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May 3rd, 2008

Thinky thoughts about Stefan quitting (see previous entry) and stuff.

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One of the things he said was that he didn't think there ever was gonna be a movie. I thought that was a bit odd, until I realised to him LazyTown is Latibær, not it's descendant, and while I don't think the four years since LazyTown went on air is a very long delay for a movie if series is still being filmed, Shelby's pilot was probably a year or two before that, and we've only had two proper seasons plus a season of shorts that are still in production in that time. Not to mention that given he's pursuing his career in the US, LazyTown is probably an Icelandic tie he's gratefully rid of.

Interestingly, while there's been a whole heap of various thoughts about Julianna and/or Magnus getting too old and being replaced, no fan seems to have ever given a thought to replacing Robbie. Both Stephanie and Sportacus have one very good reason to leave LazyTown: as accepted as they are, neither is originally from there and either may one day move on. LazyTown is Robbie's home, and if he got fed up and left, we have a distinct lack of villain. Sportacus has a presumptive replacement in Number 11, while I'm sure another bright, bouncy, little girl with unusually coloured hair, a single-hue wardrobe, and a love of singing and dancing could find a reason to move there, especially with how things have improved since Stephanie and Sportacus did. I can't see any good reason for a Jonas Quinn of Robbie to move to LazyTown. The point of Robbie is he wants to hold onto the old, pre-Stephanie-and-Sportacus, ways. Even if "Jonas Rotten" was everything else we love about Robbie without being shark-jumpingly like him, either he's not Old LazyTown or he was strangely quiet before Robbie left.

Julianna's situation isn't really time critical: I now think that if Magnus or LTE had really wanted an actress who looked like a little girl for long enough to film more than one season they wouldn't have chosen a 13 year old, and if they had been planning to change actors to keep Stephanie looking like a little girl they wouldn't have retained her for season two. To TV only fans, Julianna is Stephanie, just as much as Miley Cyrus is Hannah Montana, and even if they did want to replace her I don't think it would be a very smart business decision unless she forced it by quitting. Only, Stefan forced Robbie's replacement by quitting. If such a thing is possible without jumping the shark. There's enough stage make-up involved in Robbie that The Other Darrin has a far better chance of working for him than for Steph or Sportacus, though.

(links to TV Tropes wiki.Warning: TV Tropes, like many wikis, can be addictive, and should be kept out of reach of fanbrats.) 


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Stefan Karl did a phone interview for LazyTown Point (here), and he says he's quit LazyTown.

April 19th, 2008

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Title: Body and Soul.
Author: [info]kelly_holden
Summary: She always owned his soul; the body came later. StephieSport, implied RobbiePixel.
Complete drabbly-thing, 'bout 250 words.

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March 31st, 2008

Courtship Rituals, chapter 4

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Courtship Rituals, chapter 4 (Previous Chapters here)
SportaRobbie (implied S&M), innocent Steph/OFC, overall R-rated (language, adult themes), this chapter PG-ish, now with implied Bessie/Milford.
Summary: Not every sentient species has the same ideas when it comes to romance.
WIP, this part 1300 words, previous 3 chapters 4800 total
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January 27th, 2008

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Razoth has recently posted in lazytown to say that all merchandise has been discontinued in the US. She also points out that it is still going strong in other countries, and as such it is very likely more economical to find websites that ship abroad than to buy second hand from eBay. I'd like to point out that since the show and the three major characters appear to be known by their English names in most markets, it doesn't have to be UK merchandise unless you want CDs or DVDs you can understand.

Mind you, I've not seen a scrap of LazyTown merchandise in Australia at all, even after most of season 2 was aired on ABC late last year, so I don't really feel that dreadfully sorry for you, I'm just passing on the news for IJ exclusive folk.</callousness>

January 2nd, 2008

Rules post

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All otherwise acceptable fannish posts about LazyTown and Latibær or those behind them will, at this stage, be considered on topic, no matter how trivial.

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January 1st, 2008

I knew he was a carpenter by trade but day-um

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Magnús recently appeared in an episode of 'The world's richest people', and his segment was kindly 'shared', for those unable to see it, at GetLazy.
Thing that struck me most out of the whole 13 min: the wardrobes he made when he built the house he, Ragnheiður, and their kids still live in. Beautiful, beautiful work. OK, so maybe there wasn't all that much else that was new to me (though somebody in the thread was apparently surprised to learn he's 5 foot 7) in the vid, but still, they're really lovely.
6 Screenshots from a 640x480px vid, one of which is a close-up of his tie drawer )

Also, Happy New Year.

(and embarrassing thing: While trying to spell Ragnheiður, I accidentally typed &thorn; instead of &eth; , so it's a good thing I checked the preview after I realised her name wasn't spelt with a d.)

(I'm stopping now. Really)

December 29th, 2007

Oh, what the heck. Second!

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Non-icon graphics
three less-than-screen-sized pictures, all really rather silly )

Fic link:
Courtship Rituals by Kelly Holden
SportaRobbie, implied S&M; innocent Steph/OFC; R-rated (language, adult themes).
Summary: Not every sentient species has the same ideas when it comes to romance.

December 14th, 2007


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Yeah, I know, not that much of an accomplishment.

OK, what the heck.
Some LazyTown icons, free to use on LJ and clones with credit to Kelly Holden (LJ/GJ/IJ/JF user kelly_holden )

67 icons, some somewhat suggestive, but none out-right NSFW) )
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