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Mar. 7th, 2015


action | lanterns mingle

[Just when it seems like it may be a typical night in Miracle Country, you'll be bound to notice otherwise as the evening hours get suddenly lit up with many beautiful red and yellow lanterns all floating along the river.

Is it some sort of celebration? There's no such indication as to why, but it might seem that way. Every lantern has a dragon motif, and the color gives the whole area an atmosphere very much like the sunset. If you got used to the lingering cold weather of the past few days, tonight will be noticeably warm and pleasant, and everyone will have a pretty yukata to wear for the occasion.

Come enjoy the sight?]

Feb. 22nd, 2015


Blizzard intensifies

[The snow has piled up to the point where it's difficult to move outside, and the wind is relentlessly howling day and night. Most areas look something like this.

It's cold now - the stone walls of the castle can't quite keep the wind out, there's frost creeping up the walls even inside, and blankets and sheets, being the only extra fabric around, can only do so much. Better make sure the fires in the common room don't go out during the night... especially considering some people seem to be having an almost unnaturally difficult time staying warm as the days pass.

By now the food supplies left in the castle are almost completely gone. Hunting for food is still technically possible, but how easy is it to find, much less kill, a prey in this blizzard? Those who have been outside in the last few days can also confirm that the strange snow monsters, previously found mostly near the forest and away from the castle, have been steadily moving closer to where people are staying. There might even be more of them around now.

In spite of all this, someone is likely going to have to try gather more food anyway - the storm shows no sign of letting up. Try to avoid frostbite, however: there's not much to be found in the ways of medical supplies.

But hey, small mercies? Magic works again. Isn't Kiseki gracious?]

[Not bad enough for you? Remember there are events that can be replayed to make this all even worse. Here are a couple of suggestions. Elsa's thread can be found here.]

Feb. 12th, 2015


009 ♔ Audio/Action

I’ll forgo introductions as at this point I’m sure others are aware of the situation.

While I don’t doubt the good intentions of those here, I will say this: the Lady Morgana is ward to King Uther Pendragon of Camelot and in his absence she is therefore under my protection during her stay in this land, in place of my father.

I won’t allow any harm to come to her. [This is directed at one person in particular.]

Nor will I allow others to take advantage of her kindness. [That is directed at another one person in particular… you know who you are.]

I expect her to be treated with the respect she deserves. Should any feel to disregard this reminder, you will answer to me. [And to her, tbh.] While I lack authority afforded me in Camelot while in this land, understand that I won’t allow for her to be mistreated in any way.

Filtered away from Morgana )

[And he leaves it at that – and should anyone wish to find him in person, he’ll be around. But distracted and overwhelmed. And, above all else, sad. This has brought up some pretty horrible memories in a lot of ways, after all. And he knows that it won’t be easy for Lancelot, once he awakens. And that it isn't easy for Merlin at all.]

Jan. 25th, 2015


007 ƸӜƷ Video - Action

[ This is the most embarrassing day ever. Which is why this 'new' face is staying behind the counter at the bakery all day and praying that they are low on customers. All day. Which might seem counter productive to an owner's best interests, but today is an exception. With a sigh, the 'boy' behind the counter frowns, leaning forward on a hand and drawing with the other. With Stiles, the bakery has managed to get by, but really it could do with more help.

And the journal is ever so helpful in advertising as Yuuki, sporting her incredibly different look today, works on a HELP WANTED sign to hang up outside of the store. It's too bad her art skills haven't improved much, but it does the job. ]

That looks fine, doesn't it...?

(ooc: Ranma 1/2 event replay!)

Jan. 20th, 2015


action | open to all

[Everyone who has seen Stiles for the past week or so may have noticed he's seemed even busier than usual, running off straight after school and work and disappearing off to god knows where. But since the morning, the fruits of his labor are finally there: everyone going to the school, the library, the cafe or the hotel lobby will come across posters, skillfully drawn, depicting a variety of... things. Things such as half-robot dinosaurs, flying cars, a polar bear dog in front of a computer - and in the corner of each poster, the very likeness of Stiles in a lab coat, holding a sign that reads:

The Modernity Club!
As cool as the Breakfast Club, which is a reference you will get if you come to the meetings, every Tuesday evening in the hotel common rooms!

