nutshell... haha, anyway! he is a mover at a moving company and spends his free time stargazing. basically, he's a nerd with muscles.

i'm hoping to have him in apartment number 112. i'm not really sure what to ask for as far as storylines go. if anyone's ever moved... yeah, this is a failboat of an attempt. i'm sorry! perhaps friends from high school that he lost touch with that happen to live in this building, maybe fellow astronomy lovers, someone who wants to learn KSL? He has such a nurturing nature and would love to teach someone. throw ideas at me :3
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[16 May 2018|12:59pm]

greetings this is oliver chu, 22 year old construction worker hailing from vegas originally. he was passed around between family members a lot as a child because his parents had him when they were still in high school so it was basically like a game of hot potato until they were on their feet. because of this oliver is a mishmash of different customs/morals/etc and knows basic korean from his grandparents but received very little cultural or language input from other more americanized members of his family. said family is also full of constant petty drama which oliver got caught up in as he grew older and more reckless without a lot of supervision. after turning gambling age he went wild to say the least and wound up on a talk show to sort his life out (sadly he did not reach cash me outside levels of fame). instead he got shipped to his aunt in korea since laws are a lot more strict here and her stern teacher ways got him in order pretty quick. eventually though it became to be too much of a full house especially after she became pregnant so he had to find somewhere else to live which ended up being skyview with [info]lacktoast.

i would love to build some other lines! he's been in the country for a little under a year so any connections during that time would be great. maybe a girl he met at a language exchange or something who he dated for a few months, people he's met on the set of commercials/movies/music videos whenever he's playing an extra in the background because it's nice extra money, anyone who saw his episode of dr. phil, neighbors to run into on early mornings (he's in 106), people he's helped with various maintenance issues since he's very handy, any and all lines welcome
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[15 May 2018|07:19pm]

hello all! please bear with me because i suck at this, but this is seungyoon! he was around in a slightly different form a few months back and now he's being Reinvented. some of this is subject to change but i at least have the basics! yoon is 22 and currently attending k-arts, where he studies fine arts, and has an internship at a so-far-undecided fashion magazine. ultimately he wants to be a photographer and is accordingly always lugging around a camera, and uses friends as models all the time whether they like it or not. he also studied abroad for a year at the university of the arts london, but returned around two years ago. other than that he's lived in seoul his whole life. personality wise yoon is almost overly nice sometimes, typically fairly shy and quiet but well meaning and just awkward. he takes a bit of time to warm up to people but once he is comfortable, he's much more talkative and will expound on the history of fashion photography or basketball or whatever subject he's discovered and found interesting this week. also sarcasm and bad jokes. befriend him at your own risk.

i just wanted to get the basics out and throw him out there for all kinds of lines! so far [info]trooper is a pretty significant ex boyfriend, but i would love anything else! family, friends (childhood friends especially would be great!), a roommate, coworkers and other students, possibly a fling or short lived relationship that fizzled out, the other artsy people to bond with, uhh anything we could come up with that would be fun
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[14 May 2018|11:53pm]

hello! i figured i should ask here while i'm still fleshing him out! would doyoung here be wanted for anything in particular? i've got a few basics on him at the moment, but would love to fill some lines if anyone thinks he could fit before i flesh out the rest tonight!

*update* okay so now that he's come together a little more! yoogun here is a 22 year old bartender for [info]nightlife and also a freelance photographer that has submitted work to a few places but he hasn't really taken off with all...yet. he's a middle child that was predominately born and raised in seoul. he has a childhood friend in [info]ofstorybooks, which typically is the sugar to his saltiness from time to time. he also has been friends with [info]akachan since high school. personality wise he can come off a little cold or distant, but he just takes a little bit of time to warm up to others. shiny objects can be distracting for him and his mind will wonder with the attention span of a cat. aside from all that he did travel in the states, and possibly elsewhere during college so there's a possibility for more lines from those abroad.

lines wise he could use some siblings or other family members. a roommate would be great. maybe an ex that could have been serious. flings he's had throughout. someone that brings out his devious side rather then helping him stay out of trouble. all the late night folk for customs and movies. annnnd everything else for that matter!
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[14 May 2018|01:41pm]

hiya! before i get too deep into making him, is yuta wanted for anything specific?

eta: i have a little more on him now! this is kaito takahashi, born and somewhat raised somewhere in the USA because i'm indecisive, but he moved to seoul for high school when his mother remarried a korean man. he's a middle child and has some of those complexes that come with it but for the most part he's pretty driven and focused on the endgame. he's a vet tech at animal rescue korea while going to seoul national university for his doctorate to become a licensed veterinarian and as such he usually prefers animals to humans and tends to adopt any animal that needs a home. that said he's not a total downer and he enjoys spending time with people. he can come off as a little tsundere but he's a real softie deep down and anyone who's seen him with animals can cosign this.

