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Oct. 3rd, 2014


005 ❄ Video/Action | open to all

[The video starts out with the above image, of a few jack-o-lanterns set up on Snow's teachers desk, and a moment later there's a small, almost self-conscious laugh as she holds up the journal to get a better view.]

I thought it'd be a nice thing for everyone to do today. [Arts and crafts is getting hands-on today, kids.] If you want to carve a pumpkin, come on down to the playground at the school today. We have picnic tables set up for carving, and you can make pumpkins like these here.

Everyone's welcome to join in... I have lots of pumpkins, and with Halloween so near, it'd be great to get into the spirit of it all.

[Anyone passing by the school today, or having seen the video, is free to join in on the pumpkin-carving. Snow's got a big collection of pumpkins of all shapes and sizes, and will be handling the actual knives part for the younger kids -- and strictly supervising the older ones (and, lbr, the adults too)

And she's set up some other Halloween activities, such as making ghosts, and of course there are some some treats and goodies for anyone who doesn't want to put in too much effort]

[ooc: this is open for basic mingling, too, should you so desire!]

Sep. 14th, 2014


Video/Action || Open

[Rose's journal starts to record showing her moving some boxes around in a storage room. As she sets he boxes down and starts to open one up, you can note her clothes a tank top and jeans but something seems off about her hair. It's half neon pink and green. Someone hasn't really looked in the mirror today.]

[She pulls out various bagged shirts and begins to put them in piles until the box is empty. She sets it aside and starts to open the second one getting straight to work.]

[ooc: Rose is going through the Mutations event. Feel free to point it out.]

Aug. 29th, 2014


006 ⚜ Action || open to all

[Today is Porthos' birthday and anyone who knows anything about the guy is going to know one thing: PARTY TIME]

[The entire day is devoted to drinking, carrying on, card games, drinking, unfortunate uses for melons and gunpowder, more drinking, singing and laughing, more drinking... And everyone's invited, at least unofficially since he's drunk off his ass enough to invite you over or more like drag you over for some celebrations, or maybe you're just a party-crasher.]

[Not feeling in the party mood? Well, that's okay, because there's the drink to motivate you. Or, perhaps, a little influence from Kiseki since the world's decided that you should be in the party mood, as all day today your character might suddenly be hit with a loss of their inhibitions (this mass replay is not mandatory), so all those things they usually hold back from? Poof, gone is the motivation to resist. So dive in and have fun. Make better life decisions than Porthos. Or not. Either way.]

[ooc: This log is open for any mingling needs, and the event is not mandatory - but attendance to the party is not necessary for it to take effect, either.]

Aug. 25th, 2014


all day || open to everyone

[Today, the sun is shining, the weather is perfectly nice and calm, and it's a perfect day to go outside and get active!

Are you jogging early in the morning? Swimming across the lake? Practising some swordfighting with your friends? Doing some magic training? Or maybe practicing elemental bending? If you'd been missing your daily practices, today you'll be sure to remember to get to them!

Or at least feel guilty if you skip them anyway and choose to be lazy instead.]

Aug. 23rd, 2014


[There is video footage of the school, more specifically, one of the labs in the school. In it stand a bunch of students looking on as their instructor straddles what appears to be a model of a human man, his hands around said model's throat as if he's choking it.]

Eventually, the victim will cease struggling as the lack of oxygen takes it's toll. [Sherlock concludes sitting up onto the dummy's chest, looking around at his class.] And now the killer is left to ponder one last thing; what to do with the body. Why not leave it behind, you wonder? Well that - [He leans over to the table beside him and grabs a stack of take home assignments, handing the to the nearest student and making them pass it around.] -will be for the lot of you to ponder tonight. Read over the case again and answer the following multiple choice questions. The last part of the paper is small essay.

[A few of the students groan at that while Sherlock claps his hands.] Excellent. I expect all of you to complete this for tomorrow. Class dismissed.

[Sherlock slowly slides off the model and collects his things.]

((OOC: Students feel free to stay after class to pester him/ask him things. Others can catch him on his way out to ask him what the heck he's doing teaching a biology class about murder.))

Aug. 17th, 2014


video & action || open to everyone

[Today, on one corner of the Sakura Park closest to the housing areas, there's a big booth set up. With a glittery sign saying Love Advice on the top, its bright and pink colors should be enough to clue in that this is Kiseki's idea, and if not, it should be evident once it can be seen that Aramis is chained to it by his foot.

He seems to have given up for the most part, sitting by it with a resigned look in his face. Of course, the chain cannot be broken or open, and the only way to get him out is by, indeed, receiving love advice from him.

In fact, even if you'd never dream of asking him for such a thing, or simply don't care, you might find yourself drawn to the booth and realize you're now stuck sitting by it, waiting to hear some advice, also unable to leave until you do.

