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December 7th, 2007

Placeholder: Episode 1x03: Let Her Go

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Episode 103 | Season 1 | 10/09/2007
A Mercedes has crashed into a ravine, and its female passenger has been shot dead in the stomach. Crews proceeds down the ravine to find a man with a bloody gash on his forehead jingling a set of car keys. He's waiting for his wife outside their favorite restaurant, and thinks Crews is the valet. Wondering where his wife got to, the guy finally realizes that Crews is definitely not the valet.

Note: This post is graphic heavy. 45 caps.

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Episode 1x02: Tear Asunder

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Episode 102 | Season 1 | 10/03/2007
Since Ted ran over his Bentley with a tractor, Crews is riding the bus to work. Last night's conquest offers to put her pants on and take him to the Taft Hotel on her motorcycle. Dani and Crews arrive at today's murder scene; Anna Turner was murdered last night, her wedding night. Crews notices the groom's shoes, which contain his wallet and keys. Jake Silvers is probably somewhere in the hotel, so Dani and Crews begin a floor-by-floor search.

Note: This post is graphic heavy. 42 caps.

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December 3rd, 2007

Episode 1x01: Items List

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These are the points taken from Episode 1.
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Episode 1x01: Merit Badge

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Episode 101 | Season 1 | 09/26/2007
When LAPD Detective Charlie Crews was sentenced to life for a heinous triple murder he didn't commit, everyone turned their backs on him, including his former partner, Robert Stark, and his wife, Jennifer Conover. Charlie spent the first half of his 12 years served in the hospital, and the latter half locked up in isolation, where he became a student of Zen Buddhism to pass the time. When his best friend, lawyer Constance Griffiths got the case re-opened, DNA evidence exonerated Crews and he reached a fat settlement with the state, including returning to his job at the LAPD as a detective.

Note: This post is graphic heavy. 50 caps.

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