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[19 Oct 2017|04:11pm]

hello! i'm trying this again with a few tweaks. this is daniel and he's 22, he's from london but was born in seoul to a young single mother who passed away while he was a newborn and he was adopted shortly after that. he's spent his entire life in the uk and is now exploring his background at the urging of his parents and has been in seoul for about a year. he also went to university for early education so is going to be teaching english to younger children in the upcoming school year. he's an only child and was very fawned upon and a bit sheltered growing up so he can be kind of reserved and shy when it comes to meeting new people. he's more of an introvert who likes to observe but he does his best to be friendly to everyone and get himself out there. he's generally kind and can be silly once he's more comfortable though it takes a bit for him to let loose completely. he does have a drier sense of humor and can be a little awkward though he tries his best to have a good time with everyone.

he has no connections so he can use all of the lines! any sorts of friends or people who have taken pity on his language barrier, or if there are any other people from the uk are about would be great. maybe other teachers or tutors he can work with or someone he runs into now and then also. since he was pretty protected growing up maybe a few friends or people to pull him into being more extraverted and adventurous, possibly some earlier dates that ended up super awkward when he wasn't great at speaking korean, or maybe a roommate if someone needs one. he can really use anything but family so i would also love to fill lines if possible!
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[18 Oct 2017|05:18am]

hello hello, i always pick the very worst times to do these sorts of things but i still haven't learned, so this is kwon yongchul and he's a seoul native, born and raised. he is currently 26/27 years old, but will be 27/28 in february. he went to seoul national university law school and graduated from there and then immediately took up his place at his grandfather's law firm, also located in seoul. his father worked there up until a year or two ago, but retired due to health reasons and so yongchul got a heftier workload. he's definitely a little bit of a workaholic, but he's a good dude. he's successful but not the type to flaunt his success in a big way. he's kind of boring at times because he grew up pretty quickly since his parents always basically had his entire life planned out for him and he never really got the chance to be a rebellious youth. people who meet him probably think he's much older than he actually is because he rarely acts like he's in his twenties at all. he's got a secret soft spot for sob stories however, and will go out of his way to help people in need, which means that he takes a lot of cases that his firm wouldn't normally take. he's also got a big old shameful thing for dramas and romcoms and will never admit to it, but horror movies and gore really kind of freaks him out. he's pretty athletic, played baseball all through school and probably could have gone professional, had it not interfered with his life goal of being a boring lawyer like his father and grandfather. he has a dog named dubu that he loves so much that he sometimes brings him to work too.

so basically, yongchul is an old geezer lawyer guy who probably has a hard time relating to the youths, enjoys a good drama or romantic comedy now and then, has a heart of gold. i would really love anything at all and if you can't think of anything that yongchul could fill then just comment me anyway and i'll try to use all my brain power to think of something awesome. he could use family friends, maybe a girl his parents really want him to marry but he's just like "how about a nice handshake" after every date because he's not good with stuff like that, maybe the one or two exes he's ever had in his life because again, not good. anyone who has ever needed any sort of help can also come to him and basically give me stuff, thank you
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[16 Oct 2017|07:28pm]

hiii, everyone. i have bom jaewon here, a native to ulsan born the first son into a chaebol family. growing up with money to his name, life was pretty simple. he was popular in high school, spent dad's money like crazy, and was tailor made into the perfect heir. once high school was over, jaewon came to terms with his urge to act and star in dramas, so he covertly enrolled himself in performing arts school rather than business at seoul national like his father had intended for him, which was only the first strike against his father on a seemingly never-ending list. after a few months or so in college, jaewon got a taste of the ~normal~ life. parties until five am, sexual experimentation, you name it and he probably did it. jaewon also very publicly fell in love with a dude during those first few months of college, which ended up being quite toxic in the sense that mysteriously, saucy videos of him leaked onto the internet resulting in immediate plucking from the bom family tree.

