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May. 24th, 2014


099 ❀ Action/Video

[It's just Himawari in the candy shop today - as it has been for the last few days now. She keeps waiting, and hoping, but... since both of their things have disappeared, it doesn't seem likely, does it?]

It was only a matter of time, wasn't it? [She sets out a sign outside the door, on a sandwich board, advertising 50% off chocolates today only - and goes back inside]

[She's organizing a shelf, but her movements lack a lot of luster, and even though she's smiling, she's undoubtedly sad. Tanpopo chirps sadly from her shoulder and she shakes her head]

Isn't it interesting, Tanpopo? That I could be here for so many years and yet... never get used to it. How many people have I had to say goodbye to, over the years...? [it seems that, no matter what happens, she's always saying "goodbye" without the proper chance to. How many friends has she lost along the way, too? Kohane, Yumi, Mong Ryong, Hideki, Rikuou, Fay, Shara... Eventually, anyone who gets to know her just disappears, never to return. She's not so presumptuous to assume it's her fault, but...]

[... she really has gotten used to Doumeki's aura keeping things relatively normal. Being without it now...]

I guess saying goodbye - or not getting a chance to - is something you never get used to. Maybe you shouldn't get used to it.

[She touches at the necklace around her neck - a little sunflower in a jar, given to her by Watanuki - and then fiddles with the ring on her finger, given to her by Doumeki.]

[...] [She wipes away one betraying tear]

... Happy Anniversary, Watanuki-kun. Shizuka-kun.

May. 23rd, 2014


005 ⚜ Action

[If you're spending the day out and about today, and suddenly reach for your wallet/purse/bag/whatever -- you might find that it's suddenly gone. If you look around quickly enough, you might see a little boy running off with your things. And he can move pretty damn fast, so good luck catching him when he ducks away into small places.]

[Having suddenly arrived in a new place that is most decidedly not the Court of Miracles, a young Porthos is doing what any sensible little boy would -- stealing money and hiding. So he might be difficult to spot, but, anyone walking around the shopping district today or the park will find him hiding and ducked out of sight, putting on a brave face but... most assuredly scared.]

May. 18th, 2014


005 ♔ Action/Video

[So it hasn't been that long since Merlin supposedly disappeared. He should be able to handle that, right? Well, behold, a video, in which Arthur and Merlin's room is a complete and utter mess even after just one day, and he himself is looking a little rattled - his shirt is inside out, for one thing, and his hair, while combed, isn't as nice as Merlin usually combs it. And he is staring and frowning at the kitchen with absolute consternation.]

[SIGHS, and throws a pillow across the room towards the bed] At this point, it'd be better if you were in the tavern for two days.

[But instead of attempting to make his own food, which is probably a good thing, Arthur is leaving the room and setting out in search for Merlin, yet again, as he'd done the day before.

So feel free to run into him as he's searching high and low through Kiseki, even going deep into the forest and out to the other islands, as well. He's quiet, but clearly concerned and determined to find him, even if at this point to anyone else it'd be clear that Merlin isn't in Miracle Country anymore.]

You... dollophead. [:T] [See, he's using your word -- now you have to show up and be annoying and complain that he can't call you that. ......... Please? 8(]

May. 16th, 2014


[ action || open to everyone ]

[Today is a beautiful day in Miracle Country! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and all around there’s an encouragement to get outside and enjoy the idyllic spring day.

And in a world that seems to emphasize walking everywhere, or magical train-travel, it seems it's time for your character to get geared up for a change: characters might be surprised to find that, suddenly, Miracle Country has bikes! Any kind of bicycle you can imagine is suddenly there, a personal gift for Miracle Country residents: road bikes, tandem bikes, tricycles, unicycles, there’s even a few penny-farthing bikes rolling around.

Seize your perfect bike today, because after today, your character will have to purchase a bike at the bike shop if they want a ride.

And throughout Miracle Country, there are bike racks to park your bike, helmets, bike trailers for babies or small kids, and various other bike shenanigans to help personalize your bike. And in the park, it seems there are more little paths to explore with your bicycle.

