Mar. 15th, 2008


Aaah A new chapter! With everything going on I've been crazy busy. But I found the time to sit down and write. Yaay(^_^) There's a nice cliffie at the end.

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Mar. 11th, 2008


Criminology - Chapter 3

Back on track! Hope you enjoyed the back story of how Gennosuke and Haruki met. Now unto chapter 3

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Feb. 25th, 2008


Completed Works

All the works I have finished so far.

*** Dream Memoirs
Jin constantly has dreams of a man named Asano. Though they work in the same TV station they barely have contact. The thing that bothers Jin is that those dreams feel all to real. The first night he even wakes up with redness on his wrist. Why do the dream continue? Why are they of Asano? A short tale sweet tale of dreams


Current Stories

A list of all the works I am currently working on or will be working on the near future.

Sekigawa Gennosuke, 28
Uchida Haruki, 31
This will be between a prosecutor (Haruki) and the son of a long standing yakuza family (Gennosuke) who's just been put at the head. They have been together for nearly two years now. So what will happen when their secret relationship no longer become secret?

I'm not sure if this will be long running or not. A "married" couple visits home. After buying matching rings they decide to venture home to announce their now "married" status to their families.


Hiatus Projects

So I'm putting all my hiatus probably going to be a manga projects here. This way the only posts will be of stories and announcements.

Freshly Cut

Main Characters
Sen Eijiro, 32
Kaneko SImon, 21

Simon owns a day diner that becomes a bar at night., called Fresh. There is a drink called Eternal Kiss. SImon created it about a year ago. It is both highly popular and very expensive. Still this is not the reason a man asking for a lighter comes strolling in one hour before closing. The two talk forgetting the time completely. As he leaves, Simon says he'll make him a tuna melt. The man tells him he has to wake up early promises he'll stop by tomorrow. Small problem... Simon forgot to ask him name.

Caged Emotion

Main Characters
Kobayashi Haruhiko, 18
Naguma Ryuunosuke, 22
Higashiyama Ichigo, 24

"Are you refusing me?" Such fearful words are spoken so gently into Haruhiko's ear by his love Ryuunosuke. Haruhiko feels loved and cared for by Ryuunosuke, but there seems to be times Ryuunosuke turns into a different person. This is only because he loves Haruhiko so much. One day Ichigo goes to Haruhiko's place of work, a hairstyling shop called Cut. For the first time Haruhiko laughs. A love triangle begins.

Honey Filled Days

Main Characters
Mastsushita Kenji, 25
Yoshikawa Daichi, 24

Kenji owns his own advertising company, while Daichi is a sucessful model. The two have been together for a number of years. Just as Daichi is breaking onto the action scene, tragedy strikes. Daichi older sister and bother in-law were in a car accident.. Toma the brother in-law died instantly. Haruka, the sister , asked Daichi to take care of her 18 month old child Himeko right before she took a turn of the worse. It's two months later and with the thoughts of the funeral still fresh in Daichi's mind he is going to make his debut in the detective show. Ontop of this a Detectuve Misato comes asking Kenji for a favor. How will the two handle the challenges ahead?


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