now that he really has no connections to speak of, he's living alone, going to school while working at the local mcdonald's and living paycheck to tiny paycheck while he attempts to work his way back up to heir status. jaewon also models for esteem, his only salvation and claim to normalcy. i'll have a bit more in his bio later on tonight, but for now i would love any lines that you might want to throw at me. a roommate, potential neighbors, someone who recognizes him from his salacious videos who jaewon does everything in his power currently to side-step, fellow model friends, fellow wannabe actor friends, people who listen to him complain at mcdonald's, family friends, the ex who leaked his videos, etc. i'm game for anything!
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[11 Oct 2017|03:34pm]

alright, i think it's time i try and toss him out to the wolves again. his attempts to be social will end up taking years to complete so i figured why not see if i could put a rush order on that, just a tiny one. so here's a bit of a re-intro for taemoon here. he is a 25 year old busan native that moved some point after high school and eventually landed himself in the 1M Studios as a dance instructor. personality wise he tends to take a good amount of time to warm up to someone so his first impressions tend to be on the extremely shy, reserved, slightly odd side most times, but once he is comfortable he does a 180. he's a pleasant person, thoughtful and analytical at times, he likes giving but this can often be seen as being taken advantage of (and might be the case from time to time). he's naive but he's learning, slowly. his anti-social habits have been his hugest hump to get over but he's trying to get himself out there more, just needs some steady nudges. he's got a co-worker and friend in [info]rhymeregiment. He's known [info]agape since they were younger, having known his family growing up. He works with the 1M crew and that's just a lot of names to put down so they all know who they are! Also has friends in [info]hardstyle and [info]pirouette though he needs to bother them more.

I would love to be able to expand him out a little more and maybe find some more people for him to nag randomly, a pen pal he doesn't even realize lives in the same building as him. friends from back in busan. maybe an attempted setup/blind date that went horrible, or maybe not so bad but moon is oblivious to most things so could be hilarious. anything really!
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[10 Oct 2017|12:38am]

hello friends, i'm still tinkering with this guy's bio but i figured i'd snoop around in here for some lines before i get too deep into it. this is eric liu, and he's a 24 year old native of san francisco, california. obviously, with it being san francisco, he had a very forward-thinking and openminded upbringing, i'm thinking he possibly was raised by two men but that's not set in stone, and he's a bit of a wanderer as a result. he ended up in seoul an indeterminate amount of time ago when he got catfished by a korean girl who ended up not being what she said she was. he spent all of his money getting to seoul, so he's been working his ass off to either just make ends meet to be able to stay in the city or be able to afford to go back home. as far as personality goes, he doesn't take any shit because he's been through some life stuff but he's also kind of a fuckboy, a massive flirt and is charming especially when he needs something. he doesn't really have a dream at this point, just looking to be able to support himself, but his real passion is in music.

so far his only connection is through [info]wino as his basically lifelong penpal turned real friend but i'd love someone whose couch he surfed on for the first six months/year or so, some ex-flings (male or female, he doesn't discriminate but he also has commitment issues for obvious reasons), a current roommate who he's just recently been able to go half on rent with, some american friends maybe, a part time job he could work at and coworkers. maybe even the girl (or, plot twist, guy) who catfished him for something fun and intense? i have plenty of ideas, let me have it!
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[09 Oct 2017|11:36am]

Since Woo here is going to be running around, terrorizing people again with both legs and arms in working order, it is probably a good time to throw one of these up since he did kind of hermit himself post-accident. So, this is Ahn Woojin, 91er going on probably age six, but I’m pretty sure he isn’t going to make it beyond age five in maturity, resident auto mechanic who has an actual paying gig at Harley Davidson in Jung-gu, but will still help everyone fix their vehicles and appliances. You know, like if someone breaks a washing machine or something. He was born and raised for a good chunk of his childhood in Brea, California where his father worked for Suzuki Motors until moving to Changwon at age 9 when his father took another position with KR Motors. His mother, on the other hand, is an American-born elementary school teacher who somehow manages to put up with the Woos and their speed demon ways. He graduated from KAIST before moving into Skyview Terrace shortly thereafter, and the rest is history.