Why bicycles, you wonder? Whatever, just roll with it.]

May. 12th, 2014


003 ❄ Video/Action

[Anyone listening to the journal or passing by the Welcome Center today will hear a baby's cry and Snow White shushing him, cradling him close and rocking him gently, trying to get him to sleep again, even though it's clear that she's moving relatively quickly, all things considered, in order to find Emma and Charming]

Shhh... it's alright. It's alright now. [She smiles, soft, as the baby shushes] We'll find them...

May. 9th, 2014


[ action || open to everyone ]

[Good morning, Kiseki! Perhaps you were starting your day off already, thinking of the morning ahead in school, at one of the stores you work at, training by yourself, or even just being lazy and finding ways to spend the time… Well, not today.

Shortly after waking up (and without even the chance to dress up! If your sleeping attire is not suitable, Kiseki shall provide pyjamas or bath robes), you’ll be drawn to the ever-so-versatile sakura park, where many tables with food are set out. All kinds of breakfast things are available, from pancakes to sausages, eggs, breads and pastries, to fruits and yogurts, many kinds of teas and coffee, hot chocolate, fruit juice, and anything you could possibly want. While some tables are set for eating at them, you might choose to hang out in the many Mokona-shaped beanbag chairs set around the ground on top of big picnic blankets.

It’s one big lazy morning off for everyone, so enjoy the treats and have fun.]

May. 8th, 2014


[Her return has been mostly her trying to get herself settled in again, but now, Yuzuriha wants pick up where she started last.]

[Anyone passing by an ice cream shop in town by the name of "Sundaes at Kiseki" will find her standing outside of it in her new uniform with a tray full of sample in one hand and basket of sweets in another. Inuki is there, too, with his own little matching hat and floating around with some pamphlets in his mouth.]

Hello! Would you like to try a sample of our newest flavors today? We have Strawberry Shortcake on the right and Pink Lemondade to the left.

May. 4th, 2014


[action // journal | open to everyone]

[There's a boy who should look familiar to a few of the people here, standing under the big sakura tree in the park, which he inevitably got drawn to. He stays there for a while, just quietly looking up at it, a sort of longing in his expression]

[Eventually he sits down under it, though, picking up the journal he was given to write a quick note in it]

Kurogane-san, Fay-san, Mokona... I don't know why we got separated, but I'll find all of you.

For now, I'm in a park in this city, under a sakura tree. I'll wait a while, and keep searching if you can't reply or don't show up.

[He figures it's smarter this way, since then they don't all keep wandering around and possibly missing each other. But he's worried about them splitting up]

Apr. 29th, 2014


003 ƸӜƷ Writing - Action

[ The poor handwriting shows up, followed by a couple of equally bad doodles. There's nothing else, though (and that's all she knows how to spell anyway). However, after a time a couple of salty, wet drops dampen the page. Hidden behind a tree in the dark, Yuuki closes the 'coloring pad' and wipes a hand across her eyes.

Mama and Papa always say she's a big girl. So she has to be big! But even Mama will be scary and mad if Yuuki is not back home. At first she was scared... then curious, but after wandering around for an hour and being unable to locate her parents, she's crying quietly behind a tree.]

[OOC: 4 year old Yuuki! She doesn't know how to spell anything beyond her name or how to read so FYI to any who would try to respond in writing.]

Apr. 22nd, 2014


[action || open to everyone]

[Kiseki is once again showered in flowers! This time, however, they’re not as varied. White roses are spread over the different islands, and some of them seem to change colors. Are you upset for some reason? Having bad memories? Doubting yourself? Do you have regrets? The flowers surrounding you will seem drawn to you, and change to a deep, almost black purple color. It seems the more the flowers turn purple around you, the easier it is to give in to these dark thoughts, to the point where you might end up unable to even function.

But not all the roses turn the same – if, on the contrary, your thoughts are happy, if you believe in yourself and your friends, if you’re feeling good and optimistic, then the flowers will change to a bright pink. And the pink roses will be able to repel the effect of the purple ones, neutralizing them and turning them white once more.]

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