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3/21/08 03:51 pm - [info]bessemerprocess - Want a Life ficlet?

For anyone who has wandered over from lj, or is just browsing ij today, I'm taking prompt requests over at my ij. I'm writing ficlets/5things, pretty much whatever I feel like in response to your requests:) Just come on over and give me a prompt and I'll try and write you something to help you get through the strike.

12/24/07 12:20 pm - [info]bessemerprocess - It's Christmas, Charlie Crews - Life, FR-K

Title: It's Christmas, Charlie Crews
Author: bessemerprocess
Rating: FR-K
Notes: Just a bit of unbeta'd Charlie-crack for Christmas.
Disclaimer: Neither the show nor its characters belong to me.

(It's Christmas, Charlie Crews)

12/13/07 12:05 am - [info]bessemerprocess - Blood Will Tell, Life (FR-15)

Title: Blood Will Tell
Fandom: Life
Rating: FR-15, alludes to prison behavior
Disclaimer: Neither the show nor the characters belong to me.
Summary: Every time Charlie looks prison had taken something new away from him.

(Blood Will Tell)

12/9/07 04:16 pm - [info]bessemerprocess - Welcome!

Welcome to the new IJ community for Life fanfic. Please join in and post your fic. The rules are very simple:

1. Only post Life fanfiction, please.
2. Any type of fanfiction is welcome. Slash, het, gen, pre-series, post series, drabble, novel, crossover, anything.
3. Place all fanfic under an IJ-cut.
4. Put a short but descriptive title as the subject.
5. For the sake of organization, please include at least the following header in your posts:
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