As for lines, he has a handful of core ones: [info]sunglass is his childhood best friend/roommate/heart eyes and, as such, he frequents Best Seller quite a bit, and [info]malware is his cousin. He had a ~thing with [info]nokcha that has made things fairly awkward now, and has friends in [info]kanga, [info]rhymeregiment, [info]pepero, [info]hexagram and [info]pirouette. If I have missed you, I apologize. If we don’t have a line, let’s make one. He can pretty much use anything—more friends, fellow gear heads, drinking buddies, exes, people he crosses paths with pretty regularly one way or another, patrons of Best Seller which probably catch him in there being the obnoxious friend he is, fellow California natives, the person notorious for breaking laundry room appliances and people with more car problems than they can count, dongsaengs, this, that, the other, kitchen sinks… etc.
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[07 Oct 2017|04:32am]

once upon a time, many moons ago, i posted in here and then i sucked and i faded into an abyss from which i just barely escaped, so i'm trying again and changing things up. hello compatriots, this is ara who has no last name just yet. she's probably around 21 and works at a big movie theater nearby. she's attending school for something i haven't decided yet because i'm wildly indecisive but she really loves her job at the movie theater because she loves movies of all sorts. her big dreams as of right now are to either do something in movies, or to do something with make up (or perhaps both, should she get really lucky). she's a genuinely nice person and loves to take care of people, so if anyone around her is ever sick she's all for running to the pharmacy to grab medicine or making soup or porridge. she's happy to feed people just in general. i'm still working her out fully and i've left some things a bit vague on purpose in case people need any serious lines filled, so i figured i'd post in here and fish around. if anyone needs family, i can totally do that, i'm down for anything! i'd love a roommate as well, some friends, maybe other movie buffs who like to chat with her about all the movies ever. honestly anything, just hit me up!
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[06 Oct 2017|07:59am]

i've been really bad about getting him out there lately, and i've missed a lot of intros (re-intros) so i thought i'd do this instead of trying to hit up old posts. this is tae, a seoul native who hasn't ever been outside of south korea (though he speaks english fairly well because his mother is american). he's a 95er currently working on his masters degree for social work. he's very social, trusting and loving, probably to the point of naivité. he gets attached easily to everyone and is a little bit obsessed with dogs. he could really use a little bit of everything right now: his older sister, cousins, close friends, exes (his first boyfriend in particular), study buddies regardless of the subject, people to drag him out on adventures, hyung & noona types to spoil him (and for him to be bratty too) and anything else we can cook up!

his current lines include a best friend in [info]drifblim, childhood best friends in [info]pikapika & [info]soigne, close friends in [info]parachute [info]pirouette & [info]ppoppo, a turbulent ex-girlfriend in [info]juice, a noona type in [info]pepero and a hyung type in [info]kanga! i would really love to rejuvenate lines, or even gain some new lines through old connections 💕
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[30 Sep 2017|10:05pm]

i desperately need to shove him outside of his hermit hole so i thought i'd fish around for lines because he needs more friends and people to talk to! the majority of you probably know about aaron, but i'll toss out a little overview anyway. aaron is a 23 year old registered nurse for the snu children's hospital. he mukbangs on the side and has his own little tiny following on youtube! aaron grew up with a psychic medium for a mother and a businessman for a father, though his father passed away from a stroke his senior year of high school. he still manages to stay happy, though! he loves people and loves talking, and is generally a weird tall hyper little pup. i'm down to brainstorm anything, reinvigorate current lines, or we can do friends through friends, whatever! he just needs a few more people to bother
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[30 Sep 2017|02:02am]

so heyy guys, i am also going to do another one of these because it's been a while and there are so many lovely new friends shin could be making if i didn't suck 80% of the time!

anyway this is lee an-shin, more widely known as just shin. resident sunshine and naive brat, instructor at 1million dance studio, native of seoul, doting boyfriend to [info]ppoppo, co-owner of three very spirited pets with big personalities, and friend to everyone. he was born and raised in seoul, went to school with [info]altaria and [info]soigne, and then went to school for IT stuff where he met [info]parachute. after finishing school and working boring IT stuff for a while he decided to go with his passion of dancing and became an instructor at 1million dance studio where he works with [info]pirouette, [info]selca and go, since he's been dancing since he was a wee tot. happens when his mother was a principal dancer for the korean national ballet before having him as a single mother so his outlook is a little... less than traditional. he's got a half brother in [info]clefable and a cousin in [info]mockingbirds, good friends/hyungs who he loves to have dote on him in [info]choice, [info]kanga and [info]malware, good friends in [info]biaswrecker, [info]uyu, [info]beacon, and probably other people i forgot so remind me if i forgot and we'll strengthen their connection!

