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    Thursday, March 5th, 2015
    6:55 am

    yearly reminder that I am no longer at this journal
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    Monday, April 26th, 2010
    3:36 pm
    ♕ 137→ INCENSE [roy mustang x riza hawkeye]
    Roy Mustang surely had a romantic spark to back up his flirtatious flair with all of the assorted women he's charmed into his arms. This was highly unlike him and out of character to an extent, Riza Hawkeye would like to believe as she laid in bed with him. Her body was nude, his soft lips caressing near the scar along her back as he moved his head back up to the shoulder protruding out of the sheets. Hearing him give a content sigh, her eyes roll to the side to glance at the unlit incense sticks. The rest of the room was lit with assorted candles but none of them had any particular scent, the lingering smoke having dissipated in the air from their heavy breathing. There was only one smell that invaded her nostrils, a foreign and new fragrance to the sharpshooter but a familiar one the Flame Alchemist basked in for his victory.

    Or, judging by the incense burner, one he covered up frequently. Which left Riza confused as to why the two of them were laying there in the afterglow of their sex, just inhaling the intoxicating scent. How the two ended up in the bed together was a short story - Riza just demanded he do it with her and he asked no questions (as she expected). Just a cocky remark about her issuing her superior an order before he swiftly took the reins, pinning her limber body to the wall, and making it his before they made it to his bedroom.

    Riza had her reasons for why she demanded this of him and was ready to answer if he questioned it. She had her fake reason, the first one she would present him with. Being Roy Mustang, her father's apprentice, he wouldn't settle for an answer like that and would insinuate it was fake. Then she would let it lead up to the main fake reason, being shy and beating around the bush. That was the way to simulate what needed to happen.

    "Why don't you light it?" Riza breaks the silence that overcame the pair after their heavy breathing subsided, as her head motions towards the incense burner.
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