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    Monday, August 13th, 2007
    9:20 pm
    ADMIN: The rules
    [info]kyle_xy_fic is an asylum for fic of all kinds based on the ABC Family series Kyle XY. This asylum is for fic only.

    When posting fiction, please use the standard format of:
    Warning: You must warn for chan (underage), non-con, etc.

    All fic should be posted behind a cut-tag, with headers BEFORE the cut-tag. If you have difficulty with this, I can assist you. If you have an image with your fic, please place it behind a cut-tag or include a link to it.

    For posting fanart, please include headers (author, title if you have one, characters/pairing, warnings, rating) and place the image behind a cut-tag.

    For posting fanvids, please include headers (author, song, characters/pairing, size of file, type of file). If you have an image with your fanvid, please place it behind a cut-tag.

    Fic, when posted, will be added to the asylum's memories.

    Any further questions can be directed to
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