i could still use just about everything but a roommate! friends from the us, more high school friends, maybe an ex or two but nothing too serious, if anyone's looking to bring someone in i'd love to get his siblings around. let's figure something out.
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[13 May 2018|09:00pm]

hello! i'm still trying to figure some things out but this is mingyu. he's 28 and was born in busan. he had a perfectly normal childhood until his parents separated when he was 12 years old and his mother remarried a dutch guy when ming was 14 forcing him to relocate to rotterdam. the move and his parents' divorce made him act out and butt heads with his step father, but they have a great relationship nowadays. he's always been passionate about food, particularly chocolate as it was always available for comfort whenever he was going through a hard time. when it was time to go to college he talked his parents into funding a gap year which he spent in belgium learning about the fine art of making chocolate as his dream was (still is) to become a chocolatier. however, his gap year ended and he was forced to go to college and learn real life skills to pay the bills so he settled on becoming an accountant. i'm still trying to define the timeline of his military service, but for now he's in seoul trying his luck after a much needed change of scenery.

personality-wise, he's really laid back and incredibly loyal once he considers somebody a real friend. he has foot in mouth disease but he honestly means well, he's just awkward with words, which turns some people off. he can usually be found roaming every chocolate store in seoul and trying to persuade people into buying what he believes is the better chocolate, just picture him spewing out random chocolate facts like this. as for lines, he could use just about everything! since he's new to the bulding he has no connections whatsoever so whatever you got that he could fill, he's your guy!
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[11 May 2018|04:23pm]

tgif! i'm trying to clean her up right now sorry if any of this changes. i have kitty here, yes it's her real name and yes she knows it's goofy. she's 22 and has a complicated background comprised of moving around europe a lot until her teens when she moved to japan, then to seoul a few years ago when she found the name of her birth father and her half-siblings. her passion is decorating baked goods, mostly cookies. eventually she wants to have her own dessert cafe themed around it. the catch is she's lactose intolerant so she'd be grateful to have anyone who can taste test the more dairy based products or anyone brave enough to try her veganized versions. moving around a lot has made her a little awkward and gets mixed up when it comes to languages, customs and stories but she's friendly enough, she likes creepy things, anything pink, 70s/80s japanese music, the sea, collecting dolls, pinterest, and art galleries to name a few things. her takes on pop culture can be dated but she likes to learn and loves to gossip. she has a hot temper and a problem with being wrong. she can hold a grudge for years but for someone she considers a true friend she'll do anything for them including helping to bury the bodies.

her only lines so far are a half brother in [info]stencil and a possible something with [info]tofu. she's been in the building since mid 2016 so aside from family she could use a roommate who doesn't mind her stress baking at odd hours or weekly mukbangs, anyone she's had a brief fling or encounter with, made a wrong first impression with, become fiercely protective of, customers at the ice cream shop she works at or anything else.
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[11 May 2018|05:57am]

hey hi hello everyone! i might make a few tweaks but for now this is finn! he's 23 and he hails from new zealand. his family moved to seoul when he was 17 and so he's bilingual with a little bit of maori knowledge. he's very fond of his homeland and still goes back and forth to visit his family there often. he also has a pretty big family with three siblings and they're fairly wealthy though he doesn't like to show it off. his parents shoved him into a bunch of things but art is the one thing that stuck with him so he first attended k-arts for a degree in fine arts and just recently started their graduate program.

personality wise he's a friendly, kind guy. he usually doesn't talk about his family history because he doesn't want people to judge him and tries to make his own way in the world. he's a huge romantic at heart, both with his work and personally, so he loves all sorts of cheesy stuff. he can be pretty silly and has a few interests he considers a little nerdy but is trying to branch out into different things to help him figure out what to do after uni. he absolutely hates confrontation and is a bleeding heart so he tries to do his best to get along with everyone and it takes a lot to make him angry or get on his bad side. when people manage that he still keeps it civil because he doesn't like to spend his energy on grudges or negativity. his life is basically a tumblr of dramatic poetry, dramatic inspiration moodboards and dramatic lana del rey influences but it's for The Aesthetic instead of actually living it. he's pretty much just an artsy embarrassing dweeb who's a bit of a goof.

as for lines he only has [info]lacktoast as a half sister so he can use pretty much anything other than family! any other artsy types to work or bond with would be great, especially if there might be other k-arts students around. i think there are quite a bit english speakers so he could be added to the fold there as well. i'd love friends or perhaps a place to put him for a part time job, some neighbors to stick him near and anything else we can think up!
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[10 May 2018|05:10pm]