personality-wise, he is friendly, loving, bubbly, slightly bratty but optimistic and sweet, and is very doting and nurturing on top of being incredibly loyal so once he loves you, you have a shin-shaped growth forever basically. so let him love you!
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[30 Sep 2017|12:11am]

as i put the finishing touches on him let me introduce you to niko, a 24 year old hairstylist who grew up in korea (hometown not set in stone so i'm open to whatever lines people might need!) after finishing high school he went to the aveda institute in los angeles where he completed their cosmetology program. during that time he met a girl he ended up in a 90 day fiance sort of situation with, but after that fell through spectacularly he had to come back home and rebuild his life in seoul. this involved gaining experience at a couple different salons before settling at his current one where he's worked for two years. he likes his job because it allows him to live vicariously through his clients' fascinating stories. generally niko has a fear of missing out but a lack of motivation to seize memorable experiences for himself. he's a bit scattered as a person, always jumping from hobby to hobby - he's that guy at a party who is like "hey watch me solve a rubik's cube" and by the end of the night it looks worse than it did when he started. he also questionably plays drums for [info]pokemon's shitty garage band and dabbles in so many other things he never moves past novice level in any of them. overall he doesn't take anything very seriously and likes to laugh at himself and life.

for lines how about a roommate, anyone he could have met during his time in california, flings m/f with some funny details, a more serious relationship he ruined by forgetting or dropping the ball on every possible important occasion, clients new and old but especially guinea pigs who stuck with him through the development of his skills, maybe a client who he made a mistake on as a baby stylist and always gives discounts to now, any company trainee hopefuls who witnessed the unintentional comedy acts that were his auditions back in the day, someone with actual money whose stuff he drools over, whatever else i have tons of ideas!
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[29 Sep 2017|06:14am]

hi guys, i'm doing this again because it's been 84 years since my last one and go kind of went through a weird little phase of weirdness that i'm still trying to pull him out of, but i figured it couldn't hurt to do one of these again!

so for those of you who do not know, this is min gyongohn but he prefers to go by go and generally won't answer to his full name/doesn't give it out anyway. he is originally from daegu, is the youngest out of four children but is one in a set of triplets ([info]beacon is the middle triplet, the eldest triplet is still being hunted down) and his older sister is [info]lovelock. he is dating [info]pikapika and they live together with two cats (fuzz and orion) and their puppy (noodles). go moved to seoul almost four years ago now with his brothers and his childhood friend [info]biaswrecker and got a job at the grand hyatt in seoul where he worked up until several months ago. now he works at 1million dance studio, he was briefly an instructor there but due to some weird peter pan complex, he couldn't handle being in charge and opted instead to become an assistant (particularly to shin) and also sometimes hangs around answering phones and stuff because he's a lovely bubbly personality generally. he's also got close friends in [info]choice, [info]kanga, [info]altaria, is getting to know [info]parachute better and if i forgot you just kick me right in the shins (no pun intended, please don't kick his boyfriend) because i definitely didn't do it on purpose! he's sucked a little bit lately, but he's working on being better. as far as his attitude, he's a sweet little thing that's just bursting with unexpressed aegyo and likes being doted on and treated like a dongsaeng because again, peter pan complex. please love him and pat him gently and affectionately on the head a lot
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[27 Sep 2017|08:32pm]

alright, alright. after being wishy-washy over a pb and taking a hundred years to write a bio, i've finally decided to bring in ol' brian here. this is going to be short but sweet since i have class in the morning, but this is jeon sejun or sj, whichever you prefer. twenty-three years old, born in cheongju (can be fixed for potential cradle2thegrave lines), raised in seoul, short stint in san francisco so that he could attend art school to get his bfa in painting. currently lives in itaewon and teaches art therapy at hanyang cyber university. sejun also owns his own small off-site art studio which he really practically lives in, and he plays bass every other weekend or so for a crappy garage band that will never really go anywhere it's just an excuse since youngk always has guitars in his pictures. :'( woe is me. he spends a lot of time perfecting his instagram (tentative art credit) and playing with his pup lupin. a self proclaimed potterhead, lover of pokemon, cooking, torturing himself by doing physical activities otherwise he's sort of a slob, loves to do charity work/volunteer places, cartoons/animated films, long conversations, getting to know people, people in general. he's a blank slate at the moment, so i need anything from family, maybe an ex fling or two (f/m), a childhood friend, someone who will play pokemon go with him free of judgement, someone who dog-sits for him while he's gone for weekend shows in different parts of south korea with his (let me emphasize again) crappy band, people to go dancing with, potential neighbors, stuff and things and more stuff and things. i never know how to end these, sooo thank you for reading?
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[21 Sep 2017|04:40pm]