And below the poster, there's a white paper, obviously tacked on belatedly:

Club President: Stiles Stilinski. Marketing and Art Executive: Haruka Nanase. First Secretary: Porthos du Vallon.

It seems Haru isn't the only one Stiles is volunteering for running the club... even though with Haru, at least he waited long enough for him to be back.

For anyone who is intrigued by these posters, or is otherwise unfortunate enough to wander along the underground tunnels to the common rooms, they will find one of the larger rooms turned into something that vaguely resembles a neat junkyard. There's pillows and chairs all over the floor, desks and bookshelves lining up the walls, with piles of magazines, books and DVDs about every single topic imaginable, along with many movies and fiction books and comics like Star Wars, the Harry Potter books and the first three volumes of the Ultimate Spider-Man.

There's also some cakes and muffins and croissants he's brought over from the bakery, with a coffee pot and hot water for tea on one of the tables, and in the big tv screen on the corner, there's a documentary of Victoria Falls playing. What this has to do with modernity? Come and find out!]

[This is a mingle post! Stiles will have a thread for interacting with him in the comments, but you don't have to tag him to attend the meeting! So feel free to make your own comments and tag among yourselves. Eat the muffins! Poke at the books and magazines! Fight over what DVD to watch! Marvel at the beautiful posters! Whatever your heart desires.]

Jan. 15th, 2015


007 ❄ Action || open to all

[As early as last month, the invitations were sent out. Now that things are more resolved, Snow’s finally making good on a promise she made a little while ago – and throwing a grand, lavish party at the ballroom. It’s exactly as you would expect a ball to be like – there’s a large dance floor, fancy music, winter-themed decorations, and a large table full of food and drink.

You’re expected to dress up – but don’t worry, Miracle Country is chipping in and if it deems that you haven’t dressed fancy enough, a little magic will interfere and dress you up.

It seems that the world wants to get into the spirit of things – albeit belatedly. Because there’s little mistletoe plants that will appear throughout the night and throughout the party, inside and out, to get you into the belated holiday spirit: being caught under this mistletoe will leave you frozen until someone comes along to save you. Once two people are under the mistletoe, a wall of vines will emerge from nowhere, wrapping the two up in order to give you two some privacy. Or make you hate vines. Or both. The two of you will not be able to move from this spot until you complete the task set to you.

Being caught under this mistletoe will leave you with a few choices, which the mistletoe will let you know. In order to get free, you will have to do one of the following:
beneath the cut )

Beyond these shenanigans, you’re free to enjoy your evening – there’s dancing, beautiful scenery, delicious food, and plenty of good company. The ball will last mid-afternoon and well into the night, and the end of the party will be signaled by some pretty fireworks (a modest display, of course, as Snow isn’t made of money).

Be sure to attend, otherwise later you might have a disappointed Snow to deal with.]

Jan. 12th, 2015


001 | Not nearly as creative as Bushy, the Bush Spirit

[[The journal opens as it lands in the ground, showing first shins, then knees, then finally a face as Wan sat down in front of it's open pages after the strange ladies showed up and handed him the book.]]

Um... hello?

[[He rubbed the back of his head, eyes wide from both confusion and a lack of sleep.]]

I was told I should... talk... into a strange book thing... I'm being tricked by the spirits aren't I? The women that brought this were just... some strange vision they made me see.

[[He put his head into his hands and let out a long sigh.]]

I just want to eat without half the forest trying to kill me. I know I saw an oasis just now. It had fruit and clear water. Just let me have a little. I won't cause any trouble. I swear. I'll be quiet and stay away from the spirit-wasps if there's a nest there. I won't step on any frogs. I'll be careful.

I wouldn't be out here if I didn't have to be. If there were anywhere else for me to go, I'd go there. But there isn't.

I haven't slept all night. I haven't eaten in days.