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June 1st, 2008


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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to give all of you a heads up that I have updated my Knowle website, Master Sergeant, with new content and a brand new design!

-Updated the photo gallery to include all new HIGH QUALITY screen captures from all of Knowle's episodes, and the Mythology DVD set "Super Soldiers". Also added fan artwork (collages, wallpapers, icons) to the gallery - submissions are accepted from other fans!

-The Rohrinites Perspective has been added to the site as a place for fans to submit why they love Knowle and tell their story of being a fan. Also has little buttons that say "I love Knowle Rohrer" to display on your profile, forum signatures, websites... wherever!

-Added a small page for Adam Baldwin too. Expect a small gallery of Adam photos to be added (nothing to the extent of my AB photo site, Adam Baldwin Archives.)

So come check out the site and join in on the Knowle fun!

Also an update on some Knowle-centric fanlistings that have moved:
-Knowle Rohrer Fanlisting
-Adam Baldwin Fanlisting
-Doggett/Rohrer Fanlisting
-Rohrer/Reyes Fanlisting


May 4th, 2008

FRVS 9x02 "Ad Noctum"

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This week's rerun episode is 9x02 "Ad Noctum".

9x02 "Ad Noctum"
Written by: Cassie & Kristi
Air Date: November 13, 2006
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The world has changed and the world of yesterday is forever

Episode URL:
Discussion URL:

Enjoy the re-run!

-Executive Producers-
Cassie & Kristi

April 23rd, 2008

FRVS 8x25 "Semper Fi"

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8x25 "Semper Fi"
Written by: Cassie
Air Date: June 5, 2006
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Mulder meets his secret informant and learns vital
information about colonization and the chip in Scully's neck.

Episode URL:
Discussion URL:

Enjoy the re-run!

-Executive Producers-
Cassie & Kristi

March 19th, 2008


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Welcome to [info]knowlerohrer. This is a place to discuss the character Knowle Rohrer from "The X-Files". Posts containing Knowle icons, artwork and ramblings are more than welcome! Have fun!

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