Aramis would look more bored or irritated he got trapped, except he keeps glancing every now and then towards Porthos, who is hanging out nearby due to entirely different reasons. After they made a bet with each other which Porthos spectacularly lost, he's now looking a little different, and seems as happy about it as you'd imagine.]

[But of course, Aramis is nothing but a great friend, so soon there's a short video in which Aramis points the journal towards Porthos, waving cheerily at him from behind it.]

Come on, give everyone a smile!

Aug. 14th, 2014


all day || open to everyone

["Free". What does this word mean to you? Today, it's a day to embrace freedom - as much as you can while being trapped in a different world against your wishes, that is.

Is it doing what you love that makes you feel free? Reading a book, or watching your favorite film and being immersed into adventures in another land? Learning new skills that make you feel more useful and empowered? Being with your friends?

Kiseki will facilitate these things today. You might find just what you needed set out so you can practice that new skill or sport you wanted to. You may even find all volumes of Love Touch and fulfill your dreams!]

Aug. 7th, 2014


[ journal || open to everyone ]

[It's late at night, and everyone is probably already in bed or getting ready for it. But today, Kiseki has decided to mess around a little. Everyone's journals will start to insistently glow, calling for people's attentions. And so that once they open them they aren't met with empty pages, some characters might feel compelled to write down a confession, or a secret of theirs, even if it's something they normally wouldn't share. Some of them might not even be true, but can you figure out which ones are and which ones aren't?

Of course, Miracle Country looks after children (they're afraid of Snow's wrath too), and any secret or confession that isn't suitable will be filtered away from minors. But other than that, everyone is free to comment on others' notes. New secrets or confessions might even pop-up between conversations with others!]

Jun. 23rd, 2014


[Video || Action || Open]

[Waking up in an unfamiliar place, without knowing how he had even gotten there, was something that he was sadly used to. Despite everything the ladies had told him, he was still quite confused. The difference this time was that he could clearly remember everything that happened before. He remembered Yato, Hiyori, everyone he had meet… He could remember walking the halls of Hiyori’s school and wanting more than anything to be just a normal person who could go to class, have friends and be normal, not a weapon or a God’s servant.

But now Yato wasn’t there. Did that mean that he was… free? Maybe this was a new chance, a real second chance. He just had to try, to see if people could see him…]

Hello? Is anybody there that can hear me? This place is really cool! It’s huge, and Yato is not here to boss me around, so that already makes this place great.

Though I really have to ask what is this journal for? Do I have to write in it, talk to it…? I hope it isn't some kind of thing this place forces you to do, I'm really tired of being told what I have to do and what I can't do. And what’s up with all the eggs with wings around? Are they supposed to fly or something? And is there always so... flooded here?

Now, I just wonder… can anybody see me?

[He sounds hopeful and excited, despite the strange environment. ]

Jun. 14th, 2014


[ action || open to everyone ]

This Saturday night, when it’s quiet enough and nothing around you is moving, as the night progresses and you look up at the sky, you see that the moon is, slowly, turning red and then fading from sight – an eclipse, blocking out the moon entirely.

Along with this eclipse, you might begin to hear the steady drip-drip-drip of moving water. Quiet at first, just a few drips and drops, like rainfall or a faucet that forgot to be turned off. And then the sound of water grows louder, and louder, and suddenly the ground feels a little wet. And steadily, as the night fades into morning, the water just keeps on rising, flooding everything. It starts ankle-deep but it slowly begins to rise, inch by inch. There’s no use going for higher ground, though, because the water just keeps on rising.

Soon, as the day progresses, everything is underwater. The buildings crumble down due to sudden erosion, and the entire island is covered. Plants, trees, grass, walkways, hotels… it’s all gone, beneath the water. There are parts, throughout the island, where the water is shallow enough to stand in, so don’t fear drowning. There are other parts, though, that are deep as can be – and if you peer down into the water deep enough, you can see the ruins of lost ships and lost cities, and if you peer even deeper, you’ll see the underwater caves, settled down beneath coral reefs and underwater vents.

There are pockets of dry land, only large enough to hold a few people at once – but fear not, for it is dry land. But don’t be surprised if it suddenly disappears beneath the water and resurfaces elsewhere throughout the day or night. But it isn’t your only means to get out of swimming: there will be rafts floating throughout the watery paradise, and when it comes to sleeping and eating – there are large trees growing high from the water, with tree-houses for your convenience.

Afraid of going under the water? Anyone who braves the deep dives will find that they can hold their breath for much longer than they thought. It might also seem like they’re basically breathing under water. But certainly it makes exploring all the things under the water much easier.

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