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Daddy, daddy, get me out of here (heard about a place today) I, I'm underground (nothing never hurts again) Heard about a place today (daddy, get me out of here) Where nothing never hurts again (wanna go underground).





  • But down in the Underground, you'll find someone true.

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    2 September 2012 @ 2:08 am
    Introductions & Brainstorming! [

    Hey, all! I know in most formal games everyone has their own little intro post to get acquainted with other muns and say a little bit about their characters, but I think it would be way more efficient if we just consolidated and said all our hellos in one place! And of course, along with the introductory spiel, this would be a great place for us to voice any ideas we may have concerning plot or character interaction and all that good stuff.

    So I'm V, and I've been RPing for a reeeeally long time now, now that I look back on it on LJ, GJ, and IJ. More importantly, I've got Jareth and he'll be your ambiguously-motivated antagonist for the evening. I don't think he needs too much of an intro unless its via musical number. Although I guess I should point out I'm pretty much disregarding everything about him from the manga because I'm not very well-versed in it personally and, honestly, I just feel like it. Jareth likes puzzles and loves children ;)

    10 August 2012 @ 1:19 pm
    Premise. [


    It's been thirteen years since Sarah beat the clock and conquered the Labyrinth,
    through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered. Thirteen years since she
    fought her way to the castle beyond the Goblin city to take back the child that had been
    stolen. It seems to be forever ago but at the same time, not long at all.

    And now, Sarah is all grown up and taking care of her baby brother, Toby, who isn't a
    baby anymore. The 'stolen child' is now a teenager with his own wishes and desires.
    Both the Williams children have lived blissfully in their little town for thirteen years.
    Sarah, now a dedicated detective, takes pride in her hometown and does her best to protect
    it's residents, as well as her little brother who will never outgrow his big sister's
    umbrella of protection.

    But the peace is about to be disturbed.

    Sarah's town has been hit by unusual natural disasters and in a last-minute effort to
    save what little survivors there are left, she has wished her, Toby and this small group of
    humans to the Labyrinth. But so many humans, so many foreigners from another world
    has thrown the Labyrinth off balance and everyone has been separated, including
    Sarah and Toby. Before they can figure out how to solve the maze of the Labyrinth,
    they must first find each other.

    It's thirteen years later and much has changed here in the Underground.

    c h a r a c t e r s n e e d e d
    Jareth the Goblin King
    Sarah Williams
    Toby Williams

    Various townspeople (originals).
    Various Labyrinth creatures (canon & originals).

    22 June 2008 @ 11:26 am
    testing. [

    Test post.

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