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Lalaurie Living- The Rules~ [26 Sep 2009|04:26pm]

The Mod will assume that you have read the following rules upon application to this game. If you break a rule, you will be penalized. Penalties may include verbal warnings, suspension, or expulsion from the game at the Mod’s discretion.

-Forbidden faces-
Members of Manson
Members of Skinny Puppy
Members of Good Charlotte
Members of My Chemical Romance
Use of Dictators faces

-Forbidden characters and historical Figures-
Hitler (and anything like him)
Charles Manson (relation to his family or himself)
Shiva (the deity)
The Kray family (British Mob like organization)

Please understand we have the right to refuse any character that may cause discomfort to a player. If you think that your character may be offensive then PLEASE IM the mod and speak to them before making the character. It is important that although we will allow pretty much anything that some things are just not acceptable.

Keep these in mind not only here with us, but wherever your RP adventures may take you.

1. No OOC talk that is too personal. No name sharing etc. This includes all sorts of OOC information on a player. We do discourage OOC personal conversations as this creates OOC Drama. If OOC Drama becomes an issue both players will be removed. We call this Bathhouse Role Play. If you are already friends great! Just try to keep OOC away from IC. Try to keep any information you have on a player private. If you have learned who someone is, that isn’t for you to share.

Bathhouse Play is as follows: For every character you have you must have a separate journal and a screen name. Try to make them match as best as you can (ie. 'taintedbyvirtue' and 'taintedvirtue' are just fine. But ‘taintedbyvirtue’ and ‘kittiezrule111’ don’t make sense). This is a must to prevent other players knowing if you have several characters, and to keep you safe. This is a game with a player behind every character, not a game about the players. If you know who is who that is fine. Just play with the character not the player.

2. No harassing players - No threats. No bull. It is basic and if it happens it ruins the game for everyone. If you are being threatened, please contact the mod ASAP so this can be dealt with swiftly, and with fiery justice.

3. No godmodding. This is an easy one. You get one (1) warning on godmodding, and then you're out, because godmodding sucks. If you see evidence of other players godmodding, or are concerned that your behavior might be considered godmodding, please contact the mod ASAP, so that the mod can smite the wicked.

4. No Munchkin play. A Munchkin is a player who plays in an aggressively competitive manner. NO power playing, NO godmodding, NO OOC Manipulation, etc. This is trickier, but it's fairly simple. You are in control of your characters, and your characters only. You cannot dictate what anyone else's characters do. You can't say that someone said or did something they did not do, or make assumptions on the other character's behalf. (ie. Claiming that SoAndSo stole your wallet, when SoAndSo has not.) If you see evidence of other players acting like Munchkins, or are concerned that your behavior might be considered Munchkinny, please contact the mod ASAP for more fiery justice.

5. Make Friends-Don't be shy. If someone is online, don't be afraid to IM them. By the same token, don't be weirded out if someone IMs you out of the blue from the game: we try to be the friendly sorts here. New players are especially encouraged to IM current players. Current players, consider it your duty to introduce yourself to the new kids in town. Who knows? You could fall in love! You can start this by posting in the Newspaper. Put up your Bio, say hello! Remember, please comment to all bio posts to start some threads and make some friends.

6. Logs In Character are still OOC info- Only the characters involved in the scene are privy to the information contained therein. The only exception is the mod. Logs of IC interaction should be posted. Even if it's late, we like to read each others' logs to keep up on the goings-ons (and we do archive everything just in case of server catastrophes).

7. Keep it Clean so to speak. Last but not least. Please understand that we are an eclectic group with a lot of cool little back stories. However, even though we are a role-playing game, we will not tolerate any drug use as a character in this game. Drugs, drug references, and drug paraphernalia are NOT PERMITTED. No exceptions. Please understand any drug references in logs, entries etc will lead to your removal from this community, permanently and immediately. Mentions in character, out of character, in logs or in posts of illicit drugs, and or abuse of prescription medications will lead to your character being removed from this game, permanently and immediately. A note from the mod: I personally understand that in the times of some of these characters that Opium, Laudanum and other narcotics were available however, those things we actually looked down upon. I would prefer that you leave out that part of the background. If you choose to use something based on Mr. Holmes, I would greatly appreciate you leaving out his morphine addiction. I understand that there are other vices that can be used to replace this so the character flaw is still present. I hope that you understand the importance of this particular request. Thank you.

+ + + + +

The ins and outs and special requirements for Lalaurie House Apartments. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the mod.

