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Lets post in the right place this time... [30 Jun 2013|09:54am]

Has there been any news on Lucas? It's horrible that this happened. the scene which I saw by accident reminds me too much of my own attack

How are you?

[24 Jun 2013|01:51pm]

[ mood | determined ]

[filter; sandmen]

Anyone know the feel of Lukas' dreams? Perhaps we can find him that way?

[19 Jun 2013|10:39pm]

Lukas... His office is... There's so much...

Lukas is missing. His office is a mess. There's so much blood.

How could he be missing if there is so much blood? Someone needs to get there. Someone needs to find him. I've looked everywhere and I can't find him. How could he leave his office if there is that much blood?

Do you think he's...

Please don't be... It can't happen again...

We need to find Lukas. I'll be out looking again.

[14 Jun 2013|07:42pm]

As many already know, the main offices were ransacked today. It looks to me that my office has taken the worst of it. I cannot say if anything has been taken, and I won't speak of the specifics of how the offices look. I will say I'm angry, thoroughly pissed off at those I personally chose to protect this academy. Obviously, my judge of character has taken a dive.

If anyone has any information about the destruction, let me or Kai know. I don't care how you do it. Tell me through an anonymous note or tell it to my face. Stuff like this has to stop and only those who speak up can stop it.

Who wrote that? What did it mean? If it was meant to scare me? All it did was make me more suspicious of those I counted on.

And why go after this academy with such force. Haven't I be righting my ancestor's wrongs?

[filter friends] [14 Jun 2013|12:46am]

[ mood | snarly ]
[ music | Cold - Evans Blue ]

Cold by Evans Blue )

[11 Jun 2013|03:11pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | Enigmatic Soul - Two Steps from Hell ]

Damn, it's quiet around here.

[filter; sandmen]

What's your favorite kind of dream to make?

the fourteenth swipe. [07 Jun 2013|10:24am]

[ filter; maxie, esther, dylan ]
You'd think they'd keep a closer eye on a fucking serial killer. Landvik personally made sure everyone was "on our side"? With what, a fucking lie detector? Is everyone fucking incompetent or psycho in this country?

[06 Jun 2013|05:14pm]

In other news: Today is the anniversary of the first known Viking Raid. June 6th 793 Lindesfarne Britain. The Vikings were from Hordaland Norway. HAIL the Warriors!!

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