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Dec. 30th, 2008


My News Year resolution.

To &^%*^ finish TCoLg: The Royal Sisters Damn it!

And so Chapter 28 (In which the Author finds out that not foreshadowing is bad.) Will be posted this Thursday.

Sep. 24th, 2008


Magic 101

No story today I am afraid. But I do have some world building posts to show you. Thanks to the not so lovable jerk, Tori’ata


I have


I hope you enjoy. ^_^

Sep. 19th, 2008


*crosses fingers*

The Haitis is not over I’m a afraid. And so I make no promises, But I may have something to post on Wednesday.

Aug. 22nd, 2008


World Building Questions 1a

TCoLg World Building Questions

Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions
By Patricia C. Wrede Copyright © 1996

Aug. 13th, 2008


I’m still not posting regularly but to make up for the long wait I’ve posted three of Sword’s 100 fics.

They follow on from the last Sword 100 Fic where Sword was a Teenager: Lie for me.

They are, in order:
Playing Hero
Game Over

I hope you enjoy. ^_^

Jun. 18th, 2008


Taking a step back for a moment.

Chapter 24 will be up tomorrow. I had to go to the dentist yesterday which means it’s not quite ready.

Chapter 25 will be posted on the 25th (Ironic huh?) But after that Royal Sisters will be going on Hiatus at least until September this is because:
A) I’ve hit a problem with part of the plot and I need time to work my head around it,
B)I’m going to do Julnowrimo.
C)I want to build up another buffer if I can.

I may post parts of the other story arcs, or world building as and when I get them done so TCoLg isn’t going totally quiet but yeah I need to take a step back from Royal Sisters for a while sorry.

Apr. 29th, 2008


TCoLg: The Royal Sisters, Contents

Well now that I’ve changed things slightly, I thought I had better do a contents post...so here it is.^_^

TCoLg RS 01

Chapter 01 - The Uigato - In which a long journey ends.
Chapter 02 - The Black Queen Midnight - In which there is an argument.
Chapter 03 - Arrows Cloaks And Daggers - In which Mace has a secret.

After chapter three I’m afraid you’ll have to join the asylum to read, click here to join (please?)

Chapter 04 - Magehome - In which Viril shows hes not above a little petty revenge.
Chapter 05 - Killers, Lies, Innocence, And Truth - In which a sword is made.
Chapter 06 - Legacy - In which an even longer journey starts.
Chapter 07 - The Disquiet Defiance of Broken Fears - In which Neolat has an unpleasant experience.
Chapter 08 - Spirit and Will - In which Latover has an unpleasant experience.
Chapter 09 - No Going Back - In which Midnight almost grows a back bone.
Chapter 10 - Kitsune Sword - In which Tasha is a horrid houseguest.
Chapter 11 - Foundations laid - In which Latover misses the fight
Chapter 12 - Plans and Plots - In which Mace worries about the loyalty of Weasels.
Chapter 13 - Kitsune Shield - In which Tasha isn't much help at all.
Chapter 14 - Smoke - In which Mace's Father is quite clearly insane.
Chapter 15 - Broken - In which Kan and Rilly find out that consequences have a nasty habit of blind siding people.
Chapter 16 - The Open Door - In which there is a meeting of minds.
Chapter 17 - Solace - In which Tiiwyth is not happy.
Chapter 18 - Stubbon - In which nothing goes according to plan.
Chapter 19 - Callout - In which Mace gets laughed at.
Chapter 20 - The Bridge - In which Sword knows when he's beaten
Chapter 21 - Reaching Out - In which a connection is made.
Chapter 22 - Fathers and Sons - In which Mace makes a tough choice.
Chapter 23 - The Loyalty of Weasels - In which someone gets away.
Chapter 24 - The Bends - In which Ifrit gains a fear of heights.
Chapter 25 - Mace Cooper - In which a Battel is lost and won.
Chapter 26 - Penningaly's Choice - In which Penningaly has a lot to think about.
Chapter 27 - Escalation - In which everything changes.
Chapter 28 - Light - In which Swords past comes back to haunt him.
Chapter 29 - Bargain - In which race ends.

Total Word count so far = 122,759
(Wow...I thought I would never be able to write a story big enough to be a book, and now this is getting to be to big o_O )

Oct. 18th, 2007


World Building

[info]grey_destiny is being used as a world building journal. It only has two posts at the moment. But I thought I would post link’s just in case anyone is interested in the world building side of this project.

You’ve may have seen this post explaining how come I have white and blond foxes before on Livejournal

This post however is new. The Questions came from [info]writers_cafe

Oct. 17th, 2007


Bonus Story: Weak-Spot

Title: Weak-Spot
Word count: 450
Characters: Tasha, Kel’at, Kel’at’s sword
Notes : This takes place before the Chronicle. In the same time frame as Twisted and Sparkover, but it doesn’t fit into either.
So here it is unlocked.

Light catches on steal and gold. Jaded emerald eyes study the flow of metal. )

Oct. 13th, 2007


Tried to write something...this happened instead.

Yep I’m a sad loser I decided I needed some new TCoLg Banners.(Now with correct spelling!)

I made these old ones for Live Journal and my deviantART journal. )
And these are the updated/new banners. )
And one last new one I made when correcting the misspelled ones. )

Sep. 1st, 2007


The Friend's-Lock Side Stories

Sword’s 100 Challenge )

Red Whisper )

Sparkover )

Twisted )

Aug. 4th, 2007


TCoLG: The Royal Sisters. Chapter 3

The Chronicles of Lowerground – The Royal Sisters
Chapter Three – Arrows Cloaks and Daggers

Word Count – 4845
In which Mace has a Secret. )


TCoLG: The Royal Sisters. Chapter 2

The Chronicles of Lowerground – The Royal Sisters
Chapter Two – The Black Queen Midnight

Word Count – 4089
In which there is an argument. )


TCoLG: The Royal Sisters. Chapter 1

The Chronicles of Lowerground – The Royal Sisters
Chapter one – Uigat’o

Word Count – 4065
In which a long journey ends… )