hello! now that i have her more sorted out, it's time to fish for lines! i'm applying here shortly with min hyorae. she's the eldest of the min clan and loving sister to [info]ppoppo, [info]beacon, and a third triplet yet to be determined, but he's there! she's 24 going on 25 at the end of the year. she's a graduate of yonsei university's communications program and currently works as a production assistant at mnet. it's not exactly the respectable job that her parents were hoping that she would be in under such a broad career path, but television and entertainment is where she wants to be. refusing to give up the job at the television station for something more administrative within communications and as a quiet rebellion against her parents, she supplements her mediocre assistant income with another income that she earns from being an escort. fooling her parents into thinking that her assistant job pays well, they've come around to accept her career choice (but only slightly). to keep up appearances (and because it makes great money and gives her a pretty interesting social life), she continues to offer escort services on the downlow.

hyorae sacrificed a good chunk of her childhood to help raise her brothers so being careless and reckless is probably the last thing that she'd get caught doing. she'd rather go to some upscale restaurant than a club and mingle with older people just because of having to hop on the fast track to adulting early on which makes getting her to let loose a little difficult. if there's singing or dancing involved, that's probably the only time she'll let her hair down. as older siblings are, she's overprotective of her brothers. cross them, you cross her pretty much. around certain people (namely her brothers or if she's known someone for a few years), she's probably the sweetest person ever, but around most, she has her reservations and it'd take some work to earn her trust.

let's see! i have a few suggested lines in her journal and there might be a little more than what i summarized, but i'm happy to brainstorm or fill other lines. if anyone needs a roommate, i'll take one of those! friends, frenemies, exes of either gender, friends with benefits, clients, flings, people she knows through her brothers...i'll take them all!
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[20 Sep 2017|02:31pm]

hi! i'm bringing in saemi, an im jinah/nana pb, and i figured i'd do one of these line posts. you can check out her full details in her journal, but essentially she's a 26 y/o seoul native who works as a manga artist for lehzin comics, where she is most famous for her weekly webtoon "eating existence" but also worked as an assistant artist in a number of other comics for the site, including some of the questionable yaoi/yuri because hey, it pays the bills. she's a self-described foodie and knows where all the new restaurants are, and she is constantly reviewing them for her naver blog as a hobby. she had a happy childhood until her mother died from a brain tumor when she was just ten years old, and she struggled through most of her adolescence after that. she's pretty confident in who she is now though, and is overall a pretty laidback, friendly person.

she has lived in roughly the same neighborhood her entire life to the point where she constantly runs into people she knows when she's out and around the apartment. that being said, if anyone else is a born and raised seoulite who she might have known since childhood, that'd be fun. also the kids of single mothers that her father might have dated would be fun too because they'd be the closest she had to any sort of sibling. she has an ex line in [info]poktanju and two close friends in [info]choice and [info]lovelive, but i'm open for anything else, including roommates, cradle to grave besties, past classmates or co-workers, flings/ons of either gender, drinking buddies, etc, etc.
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[18 Sep 2017|05:32pm]

alright i suppose now is as good as any time to put the feelers out! i am hoping to bring in this ball of theoretical sugar and sunshine. and would love to get some lines set up for him, and possibly even a roommate i can manage one!

he's still getting worked out but this is sungwoo, a 22 year old pediatric resident aid. he's still in school so his aiding is split up with a still undetermined part-time job. he is originally from daegu and has been in seoul for about four years now, he made the move when first starting school and with his childhood friend [info]ppoppo. personality wise he's definitely a bit of a hyper-happy pouncing sort of guy majority of the time and has no problem with introducing himself to someone in the complex that maybe he isn't too familiar with. he's not always insanely hyperactive, but he is very outspoken and does love stirring things up from time to time, but means well. he wears his heart and his emotions on his sleeve, and is the kind of guy that would go out of his way to help someone else out, even at his own disadvantage. he comes from a pretty typical upbringing, large in number and he's the youngest male and he is 100% a people pleaser so he's battling himself on what he wants in life against what his family thinks is best for him.

