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January 13th, 2009

Gaara & Sakura fans


January 13th, 2009


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I still can't believe no one else ran with the old one . . .

Oh, hell, let's start this number mess over again.
Challenge #1 of 2009!
Theme/Key phrase: Joining the circus
Type: Whatever!

There's all kinds of options: Is it the human circus, making some kind of social commentary on our day-to-day lives? Or is it the three-ring type? Is it a threat or a promise? Does it involve cracked-out AU fanart of Sakura the lion tamer--as Gaara tries to cram someone into the clown car via the tailpipe? Or are you thinking more Vaudeville-flavored outlandishness?

(I still can't draw so well, so the latter's all on you guys.)

Time's up Friday, February 20th. Winner gets some stickers and probably something shiny, because I have ten tons of shiny things over here that need homes. :D

Questions, comments, trepidations?
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