Who would you guys prefer to see, NCT's Lucas or Mark? 🤔 Or Johnny 😱 Lucas it is, thanks everyone! I will return to harass you all!
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[09 May 2018|11:09pm]

hello apts! i'm still getting things together so this is all a bit up in the air, but i was hoping to fish for lines while i figure out the rest of his things? this is dominic woo, he's 24, and living in seoul for the moment (his words) and originally from london. he's the youngest of two and his parents divorced when he was around nineteen with his mom going back to live in korea after the split. he's only been living in seoul for about a year now in an effort to reconnect with his mom but to also write about his travels, which is his career of sorts though it's mostly him wandering around and writing about what he sees, hoping a publication will pick it up. he's been writing since he's graduated university and though he doesn't have an exuberant life by any means, he makes enough (barely) to get by and to write more. he's not sure if he wants to stay in seoul permanently but is making a point to travel around korea and is probably in it for the long run until he feels like he needs to pack up and see somewhere else at length.

that said, he does tend to float around a lot and is very solidly an introvert. he's definitely a wallflower and needs a bit of a nudge in social situations, but he certainly tries his best. at most, he's kind of directionless and drifted towards seoul after exploring england and europe for awhile and in a lot of ways is trying to find himself without the 'eat, pray, love' kind of scenario (except that it kind of totally is). he's mostly trying to get to know his mom again and korea since he didn't get to visit often when he was younger.

but! he could use about everything! things i'm hoping for him: a roommate, a travel friend, seoul tour guides, beyond seoul tour guides (like jeju, busan, daegu, gwangju, etc.), neighbors, english speakers since his korean is a bit shaky, outgoing types to help him out of his shell, maybe once upon a time flings or exes (of both genders)?
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[09 May 2018|08:12pm]

hi, finally! this might end up being a lot shorter than planned because i'm starting to get a headache and i need to go lay down, but let me throw down some basics for you all so hopefully i can get lines fleshed out before saturday adds.

this is cameron kotchanan, 22 years old and born in chiang mai to a thai-american mother and a native thai father. they all lived in thailand until cameron was about ten years of age, and that's when cameron's mom ended up getting a job in us politics so they packed up and moved to washington d.c where his father ended up opening a small, humble little restaurant. cam was a pretty awkward teenager so he didn't have too many friends throughout elementary school, and really only had close ties with [info]muzi (who should be around here soon!) once he and his family moved to dc. the two of them shared interests and dreams which led to them making a pact at probably a really adorable sleepover that they'd head down the same road together and move to korea once they both graduated.

cam's had skills in drawing since a young age, but he knew that drawing alone wasn't where the money was so he decided early on to get into coding and creating technology for people to share. shortly after graduating high school, he finished his first mobile game app which was wildly similar to flappy bird. it unexpectedly gained a ton of traction and was the most popular game in the app store for quite a while. cameron loved the success, but once the death threats started rolling in from people who couldn't beat the game, he decided it would be in his best interest to delete the app off the face of the earth. now he lives comfortably (and paranoid) from the money he made thanks to the apps short success.

so yeah, i don't think i actually stated it anywhere above because i'm tired and my head is killing me but cam is an independent mobile app designer/developer alongside [info]muzi and [info]jinjja but we're still ironing out a lot of details, so stay tuned for those!

he's in korea on a student visa, attending snu and playing soccer on a scholarship for their team. he loves sports, and could ramble on and on about soccer so please don't entertain it or his quiet nature will suddenly be replaced with his annoyingly chatty alter-ego. the same thing happens when he drinks, though, so that's much more advised. get him drunk pls. but speaking of drinking, cameron is also a divorcee lmao. he fell in love with a girl shortly after starting college at snu, and they eloped on a vacation to las vegas. said wife disappeared the next morning, leaving cam to move on with the annulment that same afternoon. woosh.

i have so much more here but i'll probably end up editing it to death before saturday anyway since i'm still figuring out the finer details with ~muzi and ~jinjja. i could use any lines for him besides two best friends and co-workers. i'm not sure if anyone else here played soccer, but it'd be fun to have that one friend on an opposite team who he'd only get to see during away games, fellow snu students, a roommate, people who he thrusts his new app ideas on, fellow star wars fanatics, artsy types he can relate to, ex-flings (m or f) that didn't end up working out, or maybe someone who was turned off by the fact that he was married for a day, anyone who has dogs he could cuddle, foodie friends, maybe a fun group of people to take annual trips to thailand with, fellow dumb americans, etc.
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[07 May 2018|11:01pm]

i'm still working him out totally but before i finish doing that, i'm going to post here! this is kim yubin. he was born and raised in seoul, his parents are loving and kind and well liked by many and yubin is the middle child of three and the only son. he's extremely spontaneous, if not a little bit of a flake, but he's a sweet guy. he's just hard to rely on at times because he's got a terrible memory and is somewhat unpredictable. or predictably unpredictable, if you get to know him well enough.

