May 29th, 2010

[info]mod_less in [info]less_for_you

Master List 2010

This year we had a fine equilibrium between art and fic :)

I'd like to thank all the participants and those who commented. You made it possible! Special thanks go to writermerrin for filling in for us.

Without further ado, to the reveals:

7types drew Since You've Been Gone for [info]midnight_birth
[info]prayer_at_night drew Anniversary for [info]imisstheobvious
[info]fiendish_thingy drew An Exercise in Excitement and Intimidation for [info]venturous
[info]venturous drew Frogging for [info]prayer_at_night

[info]imisstheobvious wrote In His Eyes for writermerrin
[info]cathedralcarver wrote Piss Tank for 7types
[info]midnight_birth wrote For the Moment for [info]fiendish_thingy
writermerrin wrote Is It a Lie? for [info]cathedralcarver

Participants now may reply to the comments (on both IJ and LJ) and post their works elsewhere.

If anyone recced anything from the fest in an open post, you can let me know and if there's at least 3 recs of the same work, I'll send them to the [info]daily_snitch.