1. No Real Celebrities . You cannot play Jared Leto but you can use his face as Doctor Jekyll. This is a PB or played-by game, not an AU (alternate universe) All characters are your own. (incorporation of the classic character with your own twist or somehow linked)

2. Characters. Please bring in a character that has some tie to something of Historical background, Classical fiction or non-fiction or attached to a Nickel novel or Penny Dreadful. (Comic idea’s, or modern classics such as The Da Vinci Code, Twilight, And Harry Potter types will need Mod approval)
Historical- The Astor family, were one of the wealthiest families on the Titanic.
Classical fiction- Dorian Gray was a character in a book written by Oscar Wilde in the 1800’s.
Classical Non-fiction- Ghost in the Darkness- about the Unusual Lion attacks in Africa while building the Railway in 1898. Or The Aviator (Film on Howard Hughes)
Nickel Novels- My friend Doc Holliday is a classic example of a Nickel Novel written by Wyatt Earp about Doc Holliday the famous dental gunslinger of the Wild West.
Penny Dreaful’s- Sweeny Todd is the most well known of the Penny dreadful genre

3. Read and Respond. Places like the Lalauriepaper and the Lalauriehaunts are updated weekly, sometimes more. Most importantly, Scene Generations may happen at any time. It's your responsibility as a player to check those places, and incorporate that information into your scenes and personal posts. If you notice that other players aren't, please inform the mod. But remember - if you're not, you will be reprimanded.

+ + + + +

Tidbits and extras, to help you muddle through. Questions? Contact the mod.

The Lalauriehaunts is your best friend and your greatest bane as a participant here at LaLaurie House. Anything your character does is potentially food for the ghosts and the other oddities in the city, in public, or in private, so be aware. The New Orleans lifestyle is keenly aware of horror, so this is not anything new for your character. This is where you will find out what has been written about your character-- by you, or by The Mod.

In addition, the Lalauriehaunts is also where happenings of fate will occur. For example, this is where it will be posted that your family, yourself etc. managed to break something-- or where you will find out about the things that could affect your character from illness to a gamble that paid off. It will give you information on what you know about yourself and others in the game.

LaLaurie House has a unique opportunity to cross-socialize with other participants through a mechanic we call scene generation. On occasion a scene assignment will be posted that will pair two random characters; a scene must be posted between those two characters within seven days from the date the scene assignment is posted. This is MANDATORY. If you have questions, or there is an issue that will prevent you from completing the scene in the period, please consult The Mod. Putting your character on a short tour to avoid a scene assignment is not acceptable.

Here at LaLaurie house, we do not have a "hiatus" status. If you want to put a character "on the shelf" for a time, or you are unable to play, consult The Mod and, with approval, post where The Mod directs you that your character(s) will be missing, out of town, and an approximate period. While your character is on tour, they are welcome to Twitter about it in LHBLOG.

Make sure you Post, PM, Contact the Mod if you will be gone for more than a week. It is important to help with the flow of storylines. After nothing is heard from your character in 10 days, (Scenes, Posts or a message, your character will be removed until you return)

+ + + + +

Contacting the Mod:
On IJ: send a Private Message to prmod or Misspoppy
AIM: prmodgod

More Information About PRCafe and LaLaurieHouse Games:

The mod would like to thank all of the co-creators, cheerleaders, Starbucks baristas, pixies and players at LALAURIEHOUSE GAMES.

Application~ [20 Sep 2009|06:13pm]


"All information contained herein is out of character (OOC) knowledge. Nothing below can be used in character (IC) unless the contents are divulged by the character himself or by the mod".
Player Body
Screen Name
Journal Name
Character Name
Based on or associated with: (if applicable)

Date of Birth
Relationship Status
Citizenship Status
Education (Highest Level Attained)
Occupation/Current Employment
Monthly Income
Criminal Record
Physical Description (Height, weight, eye/hair color, etc)
Persona (bad boy, wierdo, innocent, etc)
FAMILY INFORMATION: [Family name/Association with]
Estimated Net Worth
Family Members of Interest

Do you live in the apartments? If no, where?
Traits of Interest (If you chose something unnatural or unusual)
Link To Wiki Bio
For example, if you are related to the Astors, have: If you are Dorian Gray, have:
OOC DISCLAIMER: This is a role playing journal. A work of fiction. I am NOT [player body], nor do I represent or know him/her. This is for entertainment purposes only. For further information, please go to, LaLaurie House Role Playing Games.


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