We Do It In the Stacks!
Monday, October 29th, 2007

Date:2007-10-29 20:28
Subject:Wonderful t-shirt maker
Mood: geeky

I had a birthday last week, but I didn't think to post about my birthday gift until today. My friend and I are avid fans of a TV show that went off the air about two years ago called Queer as Folk. In one of the early episodes, there's a sign in the bathroom of a club that reads, "Don't have sex in the bathrooms. That's what the couches are for." Now, we've always found it hilarious, and it has become a famous (infamous? ^_~) quote of ours. She made a t-shirt for my birthday that said, "Don't do it on the couches. That's what the stacks are for." Lol, I thought I'd share.

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