like i said i'm still working out a lot of his details so he definitely has room for things if anyone would like him to fill a line or two! he does also have a strong friendshop with [info]pikapika. i would love to get maybe some of the girls his family had attempted to set him up with. some friends he could have made while sitting in on some of the dance classes over at 1 million. a few faces to stuff filled with food since one of his favorite past times is probably cooking anything and everything under the sun. and really anything else that we could come up with while i finish him up!
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[17 Sep 2017|06:04pm]

hi all! i'm planning to bring this guy in and would love to work something out with all of you. that said, here's my attempt at explaining him.

meet hyuk-jae, 22, and seoul native. most notably he's a mute, which happened during his teen years due to trauma. he communicates in many different ways and always has the potential to regain his voice. his father died during the traumatic experience who was his guardian at the time, after everything he was turned over to his mother and stepfather who he hates. finally on his own, he works as a stock boy for a grocery store and games on twitch a lot. personality in the works honestly. this is a really basic and rough explanation but eventually his info will be better put together.

i would love a friend or friends who have heard his voice prior. someone who he met while recovering in the hospital. a roommate. cousins. ksl speakers/people who learned it from him. online friends, people he games with. anything at all
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[17 Sep 2017|02:19pm]

hello! i'm still getting all of his facts together, but this is han jiwoon, he's 24 and currently a full-time drama major at seoularts and a part-time swimming instructor every so often for a bit of money on the side. he's originally from jeju and moved to seoul to attend university. i'm still working out the details in his personality which is certainly subject to change in-game bUUUT at the moment, he's reserved, a bit gruff sometimes, and trying to compromise with his passion which requires him to be a bit of an extrovert at times while naturally being an introvert.

i could use just about anything for him! he's definitely in need of a roommate, friends when he first moved to seoul, maybe people he did his military service with (still trying to work out the timeline), other folks from jeju, exes & flings, anything and everything! right now, he's friends with [info]antis and could use anything we can come up with
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[17 Sep 2017|03:25pm]

hello! thinking about bringing in this terrible example of a human being here so i'll throw out feelers for some lines. his name is gunwoo and he's a mess who alternates between being a flirt (fake) and a sarcastic shit. questionably redeemable, he works as a bartender in a seedy sort of place banking on his pretty face to get him tips. he was born in seoul then moved to new york for a few of his teenage years before returning. he's very much a negative nancy loner and a heartbreaker because he has the tendency to date intensely for a week or two before breaking it off because he's "bored." tldr he sucks but he's hot

considering how questionable he is i don't blame you if you run for the hills but he would need some friends who somehow put up with his shit, the person who does his tattoos, other reptile or meme lovers because he loves talking about how dead he is inside, bar regulars, exes who hate his guts because it never ends on good terms, etc. so far he has [info]lovelive as his saintly roommate and [info]agape as an ex he was terrible to!
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[12 Sep 2017|02:03pm]

hi, everyone! real life has been kind of sucking my soul away lately. working 12 hour shifts is rough and drains all creativity away. things are going to slow down at work a bit, so i am taking the chance to say hi and put ryoo and mikey out there again so i can get back into the groove of things since this comm is pretty amazing - as are all of you!

ryoo here is 20, works at a little cafe, has an adorable weiner dog named bubbles, is [info]pikapika's half brother, has a big old crush on [info]malware, and is going to school to be a teacher. he's basically a friendly, adorable, ball of fluff/sweetheart who can get along with just about anyone. so chances are, if you need/want a friend, he's pretty perfect.

[info]zinthosraven is mikeyann, she's 24 and a ballet instructor. she's also friendly, but while ryoo is shy she isn't. if you talk to her, she'll talk your ear off. maybe even if you don't talk first, she'll talk your ear off. she's [info]hardstyle's roommate/bestfriend/girlfriend type person and they are in an open type relationship. she loves to cook and feed people so if you're her friend, prepare for some meals.

anyway, feel free to just say hi, or we can cook up a SL! thanks for bearing with me during me 12 hour shift working life of hell lmao. ♥
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