yubin went to school at san diego state university for four years, where he majored in radio and television and minored in general music. music is his big passion and he doesn't really play any instruments or anything, but he's big on wanting to be in radio. his biggest dream is to host a really popular and well loved radio show all on his own someday but as of right now he's just working at a radio station, basically learning the ropes. he's on the radio sometimes, but generally off peak hours when only his mom is listening.

he moved back to seoul after graduating from college last year and moved into the apartment building not long after, when he got a job at a station nearby. i'm trying to think of what else is important and should be mentioned but honestly, i'm drawing a blank. he could use anything at all like a roommate, some friends he's known his whole life (or at least a good portion of it) and people who humor his spontaneous side. maybe a couple flings of either gender, although he's never really done a serious relationship because of the whole being a giant flake thing but hit me up and we can brainstorm!
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now in the right place, how embarrassing... (*>ω<*) [06 May 2018|09:52am]

while i try to put the last little touches on his bio, i figured i'd throw him out for some lines. this is han kang-jun, 32 years old, born and raised in seoul, and recently moved into the building as of some time in 2017 after a divorce from his wife of five years. he's a graduate of yonsei university's school of medicine and currently works as a physician's assistant at a hospital i've yet to establish, much to his father's joy being a board member of a life insurance company, and has a four year old daughter, su-hyeon, who is around from time to time to visit and basically drag him away from workaholism. he's pretty reserved and sticks to himself most of the time, especially coming off the troubles with his wife and adjusting to life as it is now, but he'll have to get out eventually even if he's lingering on the older side of the residents and probably comes off like it too. eta. had to age him up a little to accommodate military service.

line-wise, he's family friends with [info]doritocrumbs and [info]ofstorybooks who also babysits his munchkin, neighbors and fellow yonsei alum with [info]lovelock, and with out buddies with [info]stitches. admittedly, being a recent resident might make it a little difficult, but i'm willing to work out whatever possible—neighbors (he'll be in 104 308), friends, possible sitters if he gets called to the hospital unexpectedly, patients or anyone else he may know through the medical field starting 2014, yonsei connections from 2003 to 2011, military connections from 2012 to 2014, family in the form of cousins, so on and so forth.
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[05 May 2018|10:40pm]

before i get too involved in his bio, is there a need/want for a ten pb around? could he fill anything?
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[05 May 2018|03:49pm]

now that i have applied him, let's see what kind of lines can happen here! introducing moon hajun who is a kooky little thing with a very open mind and is a grand lover of new experiences. he really enjoys having a good time and can be the dreamy sort without any kind of filter. the type who nearly always says what he is thinking. he traveled a lot as a kid but was pretty solid in seoul from the time he was seven onward when his parents left him with his grandparents. he's going to school for journalism but also wants to write trashy romance novels on the side and downlow. who doesn't need a little trash in their lives, after all?

so far, he has a roommate in [info]stitches, a friend in [info]seel, an arrangement with [info]malware and a childhood friend i think with [info]doritocrumbs.

would love more friends! someone to keep him grounded and an eye on him because he's super trusting. fellow artsy types would be fun, poetry slam partners, dance partners, karaoke fiends, an ex maybe where they're still super close (either gender), the hermione and ron to his harry to complete a golden trio of amazing. and any other type of line, come at me. oh and if anyone would want to be his secret half sister that would be fantastic and so much fun to work out.
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[02 May 2018|06:16am]

hi everyone! i'm bringing in eunbi, my jinsoul pb, and i wanted to be able to get a few more lines before i apply! she's a really perky and bohemian self-described 'glinda the good witch' who is obsessed with holistic medicine, fashion and culture magazines, and new age things. on any given day, she's creating homemade spiritual energy candles for her friends, jamming as a keyboardist with her band stargazer (with [info]doritocrumbs and [info]undercut), or folding cable-knit cardigans as a part-time employee at a-land. she's lived in seoul her entire life, and her older cousin is [info]hwajeon. she also has a very odd kinship with [info]stitches. music and writing are her two biggest passions, and she aspires to run her own publication someday, whether it's a magazine or a webzine-style blog. she's currently in her final year at hankuk university of foreign studies, where she majors in media.

right now i'm open to pretty much any line, especially while her details are rough, so if anyone needs any particular lines filled, let me know. i'd also love a roommate, other ladies to join her strange coven of friends, the joey to her phoebe buffay, co-workers, an ex or post-fling (m/f or even poly exes because yolo), musicians she jams with, and someone who makes sure she doesn't get into any trouble as she's particularly gullible.
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