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Dec. 12th, 2013


Everywhere || Open to anyone

[The Mistletoe event is back! The older residents might remember our magical, moving pesky little plants which forced people to do certain actions in order to become unstuck from under them.

If your character gets stuck under them with someone else, here's the new list of possible options to become unstuck. They might have to:

1. - Kiss the other person
2. - Tickle them
3.- Give them a compliment
4. - Punch them
5. - Confess a secret to them
6. - Hug them
7. - Dance with them
8. - Sing to them
9. - Make a promise to them
10. - Make them blush
11. - Make them laugh
12. - Make them cry

How your character decides to fulfill the condition is up to them, although the mistletoes can be picky! So no back-handed compliments or anything like that.

The mistletoe will show up randomly starting today and until the 21st.]

Dec. 2nd, 2013


○ 001

All right.


I'm going to go ahead and assume someone or something is about to show up now to tell me that we went through all of this trouble for the compass, for everything... for nothing. So much for getting home this time. [She grips the compass all the tighter, tense. Could her mother (god, her mother, that's still a whole other issue she can't yet deal with) have ended up somewhere different?] Whatever it is that happened, I'm not about to sit back and do nothing. Magic enchanted things or not.

I have to find her. [Did she inadvertedly say the thing? No, shut up.]

[We were supposed to do this together, a voice in her head reminds her, and she's not sure if it's malicious or too emotional but, either way, Emma doesn't let herself linger on it long. There's a frustrated sigh, a grumble on her end before the recording turns into video and shows her running a hand through her hair and mumbling about talking to herself while the Welcome Center ladies make their approach. Which is really about to push her further on edge. A welcome?] Who-?

Look, I'm sorry, I really don't have time for this. A journal? Isn't going to help me right now, thanks. Keep it.

How about telling me where I am instead? How did I get here, when we were finally just going back to Storybrooke?

[No luck though. Despite her attempts, she's left in the middle of the city with the journal recording in her hands soon after, Emma frowning down at it without realizing what it's doing. How does magic stuff. Eventually she takes up the pen and writes in it with little faith but not much other choice:]

Just help me find where Mary Margaret is. I'll figure the rest out for myself so long as she's all right.


Oct. 30th, 2013


Halloween event || Open to everyone

[As previously announced, Kiseki will be undergoing some changes for this year's Halloween!

Enjoy the pumpkins, the misty forests, the ghosts, the abandoned castle and the killer bunnies, because Miracle Country clearly will.]

Oct. 27th, 2013



[There's a young girl walking around and taking pictures with her cellphone of everything--and possibly everyone--that crosses her path. She doesn't look scared or confused at all.]

There. Don't move.

[She takes a moment to look at the photos she's already taken.]

It's not as hardcore as usual, but it can make a pretty neat album, I think.

[She frowns.]

It's not an insult or anything. It's just that it's hard to be as hardcore as my other photos from the last year, promise. Details are on a need-to-know basis, so that's all I can say about it.


⚡ 001

Truly, this is where
Travelers who go or come
Over parting ways--

Friends or strangers--all must meet:
The gate of "Meeting Hill."

This poem came to mind as soon as I could gather my thoughts; it gives me comfort that I, Utsusemimaru, should share a portion of my name with the composer of a poem that both perfectly describes and brings me peace of mind during such a tumultuous situation in which I now find myself enmeshed.

Lords and ladies of this land please forgive my personal musings and allow me to formally introduce myself. My name is Utsusemimaru, and I would appreciate very much your assistance in returning to my own world. While your world appears to be quite splendid indeed I cannot sit idly by while the threat of my sworn enemies continues to loom over mine. I should be very happy to visit on another occasion but until then I must rejoin my comrades in our search for the Guardian Stones.

I do hope this journal works as those women in the Welcome Center assured me or else I will have written something exceedingly strange to myself!

Oct. 24th, 2013


[video | writing]

[The journal records to show a young boy in monk clothes hanging upside down from the bars on one of the cages in the zoo. He's staring very seriously at a large hippo with pink stripes on it.]

... Like I said, Mister Striped Hippo, it's very important that I find my friend! We went through all that trouble to find that civilization, and we were finally getting along! We even danced together! And now I've gone and lost sight of him again... [He sighs, letting go of the bars and landing very easily on the ground, his fall slowed down by his airbending]

So please, remember, if you happen to meet a boy who's always looking a little grumpy and who's carrying swords on his back, let me know, alright?

[The hippo yawns widely, and Aang grins at it happily, waving at it] Thank you, Mister Striped Hippo! And good luck with that bird problem you mentioned, I'm sure they'll start picking at you more nicely if you just let them know you're sensitive!

[The video cuts off about then, because Aang is picking up the journal to test it]

Well, I should try this too, right? They told me it should work... [So he starts writing down]

Hi! I'm-- [Wait, can he even say who he is so easily] ... Lost! I'm lost, I don't really know the way home. Would anyone know exactly which nation we're in? I met some... [Weird ladies] Well, they were very friendly! But I don't think I quite understood what they said, so I'd appreciate any directions I can get. Thank you!

Oct. 22nd, 2013


[ video ]

[There’s a man standing in the forest, looking slightly beat up, holding a long sword in his hand, looking around even though there are a bunch of Welcome Center ladies around him, chattering on.]

… This isn’t Dressrosa. [He frowns. What the hell just happened… did he somehow mis-teleport himself? Where’s Jora? Or… He rounds on the ladies, suddenly urgent.]

Where is Joker? Are you of his household? What did you do?

[The ladies don’t give him an answer, instead giving him the journal and telling him to write in it, the usual. Law stares at it, turning it in his hands, before looking back at the ladies… and in his hand, under his palm, a glowing blue circle appears.]

Room. [The circle expands into a blue sphere, and Law smirks as he makes a switching motion with his hands.]

Shambles. […. and suddenly, there are trees where the Welcome Center ladies used to be, as he switches their places with some trees in the forest. There, much better – as long as there’s a possibility they’d have been enemies, it’s better to have them out of the equation.] [However, the commotion attracts some of the monsters in the forest, giant beasts charging straight for him. But Law seems unfazed by this, drawing out his sword with one smooth draw, cutting the beasts – but there is no blood, and instead, they seem to float around the sphere, still in pieces.]

Is this all you’ve got? I would’ve thought you know better than to underestimate me by now. [He waves his hand, and the sphere disappears, the animal pieces falling to the ground.]

The next time… pick your prey more carefully. [With that, he turns away, heading out of the forest to explore this strange place, disregarding the journal entirely... for now